Divya Drishti update Sunday 21 January 2024

Divya Drishti 21 January 2024: Lava gives the juice to everyone. Divya stops everyone from drinking it. She stops Rakshit. She says Lava was making orange juice how is this green. Everyone starts sleeping. Divya says this is poison. I know Lava did all this.

Pisachini says to Drishti says where are you going. Drishti says what you did to my powers. She says I won’t let you. Couldn’t you get it? I need your powers. Now you can’t see the future. Pisachini runs. drishti says she doesn’t know I am going to get the ratan. Lava says you guys didn’t drink? Divya says I don’t like juices. Divya says why is Lava sleeping? She is pretending. Divya makes noise and asks everyone to get up. She pulls everyone. Divya plays music so no one sleeps. She makes everyone dance.

Drishti comes outside the temple. She sees the star. A voice says where are you going? She is going to kill us. She took our powers. I am going to get ratan she would kill Divya or Rakshit. He says you think is this wise? You can’t take the ratan. Dristhi realizes she is doing a mistake. She runs back.

Pisachini comes to the house. Lava dances with Raksit. Pisachini says they will all sleep. Everyone starts sleeping. divya tries to wake them up. Pisachini freezes everyone. She says Rakshit.. Did you recognize me? I made your wife silent.

Rakshit says where is she? Pisachini says she is in a wall. She must be dead by now. Rakshit says she isn’t my wife now. Pisachini says yes no one cares here right? Pisachini laughs. Pisachini leaves. Rakshit asks Divya to take care of things in the houuse. rakshit runs out to save Drishit. He says I won’t let anything happen to her. Rakshit takes the sword from the temple.

Divya is worried. Romi comes to her room. She says Pisachini made everyone sleep. Romi says I have to look what’s happening. Divya says Drishti is out. Rakshit looked scared. Rakshti comes to the wall Pisachini mentioned. Rakshti says was pischini right? She played me and she saw my face. She wanted me here. Drishti is running back hime.

Divya is worried. She sees Lava and says what are you doing here? Lava says someone locked my room. I needed water I had keys. Drishti comes home. Someone locks the door. A woman is coming there with a sword. It’s Mahima. She is under Pisachini’s magic.

Drishti sees Romi. He says Pisachini fooled me. We have to rush back home. Drishti sees Mahima killing someone. Divya comes there and hugs her. She says thank God you’re fine. Drishti tells her what she saw. Divya says Mahima can’t do this. Drishti says if I tell Rakshit.. Rakshit says I would lose my mind. My mom isn’t a killer. Drishti says Pisachini took over her mind.

rakshit says you’re saying all this because she doesn’t want you in my life. Drishit says I am saying what I saw. You don’t trust me. Like you married Lava. Rakshit says what are you saying. I didn’t marry lava. Drishti says and then her hairline? her mangalsurta. He says yes but all those mantras were fake. It was all planted. You have to trust me. She says would you trust me? If you did you would tell me why you married Lava He says did you tell me about your powers? She says so didn’t you. Drishti says I don’t’ want to talk to you. He leaves. Dirshti runs upstairs. Mahima comes after her with the sword. shekhar and dvya see her.

Mahima tries stabbing Drishti. Rakshit sees them. He says that means Drishti saw right. Divya and Shekhar try to stop Mahima. Divya uses her powers. Drishti falls down. Rakshit catches her.

He says are you fine? Please stop. Drishti says I don’t want to talk. He says I was wrong. I couldn’t imagine all this. I have never seen her like this. drishti says she isn’t this. This is Pisachini. He says I was out of my mind. Pisachini told me she locked you in a wall. Drishti says she is playing mind games. Rakshit says I thought I would stop breathing if I don’t see you. Rakshit hugs her. Rakshit says I should have trusted you.

She says you’re anjan. He says I started feeling some power. Charanjeet told me about my powers. I got them from my granddad. He told me you two would come into my and my brother’s life. Charan jeet told me my life mission is to protect you two. Hence, I had to pretend to be friends with Pisachini. He says are we good now? Drishti says you said everything except one word. He says you know in my heart.. She says are you shy? You can say what I want to hear.. Rakshit says sorry. He says I am really sorry. I won’t be mad at you anymore. Divya says di..

Lava says to Pisachini what is happening. Pisachini says I heard something. That door is opening. Why didn’t Mahima kill anyone Drishti sees Mahima stabbing someone. she says I saw Mahima attacking someone again.

Romi says how did she get the sword? Rakshit says it’s mine. I forgot it somewhere. Mahiam comes to Simran Ojaswanu and Rashi. They scream. Rakshit and everyone run upstairs. Simran and Rashi run out. Divya’s powers aren’t working. They stop and then work. Ojaswani says bhahi please dont’ kill me. There is a flower bracelet When Divya touches it her powers works. Drishti sees it. They run upstairs. They save Ojaswani. Rakshit says mom please leave them. Mahima puts the sword on Raksht. Divya locks her in the closet. Everyone comes. Ojaswani is scared. Divya says I am sorry Rakshit. He says I know it was necessary. Drishti says where is simran. Rakshit says let me find her. Simran runs on the road. She screams and say they will kill me.

Simran comes in front of a car. A guy saves her but gets hurt himself. the woman takes both of them in the car. She says you’re simran right.

Everyone looks for Simran. drishti says simra you’re safe. Please come out.

Shekhar sees Divya and Romi in a room. Romi is hugging Divya. He says I love you. Shekhar comes there. He says I will kill you. Drishti and Rakshit come there. He says this Romi.. He told Divya he loves her. Drishti says but no one is here. This is all an illusion by Pisachhini. Real Divya comes there. Shekhar holds her hand and says you’re my wife. She says I know why? He says nothing.

Lava says to Mahima go kill them. Go there. Simran comes home with Divya’s mom. She says I saw simran on the road. Drishti hugs Simran. Divya says uncle you asved Simran. You’re hurt. Come let us save you. Simran says my santa came. Dirshit sees Mahima came out of her closet. She tells Rakshit. Rakshit asks Simran to got to her room. Romi sees Lizard’s poison there.

Divya’s mom applies medicine to the man’s hand. drishti tels Divya about Mahima. Divya locks her mom in the room.

Simran says my santa came. Ojaswani says who are you acllin santa? She says my Santa came and saved me from the car. Divya’s mom says that uncle.. She says that santa is in the lounge.

Drishti and that man are in the lounge. Mahima comes to stab Drishti.. She stabs that man instead. Rakshit screams baba… Divya comes and stops Mahima. Mahima comes in her senses. he says who am I here? That man is Rakshit’s dad. Rakshit says dad.. He is bleeding.

They pick him up. Rakshit says call ambulance. Rakshit says papa please open your eyes. Mahima says who attacked him. Lava comes and says who is he? Ojaswani says where were you all this time? She says sleeping. Simran says bari ma killed santa. Mahima says I.. Rakshti says mama please calm down. The blood stops. Ojaswani says how did it happen? What is happening? Rakshit what was happening here. Mahima you were attacking us. Then you attacked him. Then someone stopped you with some powers.

Piaschini comes there. Everyone screams. Dirshti says stay away from my family. Divya says we are all together now. Your fight is with us not them. Pisachini holds Simran. Simran says please leave me. I am so scared. Lava says I am scared too. Pisachini says this rakshit touched him and his bleeding stopped but this old man has to die. This rakshit is guru’s heir. He has many powers in his blood. Rashi says who guru ji? She says ask your mom Mahima or your bhabhis. Ojaswani says please leave my Simran. Pisachini says your father couldn’t meet his family. That sword wasn’t normal. Your dad has to die now. There is one way.. That ratan can save his life. Ojaswanu says what ratan? pisachini says this divya drishti are twin sisters. They are real sister and they have powers. They have a ratan. That ratan is what I want. Go bring it. Ojaswani says where is it? Pisachini says these two sisters know where it is. Bring it or he would die. Pisachini laughs and leaves.

Scene 2

Drishti tells everyone their story. she tells them about their powers. she tells them about Raksht’s powers. Drishti says we hid all this to save you. Mahima hugs her and says you shouldn’t apologize you I should. Rakshit says when you hated Drishti for not being at a place.. She was.. Mahima says saving our family? Mahima says I am sorry. I was so wrong. Lava says I should apologize too. But now Rakshit and you are divorced and I am his wife. Drishti goes to her room. Divya hugs her.

Divya and Drishti cry. Drshti says why can’t our papa come back. Divya’s mom says your parents sacrifice their lives to save humanity and you two have the same responsibility. Divya says we can’t give this ratan to Pisacini. One life would risk many. Drishti says we have to do something.

Divya Drishti see the star. Charan jeet says yes Rakshit can extend a few hours to his dad’s life. His life can only be saved by Kaal vijay. Divya says is there another way? He says yes there is someone like Pisachini who can save her.

Rakshti says drishti I beg you please bring that ratan. Divya says we can’t d that. Our parents died saving that ratan. Drishti says but now we are together we can protect it. Divya says we can’t forget everything and risk it. Rakshit says my life wasn’t easy either. divya says we had no one. We lived in other houses for all our lives. You know we can’t do this. You have your whole family. I can’t give that ratan. Drishti says charanjeet said there is another way. Rakshit says please tell us what can we do.

Rakshit asks everyone if they have seen something awkward. Ojaswani says yes we have seen lizards lately. I have seen one in Lava’s ro

om a lot. Everyone guesses Lava is the lizard.


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