Meet in love update Tuesday 19 July 2022

Meet in love 19 July 2022: Ahlawat’s performing aarti, Manushi angry to see Meet and Meet Ahlawat together, she sees them holding hands. Ragini after aarti says always perform aarti with both hands. Meet says our hands are stuck, Ragini says this best sign, Manushi says no, they must be in pain, let me try separate them and tries to pull their hands, Meet Ahlawat pushes her and says don’t try all this, I am staying with her this way all day I won’t mind. Ragini says I have an idea and gets warm water and makes them emerse their hands, the glue comes off.Raj says to Babita, glue did come off but their marriage will never be weak.

Meet walks in kitchen, looking at her hand, Manushi walks in and says you did all this on purpose, you aren’t my old sister who used to sacrifice for her family, Meet says right I used to do things for my sister but today you are here my husband, and this won’t work, you know how well I fight, I will never give my husband to you and leaves. Manushi says todat Meet Ahlawat will give me his jacket.Manushi sees Meet Ahlawat sitting alone outside, removes zip of her dress and starts shouting for help, she gies check if Meet Ahlawat is coming and sees he isnt there, old man walks to him and says what help you want madam tell me, and trying to shh him away falls in dung and mud, she gets up but gets covered in dung, old man throws water on her.

Meet sees Manushi and asks what all is this and sees Meet Ahlawat’s jacket and her dress torn and says oh all this for jacket and gives his jacket to Manushi and calls Meet Ahlawat and shows him Manushi, Meet Ahlawat says she is so scary bye. Meet says Babita aunty is calling you come soon.Babita says to Meet and Manushi, now you two will give eachother challenge and will be related to my son, you two know eachother well and my son too, so give a very good challenge.Raj calls his lawyer and says I don’t worry about Meet Ahlawat and Masum but Tej and his wife I am worried about them and Tej is unwell too and less chances he will be fine, and so I want to give 75% to them and Masum and Meet Ahlawat are fine enough to work things on their own.

Masum hears that and says this is not good and I will have to do something.Manushi says I will ruin Meet’s life.Meet sees Hoshiyar playing with Duggu, dog and bone and says Manushi first fought with me for a doll, and now she is fighting with me for Meet Ahlawat like he is some thing and I have to show everyone Manushi’s true face before Meet Ahlawat gets dragged into all this and Manushi keeps lying so may be about Parth it was a lie too, I have to find Parth, Meet Ahlawat doesn’t know about competition and can’t tell him too, but will still apologise.

Manushi throws almonds she was eating and it falls on Dadi, Dadi smiles and says your face shows that you lost to Meet, and negativity never wins, I am helpless to support you but I pray for my Meet, Manushi pushes Dadi and then holds her hand, Dadi gets scared, Manushi says I wish that you fall down but I need your help now and when I will walk in here with Meet Ahlawat someone should be here to welcome us right.Meet Ahlawat on call, sees parcel on his car and goes check it, and it’s from Meet, and sees her standing, Meet Ahlawat walks to her and takes her along with him, and asks how come here, Meet says I was going to meet Dadi and Mummy so I came to see you on the way, Meet Ahlawat says oh you were missing me, Meet says I wanted to apologise, Meet Ahlawat says oh because of the glue, Meet says that was your flop idea and you can’t asks why, Meet Ahlawat says fine and gives first bite to Meet, she gives him too, Meet Ahlawat says so tasty, and you will always give me tasty tea too always, for lifetime, Meet says are you sure we will always together, Meet Ahlawat says I am never leaving you and promise me you will never leave me, Meet says promise.

Anubha having pain in her feet, Meet gives Anubha money, Anubha says Manushi is changed now, she is taking care of the house, Meet thinks this is all her new plan till she gets Meet Ahlawat and after that she won’t even ask you people, Meet massages her leg, Anubha says you always know what I want, Dadi walks in, Anubha says she will never forget us, Dadi remembers how she behaved and leaves. Meet says I will make good tea for you two, Dadi says I don’t want, Anubha says I will have, Meet making tea and asks Anubha do you know anything about Parth.

Meet in the kitchen making tea for Anubha says to Anubha I want yo ask something about Parth what do you know about him where he live what work he do his address phone number. Anubha says I know the live in Mumbai, I asked him about his family but no information he gave and I thought he is not a good guy and he turn out yo be exact, but why are you asking. Meet thinks because I want to bring Manushi’s real face and says I thought if we catch him we can take back Didi’s jewellery, how does he look. Anubha give Parth’s description. Meet thinks he use to live in Mumbai this is not a good information to find him.

Sunaina on call yells on Ravi to not reach her out she doesn’t want this relationship. Masum hears that walks to her says wow two husband at a time and insult her. Sunaina slaps Masum gets very angry and says I was quite till now because you were Tej sister but don’t try to take advantage, next you think if crossing your line remember this slap and leaves. Masum says you will pay for this.Same night Manushi in room says my Meet is very tricky person and she will be give me something tricky task and I need to win this challenge. Meet walks in room looks at Raj and Babita photo and says even I want to have beautiful relation like them.

Babita walks in says marriage is hardwork so are you two ready with your task before Raj come tells me. Meet guve challenge to Manushi says you have to sit in the front seat with Meet Ahlawat of his car. Manushi says that’s so easy I already done that. Meet says you might have before but now Meet Ahlawat won’t allow any unknown women to sit in front seat. Manushi says I was his love and I’m not unknown, challenge accepted and says to Meet I challenge you to become close with Meet Ahlawat, you have to ask Meet Ahlawat to get honeymoon night drees for you, you have 48hrs to complete this challenge. Meet says to Manushi I did not think you will get this low what are you talking infront of Babita. Manushi says it’s basic but how would you know you are just friends not husband and wife, do you accept this challenge, relax calm down don’t stress if you cannot complete this challenge then accept the defeat. Meet never learn to loose challenge accepted.

Meet in her bedroom practicing on how to ask for honeymoon dress. Meet Ahlawat turn on bed she gets scared and hide inside blanket, come out says I thought he heard everything and check if he sleeping, says to him I want a gift from you just give me and don’t think so much just give me whatever I want and try to say honeymoon dress but couldn’t and says I need to say this to him so that I can win challenge and goes to internet for help. Meet start practicing talking to Meet Ahlawat in a rythm and says tomorrow I’ll tell him and bunp into Babita in corridor.

Raj sees Babita worried and ask who is she thinking about. Babita says I’m worried about my son. Raj says you don’t need to worry about your son he got his wife to take care of him and you should think about your fashion show which will be in 10days so focus on your work till that time your favourite hot chocolate. Babita says to Raj I want to say something, I’m his mother and I’ll always worry about my kids. Raj says I accepted this and a mother’s love cannot be measured or have boundaries. Babita says I want to say if my motherhood goes strong then begin wife then please don’t be angry on me. Raj says don’t worry.

Meet goes to Meet Ahlawat trying to tell him but stops. Meet Ahlawat ask what you want. Meet hesitate and then thinks I practiced so much but now I’m scared. Meet Ahlawat say to me what happen. Meet says I want to play game I’m missing playing game a lot. Meet Ahlawat ask which game. Meet says dumbsharad and try to explain him, Meet get’s angry when and leaves when he doesn’t guess it.
Meet walks to Meet Ahlawat with laughing gas balloons. Meet Ahlawat what’s with this balloon. Meet says it’s for Duggu and release gas both start laughing. Meet tells him she wants this dress. Meet Ahlawat thinks she is pointing at helmet and says I saw there ad on tv and wanted to gift you. Meet gets confused. Meet Ahlawat says thi is the best helmet. Meet says I don’t want helmet. He ask then what do you want.

Meet try to explain him but he thinks she has stomach issue and is feeling awkward and says are you feeling discomfort while sleeping, are you acidic don’t worry everyone has this and leaves says I’ll get for you. Meet gets annoyed.

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