Meet in love update Tuesday 14 June 2022


Meet in love 14 June 2022: Meet apply cream at Mset Ahlawat’s elbow. Someone shouts Masum name. Meet Ahlawat says why Jiju is shouting and they both go outside room. Hoshiyar scolding Masum. Masum says please be quite or everyone else will listen. Hoshiyar says that’s hwy I’m shouting so that everyone listen and listen carefully I’m in anger so I’m reacting in a way a person normally react. Meet Ahlawat asks Hosiyar what happen ehy are you fighting. Masum says to Hosiyar slap me don’t spoil the game slap me fast. Hoshiyar slaps him. Meet Ahlawat tun downstairs and ask Masum yo stand up and ask Hoshiyar what are you doing. Hoshiyar says I just slapped him for now, I’m gonna divorce her.

Meet Ahlawat grbas Hoshiyar and says what are you doing. Everyone come. Hosiyar asks Meet Ahlawat yo leave him. Raj says to Meet Ahlawat is this the way how you react to your Jiju. Meet Ahlawat says he slapped Masum.Masum acting says you felt bad one something happen to your sister, Hoshiyar is also hurt because of his sister. Babita says one minute I cannot understand what happen to Chavi. Hoshiyar says you can see it yourself and calls Chavi. Chavi come with plaster and ask what happen. Raj ask how did this happen. Chavi points at Meet. Masum says this gurl pushed Chavi from stairs, mom you only told to train her, Chavi asked her a bit loudly so she slapped him and pushed her downstairs. Babita shouts at Meet says how dare you. Meet says I did not do there must be confusion, she is lying. Masum says her bone is broken and she is telling lie. Babita says are you okay that girl is in pain and you are saying she is lying.

Chavi says I was teaching her what you were accepting I asked her to not to make sound while walking in heels its bad manner. Masum says its okay if she don’t have manner but why to be to stone hearted who can someone be. Meet Ahlawat remember how Meet was beaten Kunal. Meet says to Raj do you also think that I did this. Meet Ahlawat says yes she can do it because when she is anger so goes wild and I have no doubt in this. Babita says if my son believe in that then I too she must have done it because my son wouldn’t lie. Hoshiyar says if someone will disrespect my sister I’ll not live in that house and says to Meet Ahlawat your wufe btike my sister’s hand, I’m just breaking relation with your sister and tomorrow morning I’ll leave with Chavi.

Masum give Hoshiyar look. Hoshiyar says why morning I’m leaving right now and ask Chavi to leave. Ram try to stop him. Masum start her acting again and says he never become that angry you all know but this yime his anger is true I’ll be called divorce and if Hosiyar took Duggu from me. Babita says nothing will happen like this trust me me and Raj will go and says sorry to her no need to worry. Babita ask Ragini to take her to her room. Ram says to Raj don’t let this escalate we never saw him in that anger and what if his one wrong decision spoils Masum and Duggu’s life dont let this happen. Meet says try to believe me I did nothing.

Babita says before we were so happy don’t know who spoiled our good aura everything bad is happening to my kids and I’m so helpless I’m unable to do anything. Meet Ahlawat says don’t stress to Babita I’ll ho and says sorry just be quite come lets go to your room and take Babita to her room. Meet says to Raj do you still think I did this. Raj nods his head and go.Meet Ahlawat goes to Hoshiyar room with juice and breakfast. Chavi sitting there greets Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat says hi and ask where is jiju. Chavi says Masum took her to his favorite restaurant to calm him down a bit. Meet Ahlawat says okay its fine I’ll keep this here. Chavi grabs a slip read it and says sorry Meet Ahlawat because if me Hoshiyar got angry. Meet Ahlawat says no need to say sorry we are sorry for you and his anger was also valid by the way how are you feeling did you eat anything. Chavi says I’m in lot of pain didn’t have strength to walk to table so didn’t think of having something.

Meet Ahlawat says you should go and have something. Chavi says no leave it I’m in pain I’ll eat afterwards and says you know I hav eto eat medicine after food if you don’t mind can you feed me. Meet Ahlawat says okay and feed Chavi by his own hands. Meet watches everything from window. Chavi grabs Meet Ahlawat hand, act and eat food. Ram says to Raj lets gift him imported watch and he will feel good. Ragini says to Babita lets cook his favourite food he will feel okay. Isha says mom dad please Hosiyar jiju is angry for his sister do you think this will make him feel good no please. Sunaina says lets send them to holiday. Babita says I didn’t slept last night because of that girl my daughter’s life is in lot of trouble, its good that she took Hosiyar for coffee I pray that his mood gets alright.

Sunaina says my gut feeling is not ready to accept that Meet pushed Chavi. Babita guve her cold look. Masum walks in. Babita ask how is Hoshiyar how’s his mood now. Masum says I only know how he become alright, Hoshiyar has decided that he will not leave this house. Babita ask but where is he. Hoshiyar walks in. Babita ask him to sit. Meet Ahlawat says I’m sorry for last night and I’m really great ful, they both hug eachother. Masum says Hoshiyar has condition that this girl has to say sorry to Chavi while lying down in her feet. Everyone in shock. Chavi come and says no she might have hurt me insulted me but in return I cannot do that. Babita says to Cahvi I know you are kind hearted but it doesn’t mean that someone can hurt you it’s necessary to make them feel. Meet Ahlawat says she have to say sorry if she did something wrong. Masum thinks I did my work now all her ego will go down when she will say sorry to Chavi and if she didn’t do that will have to leave this house.

Meet says okay if you all think that I did this then I’ll say sorry to her. Raj says what are you saying Meet. Meet says I’m reayto say sorry but before that you all have breakfast I’m seeing since morning nobody had anything to eat and Bade dil wale uncle you hav eto also take medicine after breakfast so go have breakfast then I’ll say sorry to her in front of everyone.Chavi says to Masum it’s happening what you wanted. Masum says I wanted something else but for now this is okay.Kunal and Manushi sleeping in there room. They gets a call from reception Manushi picks up. Man says ma’am after adding yesterday’s shopping bill you total room rent come out to be 3.5lakhs.

Masum gets up and says what do you think of us just send me someone with card machine I’ll pay it right now and don’t dare to give rude call from next time and keeps phone. Manushi wakes up Kunal and ask for credit card. Kunal says my credit card is in wallet. Manushi grabs his card. Man knocks on door and walks in. Manushi give him card and ask her to swipe 4lakh and take 50,000 as tip, do you know how rich is my husband. Man ask for pin. Kunal enter pin.Meet Ahlawat gets message of deduction money from his credit card.Manushi says what are you looking at get lost. Kunal says to Man please clear out are all bills we will checkout today. Man says okay sir thank you. Manushi thinks finally I’ll go to my rich in law’s house.

Meet Ahlawat says how’s it possible 4lakh rupees transaction from my card. Masum walks in says but you have your card. Meet Ahlawat looks for card in his wallet says I don’t have that card. Masum says someone took card from your wallet and yiu ahve no idea. Meet Ahlaysays I always have card in my wallet and says when I come to home I keep it beside my bed. Masum says means someone took card from your rrom who is someone that needy for money but before today never happen like this in our house and says one minute isn’t that Meet because she was looking for money. Meet Ahlawat remember Meet checking his wallet. Meet Ahlawat run. Masum says whatever happen was right and what will happen will be more good.Meet Ahlawat ask Meet where is my credit card which you took from my Wallet and gave it to your goons.

Raj says to Meet Ahlawat what are you saying. Babita says to Raj please let him say. Meet Ahlawat says yesterday she took money to give to auto driver so I gave her 100rs so 20rs were remaining which she was returning me and I asked her to keep in my wallet that she yook card from my wallet and give it yo her goons, I got transaction message for that card of 4 lakh rupees and you can take cash for transaction, you did the same right Meet.Meet Ahlawat says to Meet she took my credit card from my wallet and I got message for transaction of 4lakh rupees and take cash, you are big manupulator first you said to do job then dad offer you money and then you stole money from my Credit card. Raj says to Meet Ahlawat don’t accuse her. Babita says how much you will support this girl, if my son is saying something he must be right. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet why are you standing numb say something tell them true that you did this.

Meet says yes I did this, drink water and says what happen why are you looking at me like this I said I took your card and says to Raj can I get your card I need to do shopping abd yiu must be having huge limit. Raj says my card limit is 20laks. Meet says I must have stolen your card then no worries. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet you are acting smart who will ask for pin. Meet says then who told me your pin god or you were chanting your pin tell me when this happen, what happen why are you quiet tell me you were shouting that I stole your card now what happen, without your pik how I stole your money. Raj says to Meet Ahlawat give him answer, when people are anger they forget important things and same happened to you. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat you must have thought one time when was last time you used your card. Raj asks Meet Ahlawat to check about record. Meet Ahlawat looks at his phone and says it’s my mistake this transaction is been done before she was in house.

Ram says where are you lost first yoi gibe your car keys to someone then drop your card. Isha says don’t scold him its because of me brother gave me his card for shopping so someone might have seen the pin while I was shopping and might have stole it from my purse and honestly I don’t even remember I returned him card. Ragini ask why did you take his card. Isha says he gave me during yime of marriage and ask me to buy a dress from his side and Kunal was also with me I’m sorry brother. Meet says first block your card and take phone. Chavi says where are you taking this is my phone. Meet says its your phone come catch it and throws it. Chavi catches her phone with both hands. Everyone in shock. Chavi says its saved. Meet says nice catch I’m sorry I’m bad in throwing but you should say thanks to me because you are all fine now your bone and neck. Sunaina says to Chavi that doctor told you, you are injured, your bone is broken then what is this.

Meet says do I need to say sorry to her again. Raj says no because you proved you were right and Chavi said lie. Masum shouts at Chavi says is this a joke to you, you mist have told me earlier and if Hoshiyar would have taken a big step he is hurt. Chavi said you only told. Masum says shutup tell them it was prank and says to Meet no need to say sorry to her. Hoshiyar says if Chavi fid prank then no need to be sorry I apologise for that. Babita says no it’s okay. Ragini says but someone nee dto apologize to Meet. Raj says to Meet Ahlawat come here and say sorry to her. Meet says no need to be sorry, you thought I’m thief because I need money you were no different from other human beings and says to Babita its true I need money and because if that everyone thing me as goon or thief and only you can save me, please allow me to do job I’ll send my hard earned money at my home then nobody will say anything to me.


Babita says when did I said no to you look I told you earlier I have no problyfrom your job its just that I cannot permit to do delivery job, do you have any idea we are Ahlawat’s if you will do this delivery job everyone will disrespect us.Meet Ahlawat says to Babita please give her permission to do job we are not famous because of our business, Ahlawat’s reputation is because my father did marketing job and made an empire and when his son can do a small assistant manager job in his company and nobody made fun of me then I guess nobody will make fun of her on her delivery job please give her permission

Babita says try to understand. Meet Ahlawat says please permit her because of me. Masum says yes mom Meet Ahlawat is right please allow her to work, yoi gave her 6months and if she doesn’t prove herself then she is with her job what will happen is she go out this house. Sunaina says to Masum if she proved her worth in six months that she deserve to be in Ahlawat’s family then. Babita says to Sunaina no need to stretch out, I permit her to do her delivery job because my son requested me. Meet touches her feet. Raj says to Babita atleast bless her. Babita give her blessings and says you can resume your job after Diwali. Meet atke blessings of Raj too. Raj says to her stay happy and ask everyone to have thete breakfast.

Meeton phone with her boss says I’ll resume after Diwali please give me 20,000rs in advance. Boss says if you are joining then I’ll transfer money into your account. Meet says thankyou you did a great help to me.Someone knocking on door. Amma asks Anubha to check who is breaking down the door. Anubha open door and two men from electricity board gets in and ask for meter, says we are here cut your connection because you have not paid electricity bill and last date is also crossed so we need to cut electricity. Anubha says there must be misunderstanding my daughter take care of everything this won’t be possible. Man says we don’t care at all read this. Amma says look what your son daughter did now she of different family till when she will take care of us now do you believe me and if son would be here then this situation won’t have come don’t know when you will understand.

Anubha says be quite I won’t let this happen and ask them about bill. Man says 25,000.Meet gets message of money and pays her bill online. Meet open electricity website and says why website is not working says internet is not working now what should I do from where should I get internet. Meet Ahlawat walks in. Meet says yo him I need your help I need to pay electricity bill please give me wifi password. Meet Ahlawat says it’s not working, I broke it by mistake repair man took it with him will give it by evening, says I cannot give you my phone but here take my hotspot.Man says there is meter come with me. Amma and stops them. Amma says it will be a bug disrespect for us in colony at everything is happening because of your daughter says to Anubha and says please don’t cut. Anubha says try to listen us.

Meet says its connected and don’t move or hotspot connection will break. Meet pays the bill hugs him and says thankyou. Meet Ahlawat give him look and go away. Meet gets call from Anubha and says you know few minutes back Electricity board people were here to cut electricity but they received a message that bill is paid how did this happen. Meet says don’t worry nothing will happen like this in future. Anubha says I called you to tell this and hungs up.Meet says nothing bad will happen and after Diwali I can resume my job.

Babita sleeping Raj come and calls her says good morning and wish her happy karwa chauth. Babita says uts my karwa chauth and your are excited for that, I have to do arrangements for karwa chauth. Raj says you no need to do any arrangements Ragini has done everything you have to vome out and give sargi to your daughter in law. Babita wakes up and says who I have to give sargi older one who’s husband left ir the younger one which you brought, my son dosent like her, I cannot do any formalities I will not give sargi to anyone. Raj says I thought your thoughts are changing for Meet. Babita says no and I give her permission because of my son, I gave her chance for 6 months to be ideal bride for me and my son. Raj says when you spend time with someone you start liking them and during old days before marriage man and woman don’t know eachother but after spending time you start having feelings for them and god knows because of these rituals our older son vome back.

Babita says I still have hope that my son Tej will come back afterall I’m his mother, sometimes I think that he is no more.Ragini doing arrengement for sargi ritual. Raj ask Ragini yo bring every daughter in law. Ragini days is Babita ready to do because this ritual can only be done by mother in law. Raj says first call them. Ragini come with Sunaina and Meet. They both take blessings from Raj. Meet get excited for ritual says we don’t have any ritual at our home. Raj says we are in Chandigarh from so many years so we follow ritual of Chandigarh too. Meet says but sargi ritual is been done by mother in law. Raj says yes to Meet, as you are two in one so I can also be like you and perform the ritual. They both take blessings. Raj says its difficult to have fast for karwa chauth if you want you can have and don’t do it.

Meet and Sunaina says we will keep fast. Raj says there here is special sweet for you from Ragini, you know Meet Ahlawat also like this and it will give you energy for whole day. Meet says when chachi is sweet then why won’t her sweet be. Ragini bless them and offer them food. Raj says eat.Meet taking sargi to her room. Babita meet her on stairs and says if you have lifted sargi then follow your karwa chauth correctly with whole responsibility because this ritual is connected to my son and I don’t want my son to be harmed understood. Meet touches her feet. Babita give her blessings. Meet says I knew you will give me blessings don’t worry I’ll follow with gull responsibility.

Meet Ahlawat alarm rings and see Meet having food says people in morning go to gym or do physical activities and you are eating sweets. Meet says its not my problem chachi made it so yummy I cannot control myself. Meet Ahlawat says says eat it and stare at food. Meet mocks her sarcastically. Meet Ahlawat says I don’t want to eat, says I want you to finish fast so that I don’t listen your chewing and get back to sleep. Meet says then I cannot help you I have to finish everything because I have to fast for karwachauth. Meet in shock says who ask you to do all this, don’t forget that I don’t love you this relation is just because of dad, for me its all drama stop it, you think if you got this room then you can access personal life, I never considered you as my wife you are a guest for me an unwanted guest who is not going out of my life and goes to take shower..Meet in tears

Manushi all dressed up and touches her feet. Kunal see her in shock and ask what are you doing. Manushi says I’m doing my responsibility of being a wife, give me blessings today I won’t anything to because is kept fast for your long life. Kunal in shock. Manushi ask what happen, you are not happy at all. Kunal says I didn’t expected this I’m so happy I love you. Manushi thinks a person who brought diamond necklace yo just prapose me don’t know what he will gift me for fast. Kunal thinks today you are gone if she kept fast then you have to gift her says I have decided you will not keep fast for me whole day I have decided that I’ll feed you from my hand. Manushi stops him and says I kept this fast for you so nobody can break it. Kunal thinks I’ll tempt her a lot that she won’t be able to carry out her fast and break it mean no gift.

Masum doing makeup. Chavi come and says till when you will be mad on me, don’t you see what Meet did to me I have to jump yo save it, but you turned everything and I’m already on track to convince Meet Ahlawat. Masum says you how much he hate lie I’m scared that he will remove you from house. Chavi says please bo positive and you know I have kept fast for Meet Ahlawat, I promise I’ll not do anything to hurt you. Masum ask her to wait and says keep this box under Meet’s bed go fast. Masum says today will be her first and last Karwa chauth today.

Raj says to everyone that there is Karwachauth fair near our house. Hoshiyar come and says to Babita in our bill cookies are added and it has today’s date. Babita but I didn’t order any cookies then who did. Masum says who here might be who doesn’t care about Karwachauth or her husband’s long life, Hoshiyar says but everyone is fasting, Babita says except Meet call her here right away, Raj says why will she. Meet walks to Babita, Babita says I told you Meet take this fast seriously, this fast is no joke, that you buy cookies, Meet says I haven’t, I didn’t even have water, Raj says why will she lie, Masoom says lets check her room, Meet says okay come check. Duggu comes eating cookies and says I found it in Mummy’s room under the bed.

Chavi keeps cookies under Meet’s bed, Meet sees that, Chavi about to run, Meet stops her, Chavi says don’t hurt me, Meet says I won’t get what you hide under, Chavi brings cookies and says I don’t know more except that bhabhi asked me too, Meet says oh Masoom di was doing the ritual, Chavi asks what ritual, Meet says during Karva chauth, sister in law hides cookies from sister in law and in return we get whatever we want, Chavi says okay, Meet says did you do this ritual, Chavi says no, Meet says go do then and ask for whatever you want

Babita asks Masoom about cookies, Masoom says why my room, Duggu says I found it under our bed and its very yummy, Chavi comes and says bhabhi will give me what I want, Masoom says oh remember Duggu school asked for cookies and Hoshiyar ordered it, Hoshiyar says oh yes but I forgot, Raj says look Babita you without any reason doubted her and now you will take her to fare along with you, Babita says okay and asks Meet to follow her instructions and behave.

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