Meet in Love update Thursday 4 January 2024

Meet in Love 4 January 2024: Shlok sweetly saying romantic lines to Sumeet. However, he feels unsure about telling her the truth about Wonderboy. Suddenly, Sumeet hears footsteps approaching her room, so she quickly hides Shlok. Raj enters and looks around, surprised to see Sumeet dressed in a beautiful lehenga. He compliments her and warns her about a cockroach since she’s allergic to them.

Meet in Love 3 January 2024

He tells her she can’t enter the room until pest control is done. Shlok worries that he couldn’t reveal the truth to Sumeet.Feeling nervous, Shlok tries calling Sumeet to talk before the concert. But Raj accidentally answers the call on speakerphone. He tells them they’re coming to the concert and wishes Shlok good luck.

Shlok decides to write the truth in a letter and asks Sarthak to give it to Sumeet. However, someone interrupts him while he’s about to hand over the letter. The concert starts, and the host announces that Wonderboy will appear live on stage. Sumeet gets excited and cheers for him. Shlok sees her from backstage and realizes it’s too late to tell her the truth. Sarthak tries to comfort him.

Sumeet expresses her excitement to see Wonderboy. The lights go off, and Wonderboy performs on stage. Sumeet tells Raj that Shlok will surely be smiling when he sees them. Raj wonders why Shlok isn’t wearing the jacket Sumeet gave him, but she thinks he must be wearing an outfit chosen by his designer. When Wonderboy turns around, Sumeet is shocked to see it’s not Shlok.

In a flashback, it’s revealed that Raunak blackmailed Shlok into keeping quiet because Raunak signed a contract to use Shlok’s voice for Wonderboy for a large amount of money. Raunak admits that Shlok’s voice is behind Wonderboy, but Raunak is the one on stage.Shlok feels emotional as he thinks about Sumeet, and Sumeet feels heartbroken, thinking Shlok lied to her and he’s not Wonderboy. Shlok sees Sumeet leaving and tries to talk to her,

but she refuses and leaves crying. Shlok feels emotional as he remembers their time together. Raj gets angry at Shlok for lying to Sumeet and hurting her. Sumeet stops Raj and reminds him that Shlok is also Vani’s brother-in-law. Shlok keeps getting beaten up, and Sumeet tells him she will keep the jacket he signed as a reminder not to trust anyone blindly. She tells him she hates him and walks away with Raj.

Shlok approaches Raunak, who proudly displays the concert song with already 1 million views and the ecstatic fans cheering for Wonderboy. Raunak provokes Shlok, daring him to admit that Raunak is the real Wonderboy. He questions Shlok’s audacity to attempt to reveal a secret that should have remained hidden. A heated argument ensues between them, and just as things escalate, Shagun intervenes, preventing Raunak from physically attacking Shlok.

Shagun vouches for Shlok’s integrity, stating that he would never break his promise.Curious about Shlok’s injuries, Shagun asks him how he got hurt. Shlok fabricates a story about being in an accident. Shagun persists, inquiring about the identity of the girl involved. Shlok reluctantly confesses that she is no longer a part of his life. Shagun encourages him to confide in her, assuring him that she hopes he can win her back. Raj comforts Sumeet,

who tries to put up a brave front. Sarthak prevents Shlok from approaching Sumeet, as she is no longer interested in talking to him, and Raj forbids him from getting close to her. Raj reminds Sumeet that the world is full of people who will always try to hurt them, recollecting Shagun’s past actions, which caused harm to Meet and Manmeet due to her revenge plan.

Raj has a flashback of Manmeet’s demise and embraces Sumeet, promising to shield her from all troubles. Sumeet declares that she will accept Sumeet’s ignorance and Raj’s temper, but he must confess his love for her at the party. Vani expresses gratitude to Sumeet for making the party memorable. Raunak enters the party accompanied by Abhay, who introduces him to Sumeet, highlighting the role Sumeet played in reuniting Vani and him. Abhay flirts with Sumeet, and the crowd cheers for wonderboy Raunak.

Raunak introduces Shlok to Sumeet, praising his intelligence. Sumeet retorts that she is well aware of his intellect. Raj notices Shlok’s presence at the party and fears that Sumeet will be hurt upon seeing him. During the party, Shlok approaches Sumeet and shares an analogy about the real moon in the sky and its reflection as the fake moon in a water bowl. Sumeet fails to grasp his reference and laments that he has shattered her trust and confidence. She feels like she has failed to emulate her mother, as she couldn’t distinguish between right and wrong.

Raj is eager to confront Shlok, but Sumeet stops him, asserting that if he were to fight Shlok, it would only prove her weakness. Meanwhile, Shagun enjoys watching Raunak’s concert video, reveling in his success. Later, at the party, Raunak attempts to tease Shlok about Sumeet, but Shlok insists that Raunak stay out of his personal matters. As music fills the air, Raunak asks Sumeet to dance with him. Shlok watches from a distance. After the dance concludes,

Raunak kneels before Sumeet, presenting her with a red rose, and asks her if she will marry him. Vani encourages Sumeet to accept his proposal, citing her love for Wonderboy. Sumeet confesses that she truly loves his voice, as it makes all her worries fade away. Raunak eagerly awaits her answer, while Shlok, feeling hurt, quietly walks away.

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