Meet in love update Saturday 9 July 2022


Meet in love 9 July 2022: Meet and Meet Ahlawat enjoying Rajasthan’s folk dance. A couple discusses about weather forecast in Rajasthan that it is going to be sandstorm. Meet Ahlawat remembers the game they played in hotel and ask Meet her favourite colour. Meet says is world going to end that you want to know everything tonight. He says you can take it so and tell your favourite colour. Meet says it’s yellow. Meet Ahlawat what’s the logic or reason behind that. She ask tell me then why you like ocean blue. He says when because that colour represent horizon of ocean and sky. Meet says how do you think so deep. He says now you tell why you like yellow. She says it makes me happy. He gets a call and he leaves. Manushi walks in disguised as one of the dancer…

… Manushi remembers receptionist talking to a photographer, and talks about delivering photos to Ahlawat’s, receptionist calls them and takes address. Manushi notes that address and leaves.… Manushi joins the dancers, see Meet Ahlawat is busy on phone, she pulls Meet to dance with her. Manushi pushes one of the dancer and Meet gets pushed, she about to fall in fire but she saves her. Meet Ahlawat sees that and rushes to Meet and picks her up he ask are you okay? She says yes. Meet says thanks to Manushi. Manushi leaves.

Manushi says I did this to earn Meet’s trust and now Meet just wait and watch how I throw you away from Meet Ahlawat and I have only one day so I will do it in anycaseRaj tells Babita that boy said yes to marry Sunaina, Masoom says wow this is amazing news, and Mom lets celebrate. Babita says yes and Raj did you give the basket you personally chose, Raj says yes I did, and also the letter in the basket which you and Sunaina wrote and how Sunaina doesn’t want to marry him.Babita says what kind of boy is that, who said yes, Raj says he is Ravi, Sunaina and Tej’s friend, he loved Sunaina but she loved Tej, and so he went abroad and when he returned he learnt about Sunaina and he is a good man, he knows Sunaina will take time but said yes because he wants to help Sunaina and give her happiness back and if something like this is happening why should there be a problem and now you two won’t try to stop this marriage and I went to Guruji and he said we have to arrange wedding tomorrow because there won’t be any muhrat for a year. Masum very happy.

Babita says but Meet and Meet Ahlawat aren’t here, Raj says I will call them right away, Sunaina in tears, Raj wipes her tears.Meet and Meet Ahlawat watching stars through telescope, Meet Ahlawat says its so pretty right and before technology people used stars as navigators. Meet says very pretty, and thanks for such wonderful trip. Manushi sees them and gets angry.Sunaina says to Babita she can’t marry, she is only alive for Tej, Babita says run away, because Raj won’t listen and you can only run, I will help you just don’t give up, Sunaina says I will do as you say, Masum hiding and listening to them says K won’t let this happen, because I don’t want Tej’s property to give her.

Meet Ahlawat starts coughing, Meet goes to get water, she sees Manushi crying and says this girl saved me but why is she crying and asks whats wrong, Manushi says he will kill me, Meet says I will help you, Manushi says who will look after my kids, Meet says who is trying to kill you, Manushi says J don’t wabt your help and leaves, Meet says poor women who ia behind her, how can I let her cry, but Meet Ahlawat is waiting and she saved my life. Meet runs behind Manushi. Manushi sees Meet following and says this area is full of pits, I will take Meet here and she will fall into one and away from me and my Meet Ahlawat and this is my last game and starts running.


Meet follows her saying wait tell me what’s wrong let me help you, Manushi sees dead pit sign board and removes it, and hides it and says I don’t know how long you will be here but its necessary for me to get back to Meet Ahlawat so that when you come back we will be so close that no one can separate us.Meet starts feeling cold and says where did this woman go and I see no one around, Meet says hello dancer where are you, and moves forward, Manushi hiding behind a tree, Meet slips into a pit. Manushi says that’s great, well done Manushi, now I will go to my Meet Ahlawat. Meet gets scared and starts calling for help.

Meet falls into a pit and shouts for help calls Meet Ahlawat and panicks. Meet Ahlawat looking for her in hotel. Manushi says now you cannot come in between me and Meet Ahlawat. Meet remember what Meet Ahlawat said to her about panick situation in closed space and start counting. Meet Ahlawat ask people about Meet says did you see my wife she is having short hairs. Man says yes she went toward open are. He says will you help me to find her. Man says do fast whatever you want to do because people get lost in this scary desert, if you take time to find her then it will be difficult yo find her and be quick because sand storm will hit this area in 24hrs. Meet Ahlawat please help me to find her. Man agree and they leave. Manushi in desert says it is so quiet here non one is around I have to be careful from all these pits too, I cannot play with my future I’ll relax here, in morning someone will come and rescue me.

Meet in pit trying to control her panick attack says your formula worked Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat and two other man trying to find Meet. Meet says it took time to relax but it worked now I have yo try to get out of here. Meet Ahlawat shouting and looking for her. Man says wait don’t go far from here it’s too dangerous. He says no I cannot leave without her. Man says are you aware of storm, let’s go back I’m trying to save you too. Meet Ahlawat says you can go back I’ll not leave before finding her and leaves

Next morning. Meet gather strength and get up. Meet Ahlawat still looking for Meet. Meet try to get out of pit. Meet Ahlawat trying to find her in desert and shouting her name. Meet Ahlawat stumble and start rolling down from a sand mountain. Meet start putting sand inside pit and make a step to climb out of pit, she finally gets out after some struggle and start moving says I need to go out from here feels like storm is coming. Meet Ahlawat screaming Meet’s name. Meet walks for some distance and sit down because of less strength even Meet Ahlawat falls down because of no strength. Meet gets up and start walking. Meet Ahlawat gather his strength and get’s up. Sand storm hits the location. Meet pray to God and start moving. Meet Ahlawat strat searching Meet in storm. Meet and Meet Ahlawat struggling in storm and see eachother.

Meet Ahlawat hold Meet in his arms and they start rolling down the cliff. Meet Ahlawat pick Meet in his arms. Sandstorm leaves to area and they both hug eachother. Meet Ahlawat says where did you went why didn’t you told me I thought I lost you.



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