My heart knows update Monday 22 August 2022


My heart knows 22 August 2022: The Episode starts with Malhar asking Kalyani to come. Kalyani says not alone, with you. She walks with him. Malhar smiles and looks at her. Anupriya claps and says finally you are in Kalyani’s effect. Malhar jokes. Anupriya says we shall click the photos as Kalyani got an award today. Kalyani says there is no light here. Anupriya says we shall take pics in lawn. Malhar asks her to come. Sarthak says baba loves you and recalls meeting Asawari in jail. Asawari tells him that nobody meets her in the jail and asks him to take her out on payroll. Sarthak says I will try, though I can’t promise. Asawari says your daughter’s truth is that she is alive.

Sarthak asks if you know that you are talking about my daughter and says I thought you are changed and tells that he didn’t know that she is same and manipulative. He says I didn’t think that you will use my daughter’s name. Asawari says your daughter is alive, I know where Aao Saheb kept her. fb ends. He thinks to get Asawari out of jail.Malhar is about to take pic, but gets an important call. Anupriya says I will click pic. Kalyani says you always click blur pics. Anupriya gets upset. Kalyani says this is truth. Abhimanyu says I will click your pic. He zooms and looks at Kalyani. Kalyani poses for the pics.

Abhimanyu clicks. Malhar comes back. Kalyani says they have taken the pics. Malhar asks Abhimanyu to pose with Kalyani, as he also contributed to the award. Kalyani asks him to come. Anupriya realizes Abhimanyu holding Kalyani’s hand on the pretext of taking the pics, and says enough, we shall sleep. Kalyani asks Abhimanyu to stay there tonight. Anupriya says he will be comfortable in his house. Abhimanyu goes. Anupriya asks Kalyani to concentrate on Malhar and not on abhimanyu. Kalyani asks if something happened? Anupriya says no and asks her to concentrate on Malhar and her family.

Later Malhar blindfolds Kalyani and takes her to the decorated place. He thanks her for being in his life and for filling his life with happiness. He says he feels proud of her and his decision was right to marry her. Kalyani hugs him and thanks Malhar. They spend some romantic time together and fall in the pool together. Abhimanyu looks at her from far. Kalyani sees some shadow and tells Malhar. Malhar asks are you sure? They come out of the pool and looks on, but couldn’t see anyone there, as Abhimanyu hides. Kalyani comes to the room and thinks where did Aai go? She comes to the Calendar and gets emotional seeing Sarthak writing baba missing you. She cries and thinks that’s why Kaka was very upset. Malhar comes there and sees Kalyani crying.

He asks why is she crying? Kalyani shows him what Sarthak had written on the Calendar. She says today is Kaka and Aai’s daughter birthday. Malhar says that’s why Kaka was silent. Kalyani says I couldn’t share their pain and hopes if she could return their daughter. Malhar hugs her. He says how can we forget such a big thing. Kalyani tells Malhar that they shall celebrate the birthday and surprise Kaka and Aai. Malhar says good idea and tells that they shall bring decoration stuff and cake. He gets call from headquarters and tells her that he has to go, but how she will manage it here. Kalyani says I will manage. Abhimanyu comes there and tells that he came to get his kada. Malhar asks Kalyani to go with Abhimanyu and get cake and decoration stuff. Abhimanyu gets happy and thinks there is some use of returning.

He asks Kalyani to come. Malhar says I can go peacefully. He says I will take care and will come early. He says I miss you and goes. Kalyani says I will bring your kada. He recalls keeping there intentionally. Kalyani gives it to her. He thanks her.Asawari thanking Sarthak for taking her out on Payroll. Sarthak says you knows well, why I took you out and asks about his daughter’s whereabouts. Asawari says if I tell you now then Aao Saheb will shift her somewhere else, and I can’t help you then. Kalyani and Abhimanyu are walking on the road. Kalyani says your bike couldn’t work today. Abhimanyu thinks if he have taken her out on bike then they would have reached cake shop by now and he couldn’t have spend time with her. He asks why you want to buy cake. Kalyani tells that today is Kaka and Aai’s daughter birthday, who died after birth. She says Aai had forgotten about it due to me.


Abhimanyu plucks a flower from the tree and plays love me, loves me not game. He thinks he loves her since the coaching centre days and thinks even she loves him. He tests her and comes infront of the vehicle. Kalyani saves him and asks what was he thinking? Kalyani buys cake from the shop and sees Sarthak getting down from the car. She follows him and sees him talking to a lady. He tells Asawari that Anupriya shall not know. Asawari says if she comes to know. Sarthak says I will handle her. Kalyani hears and thinks what he wants to hide from Aai. Abhimanyu comes to Kalyani and keeps his hand on her shoulder. Kalyani drops the cake on the ground. She turns to Sarthak and couldn’t find him there.

Pawar comes to Malhar’s house and tells that someone has sent him letters at his old address. Malhar reads the letters and throws it. Sarthak comes there. Malhar says your vahini sent a letter asking to help for payroll. Sarthak says I will throw it and takes the letter with him. Kalyani comes home. Malhar asks where was you and where was the decoration stuff? Kalyani says Malhar ji. Sarthak comes to his room and sees the birthday cake. He gets emotional. Anupriya switches on the lights and comes to him. She says I did a big mistake, how can I forget our daughter’s birthday being a mother. She says I am sorry and cries. Sarthak wipes her tears and hugs her.

He thinks these tears might turn into happiness and hopes they find their daughter soon. Malhar tells Kalyani that it might be a misunderstanding, Kaka can’t be with any woman. Anupriya tells Sarthak if their daughter was with them, then she would have been in 1st Std, and would have 5 years of age. Sarthak thinks she must be celebrating birthday somewhere. Anupriya says she might be same like you, smart, honest, sensible etc and she would want to become a lawyer like you. Sarthak thinks to tell Anupriya, being her mother. Anupriya finds the file of Asawari Rane and reads it. He says I want to tell you something. Anupriya asks if you want to tell about this. She says did you tell Malhar, says he hates her and you are fighting her case.

Kalyani tells Malhar that she will not be quiet and will question Kaka. Just then she slips and shouts Aai. Anupriya runs out. Sarthak gets angry. Anupriya comes out and finds Kalyani’s foot injured. Sarthak asks kalyani not to call her Aai for small things. Anupriya says Kalyani is hurt. Sarthak says a normal pin is pierced in her foot. He says we were talking something important and you came out running. Anupriya says I need to attend Kalyani as she shouted. Sarthak gets angry and says all your love is for Kalyani and you have no motherly feelings and place for your real daughter. Kalyani says you have no right to talk to my Aai like this. Sarthak says this is Anupriya and my personal matter. He asks her to stay away from there. Kalyani asks him to stop showing right on her Aai.

Sarthak is about to slap her, when Malhar holds her hand. He asks what is all this? Sarthak asks him to ask his wife. Malhar says you are misbehaving with maayi. Sarthak asks Malhar to blind fold him as well, which they have used to blind fold him. Malhar says I will not bear anything against Kalyani. Sarthak says if you are so pained then ask your wife to stay away from my wife.

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