I’m On the Edge update Monday 1 August 2022


I’m on the Edge 1 August 2022: Adhi is trying to put med on his wound. Devi comes there. He hides it. He says don’t take clothes from my closet again. She recalls man saying in his office that he has a kind heart. She smiles. He says why are you smiling? She says do you need something else? He says no go from here.Devi is doing arti. Adhi recalls everything happening lately. He recalls Masa’s words. Adhi is leaving. Devi says your tilak. He stops her hand. he says stop this drama. If you are done go from here.

Adhi is going to office. His man calls and tells him that shares he bought on Devi’s name are going way more up. They are touching skies. Adhi goes back to his room. Masa says what happened? He says forgot something. Adhi comes back to room. Devi is doing pooja. He tries to come in front of her to get tilak. Devi avoids him. He says that.. devi keeps doing her arti. Adhi says how do I tell her. He collides with her. Devi says what is he trying to do? He comes after her. He says stop. He says there is no tilak on laddu? She applies it on laddu. Adhi tries to show his forehead to herr. She says what happened? he says apply tika. She is dazed. Adhi says hurry up I am getting late for office. He leaves. Devi is shocked and happy. Adhi leaves.

Devi tells everything to Kesar. Devi sees an envelop. She says I think he forgot these papers. Let me take them to his office. Masa says the same paper she is taking will have her lost written on it.

Scene 2
Adhi is mad at his staff for losing the paper. He says you can’t take care of a paper. Devi comes there. Adhi says what are you doing here? She says forgot it home. He says these are the same papers. He calms down. He looks at his staff and says you all go back to work. Devi sees burnol in his office. She says why you have it? He says go home. Saradh says bhabhi you here. Devi says I came yesterday as well. Saradh says why you have this burning med? Adhi says nothing this is just for first aid.

Devi sees Kaka sa. She says I am devi. He says Adhi is a very nice guy. He worked so hard. He started so small and here he is.
Devi comes home. Urmi says madam is home. Masa please welcome her. Masa breaks a glass on the door. She says you have to walk on this glass to get in. Masa says if you can’t get in then don’t ever come in.

Masa says to devi come in while walking on this glass. Otherwise don’t come. Devi takes off her chunri and walks on it. Her feet are not that hurt. Devi says I walked on glass just as you asked. Masa says you fooled me. Devi says you didn’t tell me how. Masa goes to her room in anger. Devi says stop giving me pain because I don’t take it anymore.Saradh calls the tender. He says your company name is in the list. Adhi says i saw the list of ten companies and I wasn’t there. Saradh says they selected 15 companies and we are 15th. Adhi is very happy. Masa calls adhi and how is everything? He says work is going on. I will call you later. Adhi is very happy. He says prepare for party.Masa says her game is going strong. I have to do something.

Scene 2
Devi comes to Kesar. Kesar says you look so happy. Devi says I saw a hope. I saw adhi apologizing. he gave me a new hope. Kesar says his family wont let you be positive in this house.Adhi comes to house and sees his closet. It full of shits. Devi says to Kesar if he wear blue tshirt that means that God is giving us a signal. Kesar says what if he wears other color. Devi says then you will clean the whole house. They laugh. Devi sees Adhi coming out. He is wearing blue. Kesar giggles. DEvi says there is something on his back. It hurts him. I want to know what it is. Kesar says what? Devi says you take juice for him.
Kesar takes juice towards his room. Urmi comes and says give it to me I will take it to his room. She gives it to Adhi.

Adhi says when did i ask for juice? Kesar says Masa asked for it. Give me I will take it. Urmi says I will take it. The juice spills on his shirt. Devi hides under his bed. Adhi locks the room to change the shirt. He takes off his shirt. Devi tries to look at his back but she can’t. Adhi is doing pushups. Devi hides. Adhi wears other shirt and sits with his laptop. Devi tries to go out. Saradh calls and says some foreigner will call talk to him. Adhi says you know my English isn’t good. Saradh says ask devi to talk to them. Adhi says should I ask her or should I not?

2022:  Adhi says where is Devi? Masa says she is nowhere in the house. Urmi says she might have ran from the house. Masa says she has no shame. Her family will pay for it now. devi is under the bed. Kesar says lets look downstairs. Kesar goes out and says Masa this door isn’t opening. devi comes out of bed. Adhi says let me open the door. Devi come and says were you looking for? Masa says didn’t you hear? Devi says I was looking for my ring. Adhi gets a call from his client. He grabs Devi’s hand and takes her to room. Everyone wonders whats going on. He locks the room. Masa is angry. Urmi says sure they will make love. Masa says he is my son he must be angry at her and ask her wherre she was.

The client calls. Adhi gives the phone to devi. Client says can I talk to Adhi. Devi says sure. Adhi says I can’t speak in english. devi talks on his behalf. he asks about the land. Devi explains him well. Adhi says he is very impressed with your PA. He wants to work with you company. Adhi says thank you for helping me. Devi says most welcome. She comes out. Everyone looks at her. She goes to her room. urmi says why did you go in the room? Devi says he is my husband. Maassa says don’t do this drama in front of me. Tell me what happened in the room? devi says a foreigner called him so he asked me to call. Masa says enough.

Scene 2
Devi tells Kesar everything. She says I saw a happy child in him. He was so happy. Kesar says what he did was what Masa asked him when he burned you. He is not a bad human himself.devi puts a phone in shampoo bottle to see what is on his back. She places it in his washroom. Devi says now I will know what is on his back.Adhi goes to washroom to take shower while Devi does arti. Adhi comes out. He says my tika.. She puts tika on his forehead. Adhi leaves.devi looks for the bottle in his washroom. Maid says I gave it to the tin man. The tin man is downstairs. Devi says I have to save it. Devi says I want to buy a shampoo. Bansuri says you have no shame? DEvi says look my hair is so rough.

She sits down and takes the bottle. Maasa says yoou won’t get anything. Devi says a little bit of it. Masa says take these old bottles and use from them. devi takes them all. She comes room and takes the phone out. Devi feels shy. Adhi takes shower. Devi sees the burned mark on his back. She recalls its the same as hers. She sits in shock

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