Anupama update Friday 15 July 2022

Anupama 15 July 2022: Vanraj asks Anupama to inform her decision to principal madam keeping her ego aside as it will decide Pakhi’s future. Samar asks Anu to do whatever she her heart thinks right as she always says that true path is tough and wrong path is easy, but truth is truth.

Anu tells principal that parents send their child to school believing that their child is safe there; their star of eyes may be far, but safe. She then tells Baa that daughter’s education is important and her life is more important than that; if one is not punished, he will continue the mistake, so she will not hide school and its admin’s mistake. Principal says she understands that she is still not out of the accident, but she should think well and inform her decision by tomorrow morning. Anu says she knows she is not wrong.

Principal walks away saying she even knows system. Kavya returns home singing a song happily and thinks she enjoyed her work her way without any pressure because of Kinjal. Vanraj returns tired. Kavya asks if Anupama is fine. He says she is fine and thank god any unforeseen event didn’t happen, she shouldn’t say that he went there purposefully as Pakhi called her there. She says he must have missed his today’s interview and asks him to concentrate on his job interview tomorrow. He says how can he when Anu wants to become great by risking Pakhi’s life.

Anu dreams about Baa and Vanraj insisting her to sign the papers and end the issue and children and their parents insisting not to sign papers and bend in front of system as they trust her a lot and children consider her as their idol. She wakes up worried and looks at her bandaged hands. In the morning, Anu apologizes Kanhaji for not preparing bhog/prasad for him for the first them in 25 years. Kinjal says its okay as she will prepare it. Anu asks her to prepare it the way she says and they both walk into kitchen and are shocked to see Baa cooking.

Baa says she hasn’t forgotten cooking and will not let Anu cook with bandage, she knows Anu is hard working and cannot sit idle as she has experienced it, an old person becomes helpless because of illness and not laziness. She asks Anu to rest as she will take Kinjal and Jhilmil’s help. Kinjal says she is both honey and neem. Baa offers fruit to Anu. Anu emotionally leans on her shoulder and hopes she can do something. Baa says she can do even now, pointing to sign papers, and asks Kinjal to take her out and give her juice. Kinjal takes her to dining table. Bapuji asks what happened. Kinjal says mummy is upset as she is unable to help Baa in kitchen. Samar says its okay as its a question of 2-3 days and feeds her juice.

Mamaji comments Bapuji that whatever they couldn’t in many years, a white bandage did. Bapuji asks what. Mamaji says it made didi/ Baa from home minister to a cook. Bapuji laughs. Baa with Kinjal brings breakfast and serves it to whole family. Pakhi tastes poha and says its so yuck. Kinjal says she made it. Anu asks Pakhi not to insult food. Toshu says Pakhi’s taste has changed having cornflakes at Kavya’s house. Baa dhokla to Anu.

Samar tells Pakhi that she should also see efforts as bhabi is trying and she should appreciate it. Pakhi yells that he is also chanting Kinju baby along with Toshu and mummy. Anu scolds her to behave with bhai and should remember that Kinjal is her bhabhi. Pakhi yells that bhabhi is everything in this house, she came here for Anu, but looks nobody likes her here. She walks away fuming while Toshu and Samar try to stop her. Baa tells Anu that Pakhi didn’t tolerate Kinjal’s praise, she will not tolerate Anu supporting school children in her place and will hate her when she will find out that she will find out that she is losing her school.

Bapuji asks Baa to let Anu have food. Baa says Anu would be responsible if Pakhi harms herself in anger.

Vanraj gets a call and says he will speak about this issue and get back to her/him as soon as possible. Reporters throng outside Anu’s house and insist to interview her. Samar tries to stop her. Anu walks to him and asks what happened. Reporters question if she was present during fire accident, if school administration is responsible for it, if she is quiet because of the pressure, etc. Baa says she will reply them. Kinjal says they will twist and exaggerate answers. Samar and Kinjal try to stop reporters saying mummy is nervous seeing so many cameras. Vanraj enters and says enough, its not important to sensationalize every news.

Reporter says questioning is their duty. Vanraj says answer is not their duty; him, Anu, or any of his family member will not answer their question and they should question school management instead. Reporters ask who is he, if he is Anu’s lawyer. He says its none of their business and requests to go as Anu is unwell and needs rest. Reporters leave. Vanral tells Anu that he needs to talk something important urgently. Baa and Bapuji asks what he wants to talk about. Vanraj gives her confession paper which principal gave him and asks to sign or put her thumb impression on it and finish the issue once in for all. Anu stands silently.

He says she calls him selfish, but she is selfish not to to about her daughter’s future. Baa backs him and says she should think about her daughter if not them. Bapuji asks not to force her, let her think and take a decision. Vanraj says Pakhi’s whole year will be wasted and she will be expelled from school. Pakhi returns from school and hearing that says her whole year will be wasted. Vanraj says Anu is making a mistake. Pakhi asks Anu how can she be so selfish. Samar says she is becoming selfish now. Pakhi says why shouldn’t she when her mother is not thinking about her and insists Anu to sign on paper and not spoil her life.

Anu says even she was present there and saw children’s condition, god forbidden if she was among children, would she have asked her to sign; she wants to fight thinking about her and other children’s lives, but she worried about her year, one year is much less than a life. Pakhi forcefully takes her thumb impression on paper. Vanraj smirks while other family members stand shocked. Pakhi asks Vanraj to give this form to principal mom and tell that mummy is ready to accept all blame on herself as she is a mother and can do anything for her daughter.

Baa says thank god this drama ended soon. Toshu murmurs she is right. Anu snatches paper. Pakhi says she is supporting truth over her then. Anu says she is supporting truth as when she cannot see wrong happening with other children, then how will she see let anything wrong happen to her; Kavya tried to ruin Samar’s future, but couldn’t as his mother was standing in between; similarly she will stand in between her and school management and protect her.

She asks Vanraj if Sweety was one among the students, would he have asked her not to fight; when management does mistake, they will repeat it; school is another home for a child and mistakes are corrected at home. Vanraj says whatever she says, truth is she is fighting for her ego. Anu says education and protection in school is every child’s right and she is fighting for that right, she is fighting for each student whose life would have lost with the accident and may in the future. He asks why she is exaggerating a small accident. She says whatever is wrong is wrong and cannot be truth.

Vanraj shouts at Anu to think about her family and children and what she can do for them with her double salary. Anu asks if she should sell her conscience for money. He says she should if its benefits her family and house. She says a mother can sell her conscience but cannot sell her motherhood, a mother remembers faces of the students who were stuck in fire; Sweety’s face stops her from accepting school management’s order, its a question of many lives and mother doesn’t do business with children’s lives, be it her or other’s children; if she had not thrown out gas cylinder, not only her but also whole school would have blasted. He says why she is worried for whatever not happened, school management made a mistake and will be careful from hereon. Baa says people willchange and their habits.

Anu says in this country without punishment, neither people nor habits change; she reminds Vanraj that he followed seatbelt rule only after being fined; riding a bike without helmet, spitting paan/betel leaves in public place, etc., don’t change without punishment. Baa says there is a difference between spitting paan and running a school. Anu says whatever it is, wrong is wrong. Vanraj shouts to stop her lecture and give him the papers. Anu tears them. Bapuji says she did right, students will not be safe or walk on a right path where a school makes mistakes and tries to hide them, Anu is doing right and he is with her.

Mamaji and Kinjal says even they are with her. Vanraj asks why don’t they understand that its a war against system and school management can go to any limits; he is speaking to people who are blindfolded by Anupama’s greatness. He warns Vanraj that he will let happen only what he wants. She warns that she will not do anything wrong and will not let anyone do wrong. He challenges that he will not let her do whatever she wants, he has a meeting with school trustees and if she changes her mind within 24 hours, its fine or else she shouldn’t blame for whatever he will do.

After sometime, Anu tells Samar that his father can do anything; she has only 24 hours to prove that school management are at fault and not her. He asks her why she is so tensed. She says for Sweety as school management will expel her from school if she doesn’t accept their order or if she signs, she will be joked always, she doesn’t want any of that happen to her daughter. He says for that she has to prove that she is innocent without signing papers. She asks how. He says if her students were present, they can become evidence against school admin; she can call parents and even if 3-4 parents agree, she will be proved innocent. She agrees. He goes to call parents.

Pakhi informs Toshu and Baa that all news channels are showing that Anupama is responsible for school fire accident and she is mentally disturbed since a few days. Toshu panics and says he will be ridiculed at school. Pakhi says he is in senior management, she will bullied by everyone in school. Baa says this time bahu is not wrong. Pakhi says because of mummy’s selfishness, she will suffer. Bapuji tells Mamaji that everyone are bothered about themselves, Anupama thinks of others and family is thinking what others think. Mamaji asks him not to worry as Anu is supporting truth and whoever supports truth will not lose.

Anupama with Samar and Nandini meets student’s parents and requests them to let Yash just speak truth in front of everyone to prove Anu’s innocence. Parents say their son Yash told how she saved all students from fire mishap. Samar says Yash has to tell that to school trustees. Parents say they can’t as school has warned them against it or else Yash will be expelled from school, Anu knows how difficult it is to get a seat in good schools and may have to pay lakhs in donation, Anu can understand their problem as a parent. Anu says she is fighting for the children.

They walk away saying they are not great like her. Nandini fumes that these kind of people just want a change in mind and not in real. Samar says they are so selfish. Anu says they are parents and thinking about their child. Samar asks what will they do as everyone denied to support them. Anu says Kanhaji is with them and they don’t need anyone’s support. Nandini says they can’t see any way out. Anu says even she wasn’t finding a way out, but when she took Kanhaji’s name, she saw a window and sent students via it; her father used to say that when they trust themselves, hey can achieve anything. Samar gets a call and informs Anu that there is a school trustee and admin’s meeting and even she is invited.

Kavya provokes Vanraj saying she can’t believe that Anu wants to ruin Pakhi’s whole year to satisfy her ego. Vanraj says he will not let her do whatever she wants always, he will speak to management and do whatever is good for Pakhi’s future. She asks him to concentrate on tomorrow’s interview as she knows company’s HR personally and she is sure everything will be alright. They get out of car when reporters surround them and asks Vanraj if his wife is divorcing him and if he alleged that his wife is mentally unstable and she is the reason for school fire accident. Vanraj says they don’t have right to question his personal life. Reporter says these questions are related to school accident also. Vanraj says like he said earlier, until investigation is done and truth is out report, no comments and they should go home. Reporter asks if agrees that his wife is mentally unstable. Vanraj shouts at them to shut up and get lost.

At night, Samar searching phone charger tells Bapuji that all parents denied to support mummy, but mummy is fighting for students. Bapuji asks what is he searching. Samar says phone charger. Bapuji says its in socket itself and says sometimes in tension they cannot see things in front of them, so they need to calm down and keep their mind cool. Anu hearing that thinks Bapuji is right, like Samar couldn’t see charger in front of her, even solution is in front of her and she cannot see it. She closes her eyes and remembers fire accident incident. Next morning, Anu gets ready to leave for school. Kinjal suggests her not to take tension and answer management calmly. Baa yells that she is going to ruin her daughter’s future.

Bapuji says he will accompany her. She says she can’t as she cannot tolerate anyone insulting him, his and Baa’s blessings are with her always. Baa says not her blessings this time. Samar says they are all with her. Bapuji asks if she spoke to principal. Anu says she called her, but she didn’t pick call. She takes Bapuji’s blessings, and he prays that she wins. Baa yells she should get good conscience. Samar wishes her all the best. Vanraj stops his car and says even he is accompanying her. Baa says good he came. Vanraj says as she said they are still parents and he is going for his daughter. Samar says he will drop mummy to school. Anu asks him to stay at home and leaves with Vanraj. Baa yells she doens’t know what will happen there and she is very tensed. Samar thinks he is not worried about mummy as she will handle everything well, but he is worried about Pakhi as students will bully her.

In school, students taunt Pakhi that her mother’s news is in news papers, she is so infamous now for her mental issue, they taught she is a superwoman when she saved students, but now they found out what she is, school will expell her for her mother’s mistake, etc. Another set of students give her card to giver it to Anu for saving their lives and praise Anu. Pakhi asks what do they mean. They describe whole fire accident incident and how Anu saved them, they say she is very lucky to have a mother like Anu. Pakhi stands confused and sees her parents entering school. Vanraj asks Anu to think again before entering school premise whether she wants truth or her daughter’s future. School bell rings, and Pakhi rushes to class. Vanraj continues that his parent’s peace will be gone because of her act, they will have to wander in court because of her, Pakhi may harm herself and she shouldn’t lose her daughter trying to save students, she is making a big mistake trying to make school management realize their mistake. Anu meets principal who suggests her again to accept blame on herself. Vanraj insists to end this mess for Pakhi.


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