Meet in love update Friday 1 December 2023

Meet in love 1 December 2023: Meet Ahlawat in his room. Raj walks to him and says good news is your mom is better then before and ask where are you going with check book. Meet Ahlawat says I’m going to pay Mamji everything because I want my sister back right now. Raj says this is not right, first sit and listen, Abhay Rana is minister and we have to handle it carefully is very clever man, he don’t believe in relation, with our angr Isha might have to pay, earlier also he ditched me. Meet Ahlawat says should we let him go then. Raj says no this is not what I eman, we have to do everything legally, I’ll hire best lawyer in town for Isha.

Hawa Singh says to Meet your father murderer live in this house with you, just a bit away from you, everyday you walk around your father’s murderer and he fall down because he was drunk. Meet says complete your sentence, stand up and tell. Constable walks to Meet and says sorry we for coming late and they take him. Meet says what have you done God, they are my family and my father murderer is my family member, what are you thinking you cannot believe Hawa Singh, my family cannot do this, Hawa Singh is a lier. Raj walks to Meet says I know Shanty and Abhay Rana are lier and if you think a lot on this your will get sick. Meet says to Raj please keep your blessings with me I need it. Raj puts his hand on Meet’s head and says I know you are in trouble for Isha but now you should be Meet Ahlawat because you two need eachother and says I know what I have to do, I have few name of advocates who need to be contacted. Ragini walks to Raj says Babita is calling you and ask what happen. Raj says she is missing Isha. Ragini says to Meet I know you love Isha a lot, they are good people and Shanty will take good care of isha don’t worry.

Shanty enter his house and ask Isha what happen what are you waiting for and says to her come inside house all the drama for rituals are over at your home bow come inside. Isha says I have no hope for any rituals from you and I also don’t want to do it, I don’t believe in this marriage, because of you I gave trouble to everyone in family, I did whatever you wanted but you cannot compelled me to do things. Shanty says to Abhay I was scared of these things, I didn’t like her face but still you ask me to marry her, handle her or else I’ll do something to her. Abhay says to Shanty calm down and says to Isha what happen why are you not coming in, listen Isha I have pendrive in my hand and this is not a normal pendrive it’s a trap, I don’t want to blackmail you so realise early that this house is your cage so come in. Isha walks in, she snatch pendrive and try to run. Shanty hold her and push her to table. Isha gets hurt.

Ragini in hall. Ram walks to her ask what happen. Ragini says our daughter might be at home, I didn’t got any call she might be okay. Tej walks to them and aks what happen. Ram says she is worried about Isha. Tej says she might be busy with ritual and relatives must be there so she must be busy with all things.

Abhay shouts at Shanty says what you did, it was just a pendrive we already have many more copies nothing would have been wrong if she snatched one and says to Isha get up now forgot this our servant will take you to room, come stand up you got badly injured don’t worry I’ll talk to Shanty later. Isha crying in pain and leave.

Meet Ahlawat in his room. Meet walk to him and think should I talk to him what Hawa Singh said to me, he must be lying but still I should talk to him. Meet says to him I need to talk to you. Meet Ahlawat says you need to say that we should bring Isha back to home, I agree on this point but we cannot go there. Meet thinks he is right we must think of saving Isha and says she is our sister why can’t we go. Meet Ahlawat says because Dad said we need to handle this case legally and if we do anything before that it may turn into big problem, don’t you worry I’ll talk to Shanty tomorrow morning, for tonight I won’t sleep with you because I was unable to talk to her, I know dad will be there but she feel good because of my presence and leave. Meet remembers what Shanty said to her about Isha’s life and says Shanty sais thathe will give her pain a lot, I don’t know why Isha said yes for marriage but I won’t Isha be victim I have to do something tonight.

Abhay and Shanty drinking. Abhay says today my fool sister called me and said everyone is happy that Isha got married but Shanty you also give signal on right time that Meet is in house and on same time In showed Isha video of his father killing Ashok. Shanty un shock says so this is how you convinced her. Abhay says relation require sacrifice and it’s very important to know who you have to sacrifice on what time, this is called as politics, see how Isha sacrificed her life for her father and you know I killed Ashok Hooda and Ram thinks he shot Ashok and because of that fear he listen to me and that same fear Isha have now. Shanty says I feel so proud of you. Shanty says now you have to continue this fear. Shanty says don’t worry. Abhay says she should live in fear in this house. Shanty says I’m worried about Meet. Abhay says don’t worry I’ll handle her, I’ll break her apart.

Meet sneaks in Abhay Rana house. Meet says I’ll enter from back door and drops a pot. Security listen the sound and walks out and see pot, he walk back inside. Meet says I cannot go inside from here I need to do something, she take table cloth and hide behind door. Security guard come out and she made him unconscious, she apologize to him and says I will be needing your uniform and gun. Meet disguised as security guard walks in house.

Isha in room crying. Shanty walks in drunk, he close the door and ask Isha what happen are you scared of seeing me, says something. Isha get’s scared. Shanty says it’s a good beginning and raise his hand to hit Isha. Isha shouts. Meet hears Isha screaming and walks towards the room. Shanty walking out of room. Meet stops and hid her face with cap. Shanty passing by she salute him. Shanty stops.

Meet at Abhay Rana’s house thinks I have to take Isha from here. Shanty gave gift to Isha and shouts at her says take I brought for you and if didn’t accept this gift I’ll feel bad and get’s angry and tightly hold her injured hand. Isha shouts in pain, she take the gift and see cockroach inside box, dhe shouts. Meet hear Isha screaming. Shanty ask her what happen. Isha says cockroach. Shanty says you should respect your gift, he press her hand and says go pick it up. Isha says no I’m scared of cockroach. Shanty says I’ll remove your fear, think like that cockroach is your dad and we are Ahlawat’s, who killed Meet’s father and if you want to save them then pick it up with respect and keep in box. Isha scared says I won’t be able to do.

Shanty open laptop and show her the video of his father killing Ashok and says so good video right, I think of showing it to your Bhabhi. Isha says no. Shanty says then go and pick it up with respect. Isha trying to catch cockroach, she hold it in her hand. Shanty appreciate her and leave. Meet see Shanty in corridor she stop and salute him while he was passing her. Shanty crosses her and stop, he thinks something and leave.

Raj in his room with Babita. Meet Ahlawat bring milk for them and says to Raj I’m checking details if advocates who can help us and any news about Isha. Meet Ahlawat says Ragini is also waiting to hear from her but I don’t know how to tell her. Babita wakes up and ask what you have to tell Ragini, she should be relaxed and tension free, so many hurdles came in Isha’s marriage but thank god she got married and reached Abhay’s house finally and ask Meet Ahlawat to take rest and don’t worry about me I’m alright and start praising Shanty, I feel like I’m free from all tensions.

Isha seeing video. Meet enter room. Isha in shock shr rush to laptop and close it. Meet walks to Isha says you won’t live her come with me we are going home and I know you did this marriage under the influence of something, atleast tell me what is the reason we will find the solution. Isha thinks if I go from here then Shanty and Abhay will send papa to jail. Meet says we have leave because is Shanty or someone see us it will be a big problem, once we are home you can tell me everything. Isha says I can’t go with you and now this is my house please go from here before someone come. Meet says do you really want I should go and see laptop and thinks there is something hidden in pendrive duo to which she is saying no and says to her atleast hug me. Isha hugs her and think I wish I could tell you truth. Meet take pendrive from laptop and leave.

Meet out of room says I have to think something else before that I need to know truth and see Shanty drinking, she walk away. Shanty hold her hand and says where are you going without meeting me. Meet try to free her hand. Shanty says it’s not right you came here to meet Isha but not considered meeting me and take her to his friends and says share your happiness with us too, it was a big day so please have a drink. Meet says I don’t drink alcohol and let me go. Shanty says you have to drink and take glass to her mouth. Meet throw the glass. Shanty says I’m sorry and says I can see a burglar in my house and you know the punishment of this. Meet says let me go. Shanty says okay you can go I’ll give your share of punishment to Isha because I cannot touch you but will share you video of Isha getting punishment.

Meet ask what do you want. Shanty says I don’t want much just need to have fun and give her joker clothes says you are smart so you might have understood. Meet thinks I have to do what he is asking or else don’t know what he will do with Isha, she dresses as joker. Shanty applauds for her says this suits you and put fake nose says let’s start entertain us. Meet don’t reacts. Shanty says okay I’ll help you he show her cushion says we will throw at you and if you fail to catch I’ll punish Isha accordingly and Shanty and his friends start throwing cushion at her and Shanty recording her. Shanty give her ball and ask her to juggle it on her finger. Meet try but drops the ball. Shanty says let’s play another game he give him bottle and ask her to juggle. Meet thinks wait I’ll show you and she drops bottle on floor says let’s finish this nonsense and continue this entertainment with dance and song. Shanty says good then start dancing. Meet ask everyone to dance for more fun and start playing song. Meet Shanty and his friend start dancing. Meet tie Shantys lace she fall down on glass and injured himself. Meet ask what happen, I can see blood I would suggest you to go doctor or else it will infect you and ask his friends to take him to doctor. Shanty stand up, Meet says take care of yourself and send me pic after getting bandage now I’ll leave. Shanty says I have your video. Meet says don’t worry about that you remember how you deleted video from my phone, same way I also did same and thinks it’s just matter of time I will find out everything and will take Isha with me from this house.

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