Meet in love update Thursday 30 November 2023

Meet in love 30 November 2023: Meet Ahlawat help Meet to come up the cliff. Meet ask him are you alright. Meet Ahlawat get’s emotional says what would I have done without you and how did you come here. Meet says I came here to get evidence against Shanty. He says are you out of your mind you were hanging here for your life, don’t you care about your life atleast could have think about me. Meet says wait I have evidence this time let me show you and show him video of Shanty. Meet Ahlawat see the video and says I don’t know how should I apologise to you, you were telling everyone about him but we didn’t listen and scolded you and start regretting for his actions.

Meet says I don’t have nay grudges against anyone I just want to tell truth. Meet Ahlawat says I should have listened you, I was unable to explain my whole family.

Abhay ask Babita to have juice. Babita says no I’m good. Abhay says we have lot’s of function have juice will help you out for day.Pandit ask them to call bride. Ragini says I’ll go get Isha. Babita says I’ll come with you. Abhay says no you should rest. Babita says please let me go it was wish to bring Isha with Ragini for her marriage, please let me go and they both leave.

Meet Ahlawat says to Meet I should be punished for this, I was against you and you were the only one to help my family I always doubted you. Meet says you are not wrong and I also didn’t have any evidence to bring out truth of Shanty whatever you did is for family, I swear on you I have no grudges for you, stop crying we have to stop marriage for now or everything else will be if no use and they both leave for Ahlawat’s mansion.

Shanty thinking how happy they are but they don’t know about Meet. Meet and Meet Ahlawat reaches Mansion.

Ragini and Babita with Isha in her room. Ragini says Isha is lucky that she got two mom. Babita says to Ragini, Masum use to say me that you love Isha more then anyone. Ragini says you never let her cry. Babita says god bless Isha. Isha thinks now nothing can happen even Meet bhabhi is unable to help me.

Meet says to Meet Ahlawat let’s go in and tell everyone. Meet Ahlawat says not this way if we create any mess then Babita will get more sick and many people are inside I don’t want Ahlawat’s should be disrespected infront of many reputated people, you trying to understand what I’m telling you, we should find a way, we should talk to Dad he will help us.

Shanty see Meet on door thinks she is alive with Meet Ahlawat this means he knows everything. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat I can’t find dad. He says let’s go and check in his room. Shanty says to Abhay Meet is here with her husband, do something.

Abhay knocks at door and says to Ragini and Babita I want to talk to my becoming daughter in law in person. Babita says okay and they both leave.

Meet Ahlawat and Meet looking for dad. Meet Ahlawat says he is not in room. Meet says we should go down and tell everyone and mom is strong when she will get to know about truth she can handle it, she will be hurt but will understand, we don’t have time we need to save Isha. He says try to understand it’s a big thing, we can’t take any action all the people have to go back it’s a big thing. Meet says these all things are small big thing is Isha, it’s about her life and future, comr with me. Isha walks in room and hugs Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat says you cried a lot, your bhabhi was right about Shanty and I know truth about him, we have evidence against him and I won’t let get you married to him and ask Meet his phone. He show her the video and apologies to Isha for his behaviour. Isha says you don’t need to feel sorry because I have forgive everything and thanks Meet for her efforts to save her. Meet Ahlawat says don’t worry we are waiting for Dad we will tell him everything. Isha says I’ll go and get Tauji, you both stay here and says to Meet if Babita will see you in these clothes she will get more angry and I don’t want her to scold you and she hugs her. Meet says what happen now everything will be fine now. Isha says yes everything will be fine and ask them not to worry because I know what to do. Isha go out and lock the door from outside.

They both inside room waiting for Dad. Meet changes her clothes. Meet Ahlawat see a bruise in her hand, he ask her to sit and apply ointment on that and says to her why is ut always that you are in right track and I’m not bad one, everyone went against you but still you got strength to face everyone, how Meet. Meet says this is called as husband wife relation we always stick for eachother whatever we were doing is for family, the difference is that I already know the truth but good thing is we both know the truth now and we won’t any bad happen to Isha.

Masum says see Isha is here. Babita and Ragini brings Isha to Shanty. Shanty forward his hand to support Isha and help her to sit in mandap. Babita stumble. Ragini help her to sit down. Pandit ask bride and groom to get ready for rituals and ask them to exchange garlands. Everyone applaus.

Meet Ahlawat ask her where is Isha she must be here till now with Dad, I’ll go and check, he see room is locked.

Raj says to Babita everything is happening just like the way you want now stay happy and don’t stress at all.

Meet Ahlawat shouts from inside and bang door. Raj says to Babita I’ll be back. Ram stops him ask where are you going. Raj says I’ll go and get Meet and Meet Ahlawat they must be in room. Ram says wait they will come.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat banging door.Meet Ahlawat shouts from inside, is someone out please open dorr.

Pandit ask elder brother to come forward for ritual. Abhay says to Babita I’m very happy after making Isha my daughter in law, look how happy she look.

Meet says who locked the door. Meet Ahlawat says there is someone who is trying to stop Isha from coming here and start shouting. Meet says wait I’ll call Dad.

Raj says to Ram I have bought a gift for Isha and Shanty for this occasion but it’s in my room so I’ll get it and look after the function.

Pandit ask Bride and Groom to stand for the ceremony.

Meet says to Meet Ahlawat we are unable to connect call. Raj open door and ask what happen why are you shouting and how did you get locked inside. Meet Ahlawat says come fast you have to take

a big decision, you have to stop this marriage.

Pandit says 5 pheres are over now Bride will come forward and see Raj, Meet and Meet Ahlawat in corridor thinks how did they come out, I locked then in, I should complete the ritual before they come here. Masum says to Babita what happen to Isha why is she going so fast. Pandit says pheres are complete, now Groom will make bride wear mangalsutra and do the further ritual and says now you both are husband and wife. Meet calls Isha. She walks to Meet and hugs her. Meet says what you did. Isha says now marriage is done so please don’t do any mess.

Meet Ahlawat says we have evidence against Shanty we can still do something. Isha says destroy all the evidence because now I’m married to Shanty, look at everyone how happy they look and this happiness will turn into sorrow and says to Raj, Babita is already sick and I don’t want her to face more difficulty and my mom and dad will feel guilty enough. Meet says so you did this for happiness of your family. Isha says if my family is happy then I’m happy. Raj says don’t worry we are with you. Meet Ahlawat says I’ll talk you not need to worry. Isha says but see how happy they are, I was running away feom this marriage and now when I’m married you want ne to break this relation, listen to me Meet Ahlawat if anyone of you try to tell then I’ll kill myself. Ram walks to them and ask what happen. Raj says your daughter love them so much so she is telling what she have in her heart. Isha wipes Raj’s tear. Ram says to isha if you are done talking so let’s do the further ritual.

Meet says to Raj this is not right please stop it. Raj says Isha is not ready to listen anything. Isha looks at Raj she rush towards him and hugs. Raj says if you follow wrong path you only get pain there is no destination. Isha says trust me I’ll be happy there. Babita comes with thali of flowers petals, Isha do the ritual. Everyone hugs Isha. Abhay says to everyone please give us permission to leave and thankyou for giving Isha to us. Shanty take Isha with him. Everyone crying.

Shanty, Isha and Abhay outside. Meet walks to Isha says atleast tell me what is the reason why are you sacrificing so much, tell me what is the issue. Isha remembers what Abhay saud to her…( Abhay said to Isha that your Meet and Meet Ahlawat have some evidence against Shanty and they want to stop this marriage and I want you to stop them and do this marriage, if you didn’t listen to me and then you will have to face consequences and says I’ll show you a video and it has a secret of your Meet Bhabhis father death and show her the video of his father killing Ashok Hooda. Isha get’s scared. Abhay says don’t be scared did you see your father is the murderer of Meet’s father so if you want to save his life get married without Meet and Meet Ahlawat interference, I want to see you as my daughter in law so please don’t make me sad)…Isha thinks I’m sorry Meet your fought for me even when whole family was against you but now I have to go against you, it’s too late I have to follow this path or else whole family will get destroyed. Shanty says to Meet you must be done by now so can I talk to her and make her sit in car. Meet walks to Isha says you know he is wrong why are you trying to ruin your life, your Tau and brother is with you, we didn’t said anything inside because Babita is not well but you can see Raj is with you standing here for you. Abhay thinks whoever it may be nobody can reach to Isha now because she is under my control. Meet says listen to me everyone will be with us when they will get to know the truth, come out of car and we will tell everyone the real truth right now and open the door. Isha close the door and says from now on the real truth is that Shanty is my husband and being a wife I have to support my husband and it will be good that you should forget things and leave me alone, she roll the window and they leave.Meet says Raj this is wrong stop her. Masum walks out sats to Raj mom lost her consciousness because of the stress and they all walk in.

Hawa Singh standing outside drunk. Meet walks out and ask why did you call me out. Hawa Singh says did you forget I’m your senior and you still didn’t give me invitation for marriage. Meet says you are drunk we will talk later and she walk away. Hawa Singh says you were trying to find the murderer of your father but he was everytime infront of your vision but still you were unable to do anything. Meet walks to him and ask what do you mean. Hawa Singh says that you are unlucky after getting married to this house, don’t tell anyone that this is not your in law’s house, this is your father’s murderer house, he lives with you.

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