Meet in love update Monday 4 December 2023

Meet in love 4 December 2023: Meet and Meet yin there room. Meet ask Meet Ahlawat why aren’t you talking to me atleast ask about Isha. Meet Ahlawat says frustrated and scolds her. Meet says don’t be sad, even you were going to teach Shanty a lesson but dad stop you. Meet Ahlawat says but I didn’t go and you gone to save her but that is good but I was unable to do something for Isha. Meet says what are you saying listen to me, you are my hera and you should not doubt on yourself, I cannot see you going weak, listen I gone there alone because you were woth mom so I went to see Isha, stop doubting yourself.

Meet Ahlawat says I’m suffering and now you don’t trust me because I didn’t trust you before, I swear I’ll meet Shanty and teach him a lesson. Meet says I have something from there and show him pendrive.

He ask what’s in this pendrive. Meet says I don’t know but when Isha saw me inside room she got scared and close the laptop so I stole it and I saw this pendrive in Abhay’s pocket. Meet Ahlawat says let’s check and start to video. He says to Meet it’s sthe same place where your father was murdered. Meet start crying after seeing the video. Meet Ahlawat try to calm her down. Meet Ahlawat says this video file is corrupted but I know someone who can fix it also did you see the bracelet with and R do you recognise. Meet remembers Dadi showing her R locket and what Hawa said. Meet Ahlawat says we will find the culprit soon and Dad will free Isha.

Meet Ahlawat walks out of Room with pendrive. Ram hiding behind curtains sees everything and thinks I have to destroy this video or else I’m finished.

Meet walks to pooja ghar, pray to god says I very well know Hawa Singh has joined hands with ky father’s murderer he will try to fool me but don’t know why I’m having doubts what he said, I know my family is not related to case but still I’m scared and I pray that no one from Ahlawat’s family is part of murder, Meet stairs at dia, it starts flickering, she saves it. Meet Ahlawat walks to Meet and ask are you alright, I have talked to tech guy he will help us, come with me. Meet says you go I’ll come.

Meet Ahlawat with tech guy in his room. Raj walks in room and greet Abhishek. Meet Ahlawat says few files are glitching in pendrive so I called him from office. Raj says come sit.

Meet light diya in pooja room.Raj ask Meet Ahlawat to come with me. He ask what happen. Raj says you know mom is feeling blue from many days so we will plan some fun family activities for her. Meet Ahlawat says I’m sorry dad but I have some work to finish. Raj says don’t worry Abhishek will handle and where is Meet. He says she is in pooja room. Raj says okay and ask Abhishek to finish work.

Meet light 101 diya and pray to god, no one from Ahlawat’s family should be related to my father’s case, Hawa Singh should be proven wrong.

Meet Ahlawat ask Raj what’s the plan. Raj says we will play musical chairs. Meet Ahlawat says we are not kid anymore. Raj says what is more fun then being a kid that was good that and Meet walks to them and says let’s go. Meet Ahlawat says it’s important to check video on laptop to so please allow Meet to go. Raj says work can wait for family and don’t worry Abhishek will handle and I need your support.

Raj brings Meet and Meet Ahlawat to hall and says to everyone let’s start the game. Tej get’s up and says we let’s discuss rule and tell everyone rules about musical chairs and our judge will be Babita Ahlawat and ask any questions. Duggu ask what about our pizza, burger etc. Ragini walks to Duggu puck him up and says yes you will get everything. Babita play’s music. Everyone start playing games. Meet thinks about the face of video. Meet Ahlawat walking beside Meet. Babita stops music. Raj get out of game and says I think Babita did it on purpose she wanted me to comyand sit beside her. Everyone says come let’s start again. Babita again stops music. Ragini sit and start saying Isha come fast sir here and realised she is not there. Meet Ahlawat says to her don’t worry I’m here with you and everyone else don’t worry when she will be back for ritywe will play again and not let her win. Raj says come start again. Babita play music. Someone walking in corridor covered by shawl. Babita stops music. Hoshiyar get out of game. Abhishek working in room, man covered with shawl give him money and leave. Everyone having fun downstairs. Tej and Sunaina have an awkward moment, Sunaina says I’m out. Raj says Tej won let’s start game. Babita stops music. Meet and Meet Ahlawat sit’s on one chair, they get lost in eachother. Duggu says stand up we are playing a running gane not the statue one. Ram and raj discussing who sat first on chair. Ragini says Meet sat first. Everyone discussing. Tej says wait a minute let judge decide. Babita says my son Meet Ahlawat didn’t sit first that’s why you are out. Everyone having ice cream and enjoying. Babita suggest to take selfie and ask Tej to take one. Meet thinking everyone is so good in this family no body could be murderer.

Meet Ahlawat says to Meet while walking to room if I scan pendrive then it will run and see someone in room covered with shawl working on laptop. They walk in and switch on light. Meet Ahlawat remove shawl and Meet says you?

Meet Ahlawat says to Meet if I scan pendrive then it will run and see a man covering himself in there room doing something on laptop. They both get inside. Meet Ahlawat switch on light and remove cloth from him and see Raj. Meet and Meet Ahlawat in shock. Meet Ahlawat and Meet ask dad you, what are you doing here with pendrive. Raj says I believe it’s time to tell you truth about pendrive and Ashok’s murder, I kept it secret from many years that you father was murdered by one of the member if Ahlawat’s family and you can light many diyas but it won’t change the fact that I’m the murderer. Meet Ahlawat says to Raj whaiare you saying. Raj says you know the alphabet R tha means me. Meet says to Raj you killed my father, no I don’t believe you can do something like this. Raj says

this won’t change the fact that I killed your father, you only tell then why did I came in room to take pendrive because I know some day you will know the truth, if you don’t believe you can check pendrive. Meet says I don’t need to see because I know you won’t do something like this. Raj says okay, he insert pendrive and ask Meet to see video, he make both if them sit. Meet and Meet Ahlawat see the video and get’s scared after listening gun shot and see Raj’s face. Meet Ahlawat says no this is not possible. Raj says you just saw I shot your father, I don’t know what happen to me that day, I couldn’t control myself, I don’t understand this till now.

Meet says to Raj no evidence can break my trust on you, a person like you who don’tot shout at anyone, how could he kill someone, if god says to me that you are murderer I won’t believe, you are my father and love me like father, you always stand beside me, I cannot believe this. Raj says how can I make you understand that I did everything in my own gulit, I got you married with him so that I can repay, you were always looking for your father’s murderer and today I’m standing infront of you but still you are not believing, he show her bracelet and says do you recognise, this is same bracelet in video, how did it come to me, you know how because it’s mine, I was going to destroy all the evidence, you are a police officer and I’m the culprit and I can give you this in writing that I killed your father and for evidence you have pendrive and bracelet, he show his hands and says won’t you arrest me SI Meet Hooda, you did this job to punish your father’s murderer so why are you doing this to me, obey your duty. Meet joins her hand and says don’t punish me for becoming officer, I learnt in my training that evidence can he hoax and can be recreated but the inner voice of person cannot be lie and my inner voice says you are not a murderer and I’ll prove that my father is not a murderer and hugs him. Meet and meet Ahlawat in tears. Raj drops the bracelet and leave.

Meet thinks this is my biggest exam it’s about one my father’s death and others life I need to find the real truth.

Raj in pooja ghar pray to God he sit and says should I be proud of my son and daughter in law that they are not ready to believe that I’m murderer, people knocks on door of court to get justice but where should I go to make them believe I’m murderer, is that not enough to be the culprit of my brother’s crime that now I have to be in burden of there belive and remember how he stopped Ram from giving injection to Meet Ahlawat and ask him truth. Ram says it’s anaesthetic, they have a video in pendrive and I don’t want them to see. Raj ask what’s in video. Ram says a hidden truth if it come out then my life and our family will be ruined and says I killed Ashok Hooda.Ram standing beside Raj says you forgive me for my mistake and I’m very happy for that, our family will not break we all will live under same roof and I promise you Meet will get love of two father’s, me and your, thanks for not telling Meet anything, you have a kind heart. Raj shouts no Ram you are a criminal and I have told truth that who is the murderer of her father, now it depends on her how she accept the fact. Ram ask you tell her everything, why will I face Meet and everyone, I cannot answer them, it’s better I should die. Raj ask you will kill yourself, this is the solution, the truth is your are coward, earlier you murdered someone and didn’t have guts to tell and now you want to die, you are just trying to run away, few years because when you did crime you should have accepted that and told everyone but you try to hide everything now let’s not discuss about it, from now I’ll do everything because I have the responsibility of this house and I blamed myself for that crime with help of some technology in video, I replaced my face with yours. Ram ask what you did. Raj says when everyone was busy in game in went in there room and ask technician to replace your face with mine and then I came back down to join everyone, when I saw they Meet and Meet Ahlawat are going becak to there room, so I went inside before them and they believe that I was stealing pendrive. Ram says you took all the blame why, that was an mistake and I cannot handle this, what have you done, I’ll go to Meet and tell her everything. Raj says you won’t go anywhere I did this for family and now it’s your responsibility to move forward with whole family, I don’t care about how much money I earned my wealth is my families happiness and I know very well that if you get caught then you sill be having only one way that is suicide that’s why I have only one path to take the blame and I won’t step back from my decision. Ram hugs Raj.

Meet in her room remembers her time with Raj. Meet Ahlawat looks at bracelet and pendrive he takes it and try to throw out. Meet stops him and ask what are you doing. He says I’ll destroy these evidence and lie from our life forever. Meet says what if it goes in someone else’s hand then what you will do. Meet Ahlawat says I don’t know but we have destroy them, whatever we heard or listen if someone else get to know about this then everything will think Dad killed your father and he is murderer. Meet says I understand but we cannot throw them, we have to think of something because things are very complicated, we need to send this to lab and test it to know why we are able to see Raj in video.

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