Married Again update Wednesday 25 May 2022

Married Again 25 May 2022: Yash says I had promised Arpita I won’t go to the boxing ring but I have to go now I will fight till I don’t get satisfied if Arpita does not forgive me I will give up my life he says I have to do my penance I can’t live like this and this will be my promise.

yash is about to step on a broken glass piece but aarti keeps her hand and protects him she says don’t do this why u want to go into death’s mouth yash says I have decided no one can stop me aarti in mind aarti says yash Ji what about this unborn kid because of your penance so many life’s are gonna get destroyed

Vidhi Pratik comes they ask did yash Agree he is not going to fight right aarti says I tried but I could not stop him Pratik says bro is doing wrong this boxing match may end his life even dad is not there who will stop him just then Shobha Ji enters she says aarti will stop him she also takes her to room and says I need to talk

In the room, aarti says yash didn’t listen to me he wants to destroy him I could not do anything she says what should I do Shobha says don’t stop him now aarti says what how can u say this Shobha says I am right he thinks this is a crime let the guilt go away aarti says u don’t know his coach also told me this fight is danger Shobha says nothing will happen she says u will be there for him if this is if penance of yash then it’s your fight for your love u help him do your patni vrata Dharam she says u might think what am I saying she says love has power go to him make him understand if he wins it means rapid forgave him she says he will win the won’t lose this games

Aarti talking to Arpita’s picture she says I can talk to u freely I am here in place of u but I never wanted to take your place I won’t even take it I just want to see him happy I want to give mom dad their old son she says I have changed him little I was also confused when I saw him so happy with kids but I won’t even deny the fact that I love him but I never forced my love or never did I want him but I want his love and this love is like a fragrance it just comes she says did u see what yash Ji is doing she says if this satisfies him I will support him I know u want to see him happy u also pray that he is successful in his penance u will forgive him na u will support him na

cas asks are u ok Gayatri (G3) says yup but I am little scared Cas says this cities biggest doc is going to treat u she says I am worried about yash Cas says u ladies have same prob she says u dont know yash he says I know u also now rest he says I will talk with your son Saying so he calls but no one picks up phone, Gayatri is tensed and she says how cum everyone has gone out at the same time she says let us go back to Bhopal Cas says no I will call pankaj but even he does not pick up Cas then calls shobha ji and says hello shobha ji sorry to disturb but the matter is no one is picking up the call is everything ok shobha says he is and Gayatri takes the ph and she asks did he do something wrong I will come back shobha thinks I cant tell her truth and lies that yash ji is not alone full family is there your blessing is there how can he be in danger u just pray your son and DIL (daughter in law) sort out their differences to day just pray and Gayatri says I know how ever mad my son is aarti will handle she says my bahu will win shobha says hope so and she cuts the phone.

Vidhi and Pratik say don’t force us to call mom dad pls for kids stop don’t do this bua says why are u punishing the whole family if one is a mistake give her punishment yash says I know u all love me but I can’t stop I have to do prayaschit or else I can’t live pls forgive me he starts o go vidhi Pratik shout his name and then we see aarti standing in front she says u can’t deny kids wish na yash says even kids can’t stop me aarti says that is the prob u don’t understand me I didn’t get kids here to stop u but to support u this fight is mine and my kids this is our love exam we all will support u we will walk beside u

Kids say we will cheer u and u will win palak says my dad cant lose and yash goes bua says u have no embarrassment bcoz of u he is going in deaths mouth did u do the same thing with your first husband I won’t let this happen he can’t take anyone else s punishment I won’t let him do this just then aarti speaks up she says he is my husband and I care for him and if this is the only way then I will support him and I believe my god will make my love win and kids says yup our dad will win bua says u changed kids also and vidhi says this is the only way we all tried he didn’t stop now we all have to support him so that our prayers are answered and he comes out of his guilt Pratik agrees and says the match is gonna start let’s go and bua says ok but don’t think I am listening too aarti

a guy coming to Yash and telling them to get ready for the fight. Ansh comes there and says, we will make him ready. He wishes Yash all the best. Aarti comes there now. Ansh says to Yash, Mumma said you will win this fight and then will become like how you were in Mumbai.. will laugh a lot.. will stay happy all the time.. and never get angry. Aarti says, yes Ansh.. your daddy promised and you know your daddy doesn’t break his promise. Yash says, I never promised.

Aarti says if you win this fight that means Arpita forgave you and once she forgives, you can live your life happily right? without any guilt. And we all want the same thing as well. Aarti is helping Yash in getting ready but he takes away his hand. Aarti says you can’t stop me from doing this. I have told you already. this fight is going to be the biggest test for us. And I don’t want to fail it. She pulls his hand and makes him ready for the fight. Ansh tells Yash to promise him that he will win. Yash says I don’t know whether I will win or not, but I promise that I will play this game this full honesty.

Aarti says to him, there are few mistakes in life for which you have no back up which reminds Yash about some event. The scene changes and Kareena Kapoor enters. They take her interview and promote her upcoming movie “Heroine”. Kareena Kapoor is doing some inauguration but before she cuts the ribbon, it falls. Kareena Kapoor gets mad and asks who the manager of this event is. Yash comes there and says I am the organizer. Kareena Kapoor says, what is this? This is so embarrassing.. do you know with so much difficulty I became a heroine from a normal woman. And now what about my image? Do something.. you have ten seconds.

Yash quickly sets up a new ribbon. Kareena Kapoor says I am impressed.. you had a backup for this event.. but a few mistakes in your life. there is no backup. Good luck. She cuts the ribbon.

Back to the present. Yash remembers his and Aarti’s Mumbai moments. A guy comes and says to Yash, everything is ready. Yash is going for the fight. Aarti says to him, yash Ji, if my love is true for you then you will win this fight.. nothing will happen to you. nothing. Yash leaves from there.

Yash comes to the boxing ring. Yash’s family and Aarti’s family sit down to watch the fight. Yash’s opponent arrives now and everyone is cheering for him. He’s a world champion boxer. Buaji gets scared seeing him and says, Yash will fight with this evil?

The fight begins. Yash is struggling at first. Kids are disappointed and Aarti & others getting worried. Yash’s opponent gives a solid punch to Yash and Yash almost falls. Ansh tells Aarti, dad will lose like this. Aarti says to him, don’t worry.. all this is normal in boxing.. trust me, only your dad will win this.

Buaji looks at Aarti and says, because of this woman all this is happening with my beta. Yash is struggling but still fights. Yash’s opponent is hitting him more and more. Yash falls and the referee starts the count. The referee comes down to 4 and Yash gets up but he’s still getting hit by his opponent. His opponent punches him on his rib, where he had got hurt before, and everyone is shocked.

Prateik says, oh no.. he hit Yash on the same place where Yash got injured last time. Yash gets more punches and he loses his balance and falls. Ansh cheers him. Aarti says to herself, get up Yash Ji.. my win is with your win.. get up yash Ji.. you have to win.. you can’t lose. please get up .. for me.. for our love.. please get up yash Ji.

the boxing fight. Yash has fallen. Aarti says, please get up Yash Ji. You will have to get up. Yash is trying to gather strength. Arpita comes in front of Yash’s eyes.

Yash and Arpita are faces to face in a boxing ring. Both are smiling and looking at each other. Yash joins her hands and asks Arpita to forgive him. Arpita says, you didn’t do anything wrong Yashu, but now you will have to fight.. you will have to win.. for me, for kids, FOR AARTI. Yash is shocked. Arpita says, because in your loss.. it will be loss of my love, Yashu. Don’t let Aarti’s faith break. Yash looks at Arpita who is smiling. Arpita then wipes Yash’s blood with her saree and then disappears. Imagination ends.

Ansh is cheering for Yash. He says, gets up papa.. gets up. Yash opens his eyes and gathers strength. The referee is counting down the numbers. The referee comes down to 2, and Yash suddenly gets up. Everyone is happy seeing him getting up.

Yash gets ready to fight one more time. There is confidence in his eyes this time. He punches hard at his opponent and his opponent is struggling. He falls in just 3 punches. Ansh gives his special whistle. His opponent seems unconscious and Yash is about to give him one more punch but Yash’s opponent’s manager requests Yash not to punch. The referee counts down to 0 and Yash wins.

The referee raises Yash’s hand and everyone is happy and gives him a standing ovation. Aarti gets emotional. Ansh goes into the ring and congratulates Yash. He gives his special whistle one more time and says, papa, you’re a superhero. Now you will become Mumbai’s papa right? You will laugh and do masti right? You won’t be angry with Mumma either na? We will have lots of fun. Ansh hugs Yash. Yash and Aarti look at each other.

Aarti is in the ring now as well. “Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin” song plays in the background and Aarti hugs Yash. (Don’t know whether that was an imaginary scene or a real one).

Aarti is standing outside the boxing ring and says to herself, your happiness is my life, Yash Ji. Now I won’t give you a reason to be upset with me. I will stay the way you want me to. Shobha Ji comes there and says, you won your test. your love is like gold. Go and start a new beginning. Go and tell everything to Yash. Vidhi comes and says, if mother-daughter are done talking then can I take Aarti back to our house? Vidhi asks Aarti to go with her and handle her own home now. Vidhi and Aarti leave.

Everyone returns to Yash’s house. Buaji says, wait. Yash has returned home after beating a boxer who is winning for the last 3 years. I won’t let you go in like that. I will do your welcome with ‘aarti’…Servant comes with Pooja’s that. Vidhi tells the servant to give it to Aarti and says, she will welcome Yash today.

Vidhi asks Aarti, what are you thinking? Your husband has come back as a winner.. go and welcome him. Aarti does a tilak to Yash and then does his ‘aarti’. Yash enters the house now and everyone else follows. Vidhi stops Buaji and tells her, so finally, Aarti brought Yash out of his sadness. Aarti removed guilt from Yash.

Prateik asks Yash, you must be having pain right? You got hurt so much. Buaji says, that’s obvious.. he had to take so many beatings, and then finally he won, look at his face. Buaji then tells Vidhi to get ice. And at the same time, Aarti comes there with ice. Prateik says this is what you call caring. Buaji says, haha.. this is what happens in love. Aarti asks Prateik to apply ice to Yash’s face. Prateik says, no .. by putting ice.. it hurts more and I can’t see anyone in pain, especially Yash bhaiya. Prateik then tells Aarti to do it. Vidhi says, Aarti only you can take care of Yash. Aarti then goes to apply ice on his face and it reminds her of the Mumbai incident when Yash put ice in her hair to get rid of chewing gum and how water fell on her back and Yash wiped it. She drops ice.

Aarti gets up and turns away her face. Aarti now tells Pankaj to do it. Vidhi takes Aarti’s side and says if Prateik is afraid and can’t see Yash’s pain, then it’s obvious, being a woman, Aarti wouldn’t be able to see it either. Panjak is applying ice on Yash’s face.

Vidhi gets a call from Yash’s father and she gives him the good news. She says all issues are solved between Yash and Aarti. Both Yash’s parents are happy and they ask to give the phone to Yash-Aarti The phone is on speaker, Both Yash and Aarti say, ‘hello’ ‘how are you.

Yash’s mother is very happy and she says she can’t express her happiness. Yash’s parents tell them to stay together like this forever. Arguments happen between all husband-wife, but you should never lose faith in each other.

Because faith is the thing that gets the relationship going. Aarti remembers what Yash told her there is only one solution for sin’s relationship which is the end of it. Aarti then puts her hands on her stomach episode ends with Aarti’s worried face.

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