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Married Again 26 May 2022: Gayatri calls up yash and arti telling them about her health and asking them about their well-being. Yash says that he would talk more when he comes to meet her. She asks if he would bring arti too,arti hearing this swiftly changes the topic and asks about her health and tells her to take care of herself.

Gayatri then goes on to tell arti that it’s time now for them to have a baby and see how that can bridge all gaps between the couple. Arti and yash are embarrassed hearing this. She then cuts off the phone and prays to keep yash and arti happy.

Location: Yash’s house
Arti is playing hide and seek with the kids when she accidentally catches yash. As usual, they share an awkward moment when her bangle entangles in the thread of his shirt. When he takes it off, she gets herself away and tells the kids to go off to sleep. When they repeatedly kept refusing to doze off and remind her of the fun time they had in Mumbai, she scolds them and walks off. Yash is surprised to see this but handles the situation and puts the kids’ confusion to rest by saying that their mother must be tired hence talking like that and that he would put them to sleep today by telling them a story. The kids instantly agree.

Location: Yash’s house
Bhavani and her husband are lying in the bed where Bhavani is listening disinterestedly about Prateik being very happy about the fact that yash and arti are back together and that defines their true love. When she gets up to get ready for her shoot, Prateik doesn’t fight with her over it, but instead understands her work and asks her to meet yash and arti before going as she is the only person who has not met them ever since they have returned together.

This sparks off Bhavani who goes on to vent out her frustration against arti and yash and the meaningless relationship they share out of compulsion, Yash’s eccentric behavior, and his obsession with Arpita’s memories, Prateik stops her in between and reprimands her instead for being selfish and gets so angry that he calls her by her maiden name. This infuriates her and she also retorts back saying that since he lives an ambitionless life, her ambitions come across as selfish behavior to him. They keep on arguing and finally, she leaves in anger.

Location: Yash’s house
Yash having put the kids to sleep is wondering what happened to arti when he walked in as she had been perfectly fine playing with the kids. She has never talked in this manner with the kids ever and is worried as to why is she behaving like this around her. Outside arti is thinking that she has never treated the kids like this but she is doing this to keep herself away from yash as that seems to keep him happy. Yash comes into sleep in the bedroom and finds her sleeping on the couch. Both of them, one on the bed and the other on the couch are far from sleep and staring into vacant space. Yash finally walks out of the room and arti goes off to sleep

Location: Yash’s house
Arti’s mother has come to Scindia’s mansion to meet her daughter and they get chatting in there along with vidhi, where her mother is about to blurt out the truth when arti stops her. Vidhi then leaves to get some tea for them. Arti’s mother takes the opportunity to ask her why hasn’t she told everybody about her pregnancy when they are already living under the shadow of the lie about her being a widow and not a divorce . She, therefore, advises her not to delay the talk any longer and should soon tell everybody the truth.

Arti expresses her concerns about Yash’s reaction to her pregnancy. He has tortured himself enough for having done what he did and now he has returned to a normal happy life with the kids and she doesn’t want to ruin that as his happiness is of paramount importance to her. Her mother understands her concern but still tells her to take her time and tell the family asap whenever she thinks is the right time.

She is about to leave when she remembers and goes on to talk to her about her gynecologist calling her up to tell her about some medicines and tonics that she should be taking. And also tells her that the doctor said that she tried arti’s no a couple of times but she didn’t pick up. Arti hearing this tries to search her phone then in a state of shock remembers that she had left it in the room and yash is in there. She hopes that he hasn’t picked it up and talked to the doctor.

Arti rushes to her room where she finds yash with her phone who tells her that she has received a text message from her gynecologist. her heart is in her mouth out of fear of him having read the message but she is relieved to find out that he hasn’t. She makes up an excuse of having a problem that she can’t discuss with him and takes the phone. Yash leaves arti ruing in the room that such pleasant news that is shared first of all with a husband has become a problem for her that she cant share with yash. He comes in and offers to drive her to the hospital as it’s on his way to work. She refuses to say that she’s called her mother for the appointment, thanks to him anyway, and leaves the room, with yash boggled and wondering.

Location: Yash’s house
Pratik with a photo of Bhavani in his hands is thinking about her and feels sorry for having fought like that with her but also feels that she pushed him to the limit that he had to react like that. anyways he decides to call her up but is then reminded of the cruel harsh words that she had said and cancels the phone with his male ego coming in the way.

Location: In a studio
Bhavani is shown taking a shot where she has to deliver dialogues about marriage and relationships and is constantly reminded of her fight with him and can’t concentrate. the director reprimands him for being so careless. She apologizes and asks for a timeout to gather her thoughts. her producer seeing this is worried and asks her what the problem is. Upon her persistent denial, he gives up but tells her to confide in him nevertheless as a friend if ever she feels like it. after he’s gone, she is again shown ruing about her problems with Prateik.

Location: Dr.Kurian’s hospital
The doctor after examining arti tells an anxious arti and her mother that she doesn’t want to stress her but the growth of the child is negligible. This is due to a rare conceiving condition of the uterus turning upside down after her prior deliveries and that continuing this pregnancy would not only pose a risk to the kid but also her. They both are shocked and surprised to hear this. Arti vehemently protests that she will not terminate the pregnancy at any cost, despite her doctor’s advice against it. Finally, the doctor gives in one condition, that they would do a mini surgery to turn the uterus again to the normal position but that’s a very painful process. When arti agrees, she goes on to tell her that she would need her husband’s consent for doing this operation as being the father of the child, he has to be aware of the complications and implications of the pregnancy on her health. She is shocked to hear this.

Location: Yash’s house
Yash is shown talking to Prateik about arti and her strange and weird behavior these days towards him and attributes it to their arranged marriage. However, Prateik enters into a discussion with him about the implications and magnitude of problems in love or arranged marriages. When Prateik asks him why is he asking such questions, he averts the topic and leaves. Prateik is shown ruing behind that it’s not that downhill a road as love marriage seems to be. And that yash is fortunate to have an understanding like this with his wife.

Location: Dr.Kurian’s hospital
arti and her mother are outside in the passage upset and worried as she comes across cute baby pics and small infants in the hospital. Her heart immediately goes out to the life inside her and she starts to cry out with her mother consoling her. Unable to see her daughter break down like this in front of her eyes, she advises her against keeping the pregnancy as it poses way too much a problem for her as well as the baby. and she can’t be selfish for this one child, she has to think about her other kids as to who would look after them if something happens to her while the course of this pregnancy. Arti says that she understands but she can’t decide what to do, she doesn’t have the guts to be a mother who’s capable of killing her child. Her mother says she understands her dilemma but considering her situation physical and emotional with yash, it’s better that she terminates her pregnancy and opts for an abortion.

Arti decides in the hospital that she would not get an abortion but would rather go and tell yash the truth about their unborn child because as a father, he has the right to know, and after knowing she has the fullest faith that he would support her in saving the baby. She only asks for her mother’s approval as she always has. Her mother nods her head a yes.

Location: Yash’s house
Bhavani is shouting in the courtyard asking for servants and cursing them for not having washed her clothes when vidhi comes in and tells her to calm down and explains to her the reason for the servants to be late as one of them’s sick and the other is out of the house.

She advises her to wash them herself for some days as that’s what the other ladies have been doing. But she sarcastically thanks her for the advice but says that since she has an upcoming show, she would not do them herself and risk spoiling her hands and would rather get them done in the laundry.

Location: Yash’s house
She returns to the house and is determined on her decision to tell yash everything and ask him for his help in saving the baby. When she reaches the room she in her haste and slips but is caught midway by yash and after regaining her composure she says she has to talk about something. yash asks her what is it and what the doctor says about her health. He wonders if arti is hiding something from her, hence her odd behavior. She is reminded of the doctor’s words and also yash thinking their one night of passion to be their biggest sin. She tries to tell him but words just don’t come up.

She is interrupted by the kids who come in and take yash to play with them as it would get dark later on. Yash wants to know what arti has to say first, but she decides that she would talk later. yash invites her also to play with the kids so that they can talk later on. She says yes and follows them to the garden where she gets into a cheerful mood seeing her kids play with yash. But she suddenly turns serious thinking about her unborn child and thinks that she would give this life the privilege to play and interact with his father like his brother and sister. Yash comes up and asks her about her health. She starts to talk beginning with that night that caused it all. he stops her midway saying he never wants to discuss that night as he gets restless and angry every time it is mentioned and you want her to forget something like that happened.

Ansh comes in and again distracts them and takes away yash. She is left thinking about how can she forget the might when she is bearing the mark of their lovemaking in her womb.

Location: Hospital and Yash’s house
Vidhi receives a parcel and has a talk with Gayatri who tells her that some astrologer has predicted suitable conditions for a son in Yash’s current phase of life and has given her a sacred thread to be tied to yash and his wife’s arms for the same. She instructs vidhi to do it in her absence. Vidhi is very happy and feels honored to do that for them. They both are gushing over the expected arrival of a newborn in their life to bond their relationship. Gayatri urges vidhi to set up a webcam chat with aarti as she has been missing her.

Location: Yash’s house
Yash and arti are cleaning up the kids after play with a hand shower that they are awkwardly passing between them casting surreptitious glances at each other. Their hand’s touch and then their heads knock against the head. they both remember their wedding night when they had done the same thing twice for avoiding bad luck. But arti passes ahead even when yash moves his head forward for a second time. he is boggled.

Arti attends a call from her mother and tells her that she has yet not been able to tell him about her condition. She advises her to do it asap as they have to take this decision jointly and every passing second poses more danger to her and the baby. she says that she knows but has been thinking of the right time and the right moment for it.

After canceling the call, she thinks to herself that she cannot afford to wait any longer and decides to tell her anyways.

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