Married Again update Monday 13 June 2022

Married Again 13 June 2022: We begin with bhua walking off. Gayatri says “before you get busy with the household chores let me make pudding for you cooked in clarified butter.” Aarti slightly smiles with a nod. “Vidhi, come along with me, let’s cook for Aarti.” Aarti and Vidhi leave. Prateik goes to Bhavani. Yash is walking over to Aarti.Prateik says “Bhavani, don’t you worry.” Yash stops. “I won’t let anything happen to you.” Yash looks at Prateik and Bhavani. “You saw how bhaiya is trying very hard to save you.” Aarti picks up the file and says “Yash Ji your file.” Yash snaps out of his thoughts and keeps his hand on hers and says “Huh? But I was…” Aarti says “I know yash Ji. I have a lot to talk to you about.”

Pankaj says “Shall we leave?” Yash quickly lets go of the hand. “Yash, prateik?” Aarti says “I’ll wait for you this evening.” Prateik says “let’s go.” Pankaj and Prateik leave for court, and Bhavani too goes inside. “And then I’ll say it to you. I know you have something to say to me too. You know you’re eyes speak before you do. All the best! I’ll wait for you tonight.” Yash smiles and leaves for court.Aarti is in her room, vidhi arrives and says “I got juice for you, please do have it.” Vidhi notices Aarti’s photos in the entire room and is surprised. “What is all this?” Aarti says “surprised?” Vidhi smiles, “I too was very surprised. Yash Ji found such a nice way to confess his love for me, right?” Vidhi says “what? Yash bhaiya…”

Aarti says “My heart tells me.” Vidhi says “that means bhaiya hasn’t said anything to you.” Aarti says “no, but is it needed? These photos say it all.” Vidhi says “well it’s not a problem if he says it.” Aarti says “Silence speaks it all in love.” Vidhi says “oh!” Aarti says “I don’t want to put him in a dilemma by asking him. You know how much of a shy person he is.That’s why…” Vidhi says “it’s better to ask because our heart only wants us to think what we want. Your heart is your biggest enemy. I want what you’re thinking and I know it will but it’s better to clear things.” Aarti says “okay, if you want then I’ll ask. I hope everything goes well in court today and then…”

The Scindhia brothers walk out of the courtroom. Pankaj says “Yash we got our next date. The judge is happy with the arguments. Now we have to collect some evidence that can save Bhavani.” “and prateik, if Bhavani makes any mistake like this then I will not save her.” Prateik gets furious and says “you’re calling it a mistake? One can only feel the pain when one goes through it! I know my Bhavani, she can’t be wrong anywhere.”Yash thinks “you’re in an illusion prateik, but I can’t even break this illusion.” Yash says ‘Prateik, don’t be upset. We got a chance to prepare then why are you upset?

Bhaiya you can understand what prateik must be going through. He spoke rudely to you because he cares for pari, or else he would’ve never done that. Please forgive him.” Pankaj says “I’ll call back home and tell them about today and prateik come along with me.” Yash thinks about Aarti and smilesAarti is looking at yash ji’s photo and says “I can’t wait till evening yash Ji. How much do you want me to explain it to my heart? I want to speak to you right now.” Aarti gives a call to yash. Yash sits in his car and sees Aarti’s earring on the passenger seat. He smiles looks at it and keeps it back. Yash is on his way back home.

Aarti cuts the call and says “he’s not even picking up my phone. It’s okay, he can’t escape from my questions when he comes back this evening. Enough of hiding and seek, now you have to confess!” Aarti leaves.Yash turns his phone on and sees Aarti’s missed call, his comes to an immediate stop. Yash gets out of his car and sees a garage.Aarti gets cooking in the kitchen. Gayatri arrives and says “seems like you’ve taken an oath not to listen to me right? I asked you to rest but no…you don’t listen do you?” aarti says “No mummy Ji it’s not like that…I was just…” Gayatri says “turn the gas off and come along with me to rest.” Vidhi arrives and says “Mummy Ji, Pankaj just called.”

Gayatri says “what did he say? What happened in court?” Vidhi says “we got the next date and the judge seemed to be very convinced. We need to collect some strong evidence by the next date, only then Bhavani can come out from this problem.”Gayatri says “I hope this is what happens. I don’t want any disgrace on my family’s name.” Gayatri looks at aarti. “You come along with me and rest.” Vidhi says ‘Mummy Ji, aarti won’t be able to rest and nor will she get tired of working today.She’s trying to win her husband’s heart.” Aarti feels shy, and Gayatri slightly smiles. “Aarti told me herself.” Aarti is unable to look at Gayatri. Gayatri says “Aarti, thank you for giving me my son and the happiness of this family back.

Keep spreading happiness like this.” Vidhi says “of course, and no one will disturb you for now. We’re busy this weekend.” Gayatri says “busy?” Vidhi says “you’re the one that said that it’s an amazing weekend this weekend.” Gayatri says “oh yes! How can I forget? I remember it all, you just find me forgetful. I know on Saturday Top 10 contestants of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa will be chosen and on Sunday night we have zee rishtey awards. We are busy indeed because we’re going to enjoy this together.” Aarti smiles, “Keep taking care of my son like this Aarti.” Gayatri leaves, and Vidhi says “are you going to get ready at all or you’re going to remain in the kitchen all day?”

Aarti says “Let me just finish this off quickly and then…” Vidhi says “and then what?” Aarti blushes, “Fine finish it quickly. We have to watch zee tv after this.” Aarti says “Yash Ji will be stunned when he comes home tonight. Let happiness remain in this house forever and no problems ever come in between.”Yash brings the car to the garage, he asks the mechanic to check his car, and it’s the same mechanic who fixed the car the night before. He says “this car broke down again?” Yash says “what do you mean broke down again?” The mechanic says ‘I fixed this car last night on the highway.” The mechanic checks the car, yash is curious.

Aarti decorates the entire room with flowers; Vidhi arrives and is surprised to see the room decorated so nicely. Vidhi says “wow Aarti, you completely changed the look of this room.”Aarti says “your Brother-in-law is an amazing one that changed me completely. He brought happiness into my life.” Vidhi says “my yash bhaiya is like this indeed! He’s worth the praise but you aren’t less. It’s like God made you both for each other.Both of you do things to make each other smile. You know all this reminds me of when I got newly married. I used to do all this to make your bhaiya smile, but now that age has passed away!”

Aarti says “Bhabi, one should leave their heart as a child. One should keep giving such surprises, then watch how you get your olden days back and the wedding is like a pickle, the more the old the better.” Vidhi laughs, “I’m saying the truth. The relationships get stronger as time goes and no problems can come as it goes.”Vidhi says “done with the lecture? You don’t need to worry about my marriage because I do have other work besides all this. You think about your love. Now tell me what you’re wearing this evening?” Aarti says “I haven’t decided.” Vidhi says “what’ll happen to you If I’m not there? Do you y know where we always buy our sarees from? They have a new collection.

I told them about it, then you can choose one from that collection.” Aarti is blushing. “Yash bhaiya you are gone for good today.” Vidhi leaves Aarti and Yash’s photo and smiles.Yash says “you fixed this car last night?” the mechanic says “yes, madam asked me to finish it off soon and even sir asked me to be quick.” Yash says “whom?” the mechanic says “he was with the lady, tall and very fair.” Yash is curious and thinks “someone was with aarti Ji last night? Maybe it was bauji.” Yash says “probably her father.” The mechanic says “no sir, he can’t be her father. He was young. I can never forget them. Sir gave me nice tip, I can’t forget them.” Yash gets thinking.

Aarti gets all nicely dressed. Aarti looks at the time, she sends a text message to yash Ji. Yash looks at his phone and reads the text message. It says ‘they say if you wait then the result is fruitful too, but what is one is asked to stay away from sugar.”Yash slightly smiles reading this, he gets another text, that says “the photos are a treat to look at but the smile printed on paper is way different from watching someone smile. Your eyes are lightened in these photos but I want to see those eyes that speak a lot.”“You must be it says “thinking I am crazy too bad I am. I can say what’s in my heart if not in front of you.”

Aarti sends another text message to yash Ji. It says “better come home before I irritate you by messaging. You’ve made me wait long enough.” Yash smiles, and Aarti waits for yash. Aarti says “It’s the limit. No reply either.” Aarti clicks her photo and sends it to yash Ji.Yash smiles looking at her photo, the mechanic sees it and says “she was the madam that I met yesterday with that man. Is she your wife?” Yash nods. “I’m sorry I thought she was his wife because that man didn’t have change and the madam asked me to keep the tip. A husband can’t speak in front of their wife.” Yash gets thinking.

Aarti is on the terrace waiting for yash, aarti says “I can say yash Ji that my 2nd marriage means a lot more to me than my 1st. Because it’s important to have the right partner in life and you only brought happiness to my life. I don’t know if I can ever say this to you but the truth is that you’re like a god to me.”“I can’t wait anymore.We continue with, Aarti and Yash staring at each other……aakhir dil hai na……plays….. vidhi sees this from a distance and coughs and gets them back to their sense, and both of them go away from

The scene shifts to a beautifully decorated with candles …winds are making the curtains fly….aarti all shy seeing these yash eyes are full of love ….aarti makes the sound of her bangles and asks aarti u did decoration in silent mode aarti replies in silent mode yup and says I am hungry lest having food just then yash goes to bathroom tow ash his hands and remembers the mechanic words that he called aarti and python husband and wife yash says in m kind aarti Ji can’t be wrong I can’t put false blame on her and he comes out aarti smiles seeing him yash comes and sits on chair aarti serves him food but suddenly wind starts flowing strongly and the candles which are on the table are about to vanish so aarti goes to close window she is struggling to close them yash sees this and comes to help he.

aarti closes her eyes feeling yash near her and both of them close the window…yash says aarti Ji’s food is getting cold to let’s go both of them finish their food aarti says this was my surprise I dunno how u felt about this but u wanted to tell something in morning na tell me what’s the matter yash silent aarti asks something serious yash says yup I am in a big confusion I wanna share with you know na trust is the main thing between husband-wife and if no trust is there what is the use of such relation yash says I still can’t believe this can happen this trust Bhavani has broken aarti shocked she says Bhavani why what did Bhavani do and yash tells her everything.

In her room, Bhavani says aarti lied to you all she never went to the glad she was here in the hospital with that guy, and mom, Pratik says u are mistaken Bhavani says no amt but why is she lying Pratik says we are together because of her.Yash tells aarti everything aarti is silent after hearing this aarti says Bhavani can do this yash says it a tough time for us one side her and one side house I can tell the truth and save Bhavani but after that Pratik will he love her like before no na never this a husband cant digest the fact that his wife was in relation with someone on the other hand aarti remembers Shobha words that truth will ruin her life her marriage aarti silent

Aarti comes near yash and says u know, love makes a man weak also because of the fear that she will lose her love and her love will go far away from her he will leave her and go and when this love makes a place in your heart it lies aarti says I know Bhavani must have gone through this she must have feared that after knowing this pratik would get angry her relation would break so she didn’t tell this truth but that does not mean she does not love pratik or she is betraying him she is helpless yash says I am sorry I don’t agree according to me there is any place for a lie-in now there is only trust and trust I agree unknowingly man makes mistake and Bhavani also committed a mistake but she should have told Pratik that time but she didn’t this was her biggest mistake we cant forgive her easily…yash says keeping quite she saved her relation for some time but someday the truth will come out and their relation will break.

Yash says even we had fights we were so far from each other but we never lied to each other yash says I am feeling restless till the time the matter is not talked yes na aarti Ji yash says I don’t know one thing how did she keep quiet for so many days was she not restless aarti says I read in books we should talk truth not lie but these relations na these are life’s heartbeat to save them we need to take help from lie yash says lie is lie whatever may be the reason for the lie.

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