Married Again update Sunday 29 May 2022

Married Again 29 May 2022: yash searchea for arti at the bus stop. Ansh spots him and tells arti. She is happy and is about to call out to him when her conscience tells her not to do as even if he takes her home, he would never be able to forgive himself for this sin and her presence would only remind him more. Its good that she stays away from him and that their destiny was till here only. She along with ansh hides before he could see her.

Location: Pari’s house
Her mother is very angry and slaps her when she hears about pari’s accident. She scorns her for having done something like that and disrespecting prateik and his family who love her so much. She defends herself saying is not her fault and that the producer took undue advantage of her drunk state and is now blackmailing her. She decides that before he can do somethingg like that,she wouldd herself tell prateik and he would forgive her since he loves her, once he is with her, she has nothing else to worry about,doesn’t want a a name fame and success and won’t even be afraid of the producer.

She is about to call when her mother warns her against doing it , since no man can compromise on the loyalty of his wife. A wife for once would give in to save her marriage but a man wonthowsoever he loves his wife. She asks her if had she been in his place would she have been able to forgive him. she tells her that they have to tackle the problem differently. She asks pari to finish the 5 days of shooting that the producer is blackmailing her for and that she would go with her on the shoot. And after its done this would be a matter of the past. And advises her that a truth that can potentially damage family and relations should ideally be in the hiding.

Location: Bus station
Arti is searching for her bus from people when a thief takes advantage of her ignorance and shows her the bus, snatches her purse, and runs away. She runs behind him and is shocked to see him collide with yash. yash sees arti’s id fall out from the purse and is shocked. he snatches the purse from him and asks where did he get this from, the thief points towards arti but by the time yash sees, she is gone. Next follows a few minutes of running and chasing, where she has a dizzy spell too but continues running along with ansh where finally she outdone him and boards the bus. yash reaches there but she ducks in time, she in her heart apologizes to yash for doing this to him. he boards the bus and sees among the passengers. She hides with a shawl. He is unable to recognize her and gets off the bus. The bus starts and she leaves yash behind with a longing look.

Location: Yash’s house
Arti’s parents are apologizing for her rash and reckless behavior of leaving Yash’s bday party with ansh in her delicate condition. However, Yash’s father apologizes on Yash’s behalf saying that it’s his fault and Yash’s rash, arrogant and insensitive behavior that forced arti to take this step as no woman would want to be in a loveless marriage. Vidhi’s husband comes up and says that arti was spotted by yash on the bus stand but she left before yash could find hr. yash was told that she is going to peer baba’s bazaar in Delhi. Her mother says that she always goes there whenever she’s upset. That was the place where yash and arti first met. And she has a feeling that they would meet again and have a new beginning at that place again with the blessings of peer baba.

Scene 5: Yash’s house
Everybody is sitting worried. When Yash’s father refuses to have dinner,pari comes up and consoles him saying that they have to be strong for yash so that they can be by his side and for that, they have to take care of their physical and mental fitness. He understands and everybody is appreciative of pari’s efforts and they approach the dinner table.

Prateik comes up to pari and apologizes for her behavior and appreciates her for doing what he always wanted her to do, managing the family just like arti, taking care of every family member. He says that he loves her immensely and is sorry for his behavior and wrong notions about her. She says his notions weren’t wrong and that she has committed some mistakes. He has a quizzical look on his face.

Scene 6: In the bus
Arti and ansh are approaching Delhi on the bus and arti is praying to peer baba that she’s coming to him in the hope that he would steer her and her life in the right direction. The conductor stops the bus. And says that the bus would just wait for 10 minutes and tells the passengers to be quick in whatever they have to do. Ansh says he has to go to the toilet. she takes him down further in the bushes. When he is peeing, he is blabbering to arti about the game of hiding and seek that they played with yash today. however, arti is having a dizzy spell and she falls to the ground and goes unconscious. When he turns back, he is shocked to see her like this.

ansh gets shocked to see arti unconscious when he turns back. He urges arti, again and again, to get up but she doesn’t open her eyes. he says he is getting scared. Just then he hears the bus sirening for the passengers to return.

Ansh gets very scared. Seeing everybody getting on the bus and the bus getting about to leave, he runs towards the main road but the bus leaves by then. he starts crying on the road wondering what will happen now.

He goes back to her and tries to wake her up by spilling water on her from his mouth when he fails at getting it through his hand. When even then she doesn’t wake up, he is wondering what to do, when h hears the siren of an approaching car.

Yash is approaching that spot talking to somebody saying that he is reaching the first stop for Delhi bound bus. he crosses the spot before ansh could catch up but he recognizes his car and shouts for him but in vain. He then stops the next car and asks the person to save his mother and that their father is not with them and he needs to save his mother. The man agrees and looks at the woman and recognizes her to be arti. The man turns out to be a prashant who remembers the last conversation h had with arti who had begged him to take her back but he had insulted their relationship and her and walked out on her despite her crying and begging not to do so.

Location: In the hospital
Prashant and ansh are taking hr to the hospital. She is murmuring yashji all the while. The doctor takes over from the operation theater and asks him to fulfill the formalities. he then interacts with the kid who he had once called arti’s illegitimate child. when the nurse is filli g up the form, and he tells arti’s details, she asks if he’s her husband, and he is silenced and taken back to the day his second wife moved out of the house after giving him a taste of his medicine where the same treatment is meted out to him who comes across as a needy, clingy, desperate partner trying to grab the relation and his wife behaving in the same manner that he had behaved with arti. he jolts back to reality and starts playing with ansh who tells him that they are friends now since he saved his mother’s life. He says he likes him like his father as he also loves him very much. He demands to know if he knows his father’s no. When ansh says he doesn’t, he is in a fix as to how to contact her husband.

Just then he is called by the doctor who assumes him to be the husband and gives him the news that his wife is pregnant. Prashant is shocked to hear this.

Location: Lalitpur Bus station
Yash is informed by the conductor that he searched but could not find arti and tells him to wait for another bus bound to Delhi for searching.

Location: Arti’s house
Arti’s mother is super concerned about arti but her father seems preoccupied. She reprimands him for this behavior, he says that he is worried but there is no use worrying as he has the faith that yash would find her. He says that he has to deposit some bills and starts to leave but slips almost making the documents fall on the floor and she sees that they are not bills but some of prashant’s documents. he reprimands him for lying to him, and he tries to make her understand that he is trying to help his son out of trouble but she refuses to budge in on her decision of having severed all contact with him. She hands the document to him and leaves.

Location: Bus station and arti’s house
Yash calls up arti’s mother to ask her if he knows anybody in Lalitpur where arti could have gone, as she is nowhere to be found on bus or auto stands, she replies in the negative. he says that he would keep searching for her and cancels the phone. Meanwhile, she gets prashant’s call trying to tell her about arti but she refuses to hear anything and instead rebukes him for calling them still. When she cancels, he thinks to himself that he knew this would happen and is worried now about how to inform them about arti.

Meanwhile, yash is looking at her photo and wondering why did she leave like this without even giving him a chance to explain or rectify his mistake. He approaches prashant who is looking into his cell phone both oblivious of each other’s identity. And it shows arti is lying on a bed right in front of them but yash cant see.

Yash collides with prashant and his wallet and prashant’s medicine bag fall on the floor. Before he could see it,yash takes the wallet that has arti’s photo.

Location: Yash’s house
Pari is putting on the sindoor and remembering the producer’s words and drops the sindoor. She is scared and tells him that her dropping the sindoor is a sign of bad luck. Prashant comforts her saying that he will get her a new one and being so modern she should not believe in such old tales. He gets a phone and takes the call leaving pari wondering that he loves her so much, if only she could erase that one night of betrayal, and is thinking about how will prateik behave when he gets to know the truth.

Location: Lalitpur
Prashant starts cribbing about the medicines breaking off and how his wife needs them urgently. Yash offers to get him a replacement. Once they reach the medical shop, the owner ridicules him for having taken free medicines and coming back for more. yash stops him from behaving like that, pays for both rounds of medicines gives the medicines and some spare cash to prashant n tells him to save his wife’s life. Prashant notes down cash’s no for returning the money and leaves. After he’s one yash is searching around for arti wondering where to find her.

Location: At the shoot venue
Pari is getting ready for her shoot when the producer comes up and extends a handshake but just then the director calls her for the shot snd she leaves saying that she’s ready ignoring him. He gets ridiculed looks from the ake up guys and is getting frustrated.

He sees her giving a beautiful shot in the rain and then she whisks past him without recognizing his presence. He follows her in the trailer van and once she’s alone, he gets inside and says that he can’t live without her and says that her husband would never know about their relationship and asks her to continue it. Sensing his intentions, she slaps him getting him all the more infuriated and he tries to force himself on her. She grabs a flower vase and hits his head with it. He falls to the floor and loses consciousness. She gets afraid and flees the trailer. The spot boy who came to give her tea is shocked when he sees him half dead inside the trailer. He calls out for pari but she keeps running nonstop.

Location: Yash’s house and Lalitpur local tv station.
Vidhi and her husband are discussing the condition of Payal and palak and their pain since arti left the house. Her husband blames arti for leaving the kids like this,vidhi defends her saying that Yahoo’s behavior forced her to do this. They decide to scold both of them when they return.

He calls up yash to find out about arti who tells him that he has not found her but he has a hunch that she’s here only and he has decided to give a message through the local tv channel so that if arti sees it, she will return home. He also supports the idea and then tells yash to take care of himself, he goes on to tell this to Yash’s father.

Location: Hospital and Lalitpur local tv station
arti regains consciousness but to take care of her fatigue she is again put back to sleep. Ansh is watching all of this and tells prashant about it who has just come. Prashant is looking expectantly at arti to open her eyes. The doctor tells him that she’s fine but she has been given a sedative to take care and get her some rest. On ansh’s query about his mother,prashant tells him that she’s alright and is sleeping just to get more rest so that she’s alright when she wakes up next and hugs him.

Location: arti’s house
Arti’s mother is telling her husband that arti would never return to prashant and would never even let his shadow loom over her son, let alone touch her. she would never take him back in his life even if she has no other option but to die.

He reminds her that after all ansh is prashant’s son. She says prashant has no relation to arti and that ansh is Yash’s son. Yash would soon find arti and ansh and take them home. She says that when she talked to yash earlier in the day, she noticed a pain, restlessness, and concern in his voice that never was and never will be in Prashant.
Location: Hospital and Lalitpur local tv station
Prashant is hovering around arti’s bed restlessly. Ansh comes up to him and asks for his phone as he wants to call his father now that he has remembered his no. He gives me the phone. Ansh is repeatedly trying the phone but is not getting through.

Meanwhile, when yash is getting ready for his broadcast message on tv, he gets a phone. he halts the shoot and picks it up hoping it to b arti’s but instead, it’s a promotional offer. The crew tells him to switch off the phone for the rest of the shoot. Ansh is trying but not getting through. When he informs prashant, he asks him how come he’s not getting through. Ansh defends his father saying that he’s the best.

Prashant remembers him calling ansh an illegitimate child in front of arti. The screen freezes on Prashant’s troubled face.

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