Married Again update Monday 30 May 2022

Married Again 30 May 2022: Ansh tells prashant that he can’t get through his dad’s no. He says that he loves his dad very much and that his dad’s the best. Prashant hugs him and puts on some tv for him so that he can watch cartoons, and then after one look at arti leaves the room. Ansh starts watching tv.

Location: Yash’s house
Bhavani is Crying remembering the incident at the trailer. Prateik comes up to her and is concerned when he sees her varying and asks her the reason. He assumes that she is still upset by the fights they had regarding the shoot and therefore stopped work and is being pestered by the producer’s phone calls. He says that his happiness lies in hers and that she is free to finish her work. She comes up to him and says she has something to confess but before she can say anything her mother calls her and she leaves to attend the phone. Prateik also thinks about checking up on Yash’s message on the tv.

Location: Lalitpur local tv station
Yash renders the message that he has to give asking for arti’s forgiveness and telling her that if you see this or hear this, I want you to know that I have hurt you badly and have understood and know that you are pregnant with our child. He pleads with arti to return home.

Location: In the hospital
Prashant comes in to see ansh having dozed off. He sees yash on the tv and tries to remember where he has seen him and remembers the incident earlier in the day. He increases the volume to hear yash saying that he is sorry and that Palak and Payal miss arti and he‘s sure that ansh misses him too. He asks arti to please return home and forgive him for his rude behavior and breaks down into tears on tv. He says that he can’t live without arti and ansh and urges her to call him so that he can come to them. He then gives arti’s and ansh’s details and urges everybody watching the tv, to give him any information about them if anybody spots his wife or son.

Prashant is shocked to see this. He deduces that the man he met is yash Scindia, arti’s second husband. He switches off the tv and takes out his mobile and dials the no yash had given him but before h can call, he hears ansh talking in his sleep saying that he loves his dad and that he misses him and can’t live without him and urging his dad not to leave them ever. He gets emotional seeing this and cancels the call and hugs ansh and says that he loves him too.

Location: Lalitpur Police Station
The inspector informs yash that his wife and son have been spotted in Lalitpur in a battered black car the no of which has been noted on and wirelessly transferred to all units at every check post and that he is confident that something or the other would turn up. He advises him to return home to Bhopal to support his family. He says that he won’t go without his son and wife and that he has already missed many opportunities, he can’t afford that anymore, Then thanking the inspector, he leaves leaving the inspector wondering how come a person is so concerned for a wife from his second marriage and a child that’s not his own when even own father does not take that care.

Location: Hospital
Prashant sees ansh sitting with arti’s hand in his hand. He thinks that he won’t inform yash till arti doesn’t tell him to and that for once in his life he would do something the way arti wants it. His thinking is interrupted by the doctor coming in and telling him that they have started the treatment but he hasn’t yet deposited the money.

When asked how much is needed, the doctor tells him around 25000. He is shocked as to where to get that kind of money from. Then looking at ansh and arti, he thinks of the keys in his hand and decides to sell his car. he is leaving the room when he notices that Ansh is hungry so he asks ansh to come along with him to eat while the doctors take care of his mother.

Location: In a restaurant
His brother asks yash to eat something and not bother about arti and ansh as he has given so much effort to find them, putting a message on tv and notifying the police and that he’s sure something would turn up sooner or later. But yash says that he would remain restless till he finds them. Prashant and ansh too come to eat there and ansh sits across Tash’s table. When prashant goes to order food, he starts playing drums with the fork and spoon. Yash hears it and remembers ansh’s habit being the same. He turns around but can’t see ansh as he ducks under the table and misses him.

Meanwhile, Yash and his brother get up to go and a disheartened yash starts advancing towards ansh’s table unaware, for the exit. Prashant sees yash and before yash can cross ansh’s table, he comes in between to avoid ansh being able to see yash or vice versa. When they leave, he is relieved but is called by the mechanic who informs him that he has inspected the car and since he doesn’t have papers, he would get around 25000 for the car. He agrees, takes the money, and gives the keys to the mechanic. He sees ansh eating in contentment and smiles at him.

Meanwhile, yash leaves his brother outside the restaurant and after he leaves,yash is instantly drawn to a black battered car and is reminded of the inspector’s words and the car matching the same description.

Yash identifies the car and after confirming the no with the inspector, he runs behind it and starts chasing to find a clue about arti. However, he misses it and scrapes his hand, and is advised to go to a nearby hospital Yash getting a dressing done right in the next room to arti’s but he can’t see her. when he is about to leave,arti gains consciousness and calls out to yash. this startles him and he turns to see the nurse pulling the curtains. Therefore he doesn’t see Arti thereafter getting a call he gets talking and leaves the hospital.

Meanwhile, arti wakes up and finds a nurse attending to her who tells her that her son is out with his dad. Arti is pleasantly surprised that yash has finally found them. Just then ansh comes in and after asking about her health he tells her, on her query that she was brought here by a very

nice uncle just like his father. She is confused and wants to meet him, but the nurse advises her against it saying that it must have been her misunderstanding. She asks Ansh to get this person who helped them so much that she’s able to say thank you. Ansh

goes out but prashant standing outside remembers calling him an illegitimate child and thinks that he doesn’t dare to face her right now. so he hides when Ansh comes out.

Location: Yash’s house
Bhavani and vidhi are discussing that the house is very quiet ever since arti went along with ansh. And that there is immense tension in the house. Just then, buaji comes in trying to talk, but when both of them ignore her, she fumes within herself that tall this is happening to her due to arti and leaves.

When she is gone, Vidhi starts talking about how her husband has changed drastically since this incident and that his whole routine has gone haywire. He hasn’t even read the newspaper since. Bhavani picks the newspaper and gives it to her, who accidentally drops it and Bhavani sees her producer’s murder headline on the front page saying that the killer is absconding. She is scared and snatches the paper from vidhi’s hands making an excuse of it being yesterday’s paper and leaves in hurry leaving vidhi worrying about what happened to her all of a sudden.

Location: In the hospital
After searching for prashant, ansh goes inside and tells her that he is not to be found. The nurse asks arti to come with her so that she can run some tests and if everything is alright she can be discharged. With great difficulty, she walks out of her room and walks past prashant who is in tension seeing her like this.

Location: Yash’s house
Bhavani runs inside her room and tears the newspaper to bits and is crying thinking about what she had done and how could she ever be able to explain this murder. She wonders that one day the police would surely get to her. and when that happens, what would happen to her well-established family and household.

Prashant finds ansh busy playing. he comes up to him smiling. Ansh says that he has been looking for him as his mother wanted to meet him. But prashant says not o meet her right now as she would be busy with her discharge papers. he tells ansh to tell his mother that if she wants to meet him, then he should come after getting discharged from the hospital to the mandir behind the hospital. Ansh agrees. Prashant is about to leave when ansh calls him and gives him his friendship band from his hand as a sign of their eternal friendship, one that would never break ever. Prashant gets emotional at this gesture and hugs him.

Location: Outside the hospital
Prashant finds yash sitting with pamphlets with arti and ansh’s details. he is surprised. Yash looks up and recognizes him and asks him about his wife. He says she is fine but his eyes are fixed on the pamphlet. Yash notices and tells him his story about their’s being a remarriage and that arti left no stone unturned to make the relationship work but he couldn’t support her as a husband. Now that she’s gone, he regrets the treatment he meted out to her.

Just then yash gets a call from Prateik and gets busy talking whereas prashant is fidgeting around disturbed. When yash finishes the call he notices the wristband on Prashant’s hand and recognizes it to be of the same pattern that ansh had. He shows prashant the photograph and asks if he has seen them anywhere. He also notices prashant trying to hide the band but he doesn’t understand why.

Yash sees that band and recognizes it to be similar to ants. He is surprisedly looking at prashant. He guides yash towards the mandir.

Location: In the Mandir
Arti and ansh are walking up the stairs of the temple. Anshaall smiles as she sees somebody. He places his hand, the man turns happens to be yash who is overwhelmed to see his son. He hugs him. prashant sees them from hiding and remembers ansh giving him the band. He says to himself that he has fulfilled his promise of making ansh meet his father. Arti and yash are sharing awkward glances. Ansh winks at yash and says that he would go pray while he and Mumma talk. Yash approaches arti and says that he finally won in this hide and seek game that she was playing with him but she calls out to ansh and says that they must leave.

Yash stops her saying that she cannot separate the kids from him at least not without his permission. She says she’s ok with it and would leave ansh with yash and go away. She turns around to go but he holds her hand and once again and says that he thinks she didn’t hear him properly that he won’t let her take away any of her kids and right now she’s taking one with her.

She is pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed to hear this and turns around to meet Yash’s loving eyes. He then motions for her o come along with him as she should be taken care of in such a delicate condition and everybody at home is waiting for them and gives her a reassuring nod. She agrees.

they both are praying to the lord. While she thanks the Lord for making her able to see this day she also asks him to shower his blessings on the person who is responsible for her being healthy and sound, who got her into the hospital and keep him away from the pain or sadness of any kind. Prashant is looking from behind the. Yash too thanks to the lord and also says that he would hereon not make any mistake. he then asks for her hand and holding her hand, they sit in the car with ansh and drive away while prashant looks on.

Location: Yash’s house
Bhavani and prateik are in their room when they get the news that arti and yash are returning home. Bhavani makes up an excuse that she has to go to her mother’s place and therefore wants to go. Pratik tells her to go but be back soon as yash is coming along with arti. she says that she would take care of that. He then offers that given 5 minutes, he would also get ready and would go with her as he has also not met his mother-in-law for a long time. She gets nervous but manages to tell him that she wants to go alone and that prateik should ideally stay in the house so that he can know the exact time when arti and yash would be back and informs her so that she can be back before they. He says he is ok and doesn’t have a problem with that. Bhavani leaves but prashant is shown disturbed and worried.

Location: In the mandir and on the road
Yash is driving the car while arti is sitting nervously ansh is enjoying himself, and yash is giving very loving and caring looks toward arti.

Meanwhile, prashant is depressed walking outside the temple when h has an acute stomach ache. His eyes wander to the band that ansh had given and is reminded of ansh’s words while giving the band. However, he starts having a fainting spell and hits his foot on a stone, and falls.

Location: On the road.
Ansh and arti are waiting outside the cr for yash who has gone somewhere without telling them. He comes back with two extremely hot earthen pots. He places them in the car and says that one contains milk for ansh and the other hot tea for arti. She says he didn’t have to go to all this trouble as they were about to reach home.

He replies that he didn’t have to struggle much as the tea shop was nearby and that as a husband if he doesn’t do this much then he is of no use. The screen freezes on arti’s face who is pleasantly surprised to hear this from yash.

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