Married again Update Friday 20 December 2019


Married again 20 December 2019 update: Raj is remembering Vikrant words, he then bump into a woman later a guy bought a few photo for Raj as Raj look at the photos taken from the contest the woman saw Vikrant and told Raj he is a diamond , he have everything and who so ever lives with him will live like a queen. Raj thinks will Sarita be happy, the woman then ask if Raj is thinking about Sheila and Vikrant marriage, she then was about to talk about Rohan, but Raj say he doesn’t want to hear anything about him and leave.

The woman then say if he think Rohan was bad then wait till he see Vikrant, he is fire once you go hear him you will get burn. Kamla is talking to Sheila about Raj & Sarita, she doesn’t know what is happening to them, Sheila assure her mom everything is okay. Raj arrive at Vikrant house, Raj tell Vikrant he is seeing weather this house he worth of Sarita or not. Vikrant say he wishes if Sarita can come live at his house for a few days in the mean time Abhimaan arrive, Raj give his chocolate and say he will let Sarita meet him tomorrow. Raj then leave and Abhi hugs his dad.

Raj is packing the room, when Raj arrive. Raj said he foot is hurting, Sarita say it must be because of the bike and she keep scolding him and rub balm on his feet, Raj thinks he will give Sarita all the happiness in this world. Raj then stop Sarita and talk good about Vikrant to see what she would do. He also say she can go over there and take care of Abhi, Sarita ask if he is okay how can she do something like that. Raj said he promise them, Sarita say then he will have to refused. Raj smilingly ask if she is sure.

Vikrant doorbell rings he goes to open it and see it Sarita. Sarita say how come he is home, Raj said he would be out, he said he was waiting for her to come. She ask for Abhi when Vikrant told her he is in his room, she start on Vikrant how can he put him in a room all by himself. Abhi then come running to Sarita shouting Mama, Mama and hug Sarita. Then he tell his dad thanks for bringing my mama, Sarita is shocked. Abhi then pull Sarita to see him room and tell his dad he loves him.

Abhi shows Sarita his room and he tells Sarita about his mom, about how he misses his mom when all his friends have mom he doesn’t, Sarita became sad and hug him. Sarita tells him a secret that he can call her mom but only when they are alone. He is happy, they share a top secret.

Raj is lookig for something but can’t find it as Sarita is away, he then calls Vikrant house to see if she have reached here, Vikrant answers he say she is here and this is only the beginning of the test while Raj say he know Sarita would succeed. Raj ask if everything is okay with her, Vikrant ask why? are you missing her? if you are that worried then how will you get her re married to someone?

Raj is speechless and justify himself he only want to know if she have reach or not. Virkant said Yeah, she have reach and advice him to learn to live without her or else he wouldn’t be able to have her “punar vivah” and hangs up. Sarita and Abhi is running, Vikrant then tell her what to do and what not to do. Sarita and he exchange a few word.

The woman(match maker) then arrive at Raj’s house and Kamla is angry at her, but she bought new photos to show Kamla. Munni then arrive when would Sarita return from Vikrant’s house, the match maker is alter. Kamal bad mouth Raj about his forgetting his sisters and only thinking about his wife marriage and want a king for her as Vikrant is no less a king, Kamla ask what is she talking. She tell Kamla about what happen earlier.

Sarita is feeding Abhi while Raj is calling her when the servant answer the phone Raj remember Vikrant words and hang up.

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