Mariam Khan Reporting Live update Wednesday 29 September 2021


Mariam Khan Reporting Live 29 Sept 2021: The Episode starts with Mariam calling Biji. Biji sings happy birthday. Mariam apologizes to leave her alone. Biji asks her not to cry, enough of the apology. Mariam says I came here to find that guy, I got to know many things, everything is like the way it was, nothing changed in Bhopal, my haveli, my family, my mum, grandpa, everyone is alive. Biji gets shocked. Mariam says I m dead for this family, I m living as Manjeet, but Mariam was a part of me, I m not able to understand, I don’t know whether I should come back as Manjeet or become Mariam, I can’t live two different lives. Biji thinks why did that woman lie to me like this.

She asks Mariam not to cry, everything will get fine, listen to me, never trust anyone so soon, people often show sympathy and deceive us, you need to find out what happened there, I will reach there soon, you can really do this. Mora piya ghar aaya…plays… Mariam says I will find out, I know he is upset with me, I should get all my answers, if this is your sign, I accept it. Fawad hits punching bag and thinks of Mariam. He says she failed my plan, I won’t give up, I won’t let my hard work and time go in vain, Majaaz will be in front of me soon.

Rifat comes and stops him. She sees his bleeding hands. She asks why do you hurt yourself like this. He asks really, do I hurt you, stop this drama, you have ruined my childhood. FB shows Fawad getting shocked when police gets a gun from his bag. He says you burnt my childhood. Fawad gets arrested for Mahira’s murder. Rifat cries.Fawad says I wished to come out of that dark room and I just got disappointed, I get scared thinking of those days, what do you think, you think you can get rid of your sins by showing sympathy, I can never forgive this, a child’s first teacher is mother, but you made me a worst person, a murderer, just I know this truth, I stay happy when I stay away from you, I recall everything when I see you, I m dead for you, do you understand or not, don’t come in front of me. He goes.

Choti comes. Rifat says how shall I explain the truth of that bad night to him, I can’t take his hatred now, he thinks love is deceive, I hope a girl comes in his life who teaches him meaning of relations and love. Mariam applies mehendi to her hand. She draws a line and talks of Biji. She recalls her family. Its morning, Mariam reads the ad. Fawad says I want a girl, who is glamorous and classy, who is ready to become my girlfriend in sting operation. Mariam says Biji said right, this mehendi line is a path, which became clear now. The man says if you told this to me before, all the girls of this city would have come here. Fawad gets a pen. A line gets drawn on his palm. Mariam comes to ask address. The man asks Fawad about his permanent girlfriend.

Fawad says I will shift to my own office soon. Biji says did I do right or wrong, Mariam has won, I lost, family is family, Mariam will find out why did that lady lie. Rifat and Choti are on the way. Rifat says I want a female driver for Aaliya. Mahira comes to office. Fawad and Mariam hold the glass surface. O yaara….plays…..Mariam coming for job interview. She gets seated. Fawad goes and doesn’t see her. He asks his assistant to interview the girls and select the best one for the sting operation. He leaves his phone on the table. He goes to his cabin.

He thinks to order a unicorn hoodie for Aaliya. Mariam comes for the interview. Fawad hears it. Mariam says I m very jolly, I can come for driving test any time, day, night, midnight. She sneezes. The man asks why do you want this job. She thinks just for dad. She says just for money.Fawad nods to the man. The man says fine, I will talk to my boss, wait here. Fawad says secretary liked the greediest girl. The man says the girl is perfect. Mariam answers Fawad’s phone. Fawad looks for his phone. Mariam says this isn’t my phone. She collides with Fawad and falls over him. They have an eyelock. Jaanu na….plays…

The man looks on and says why does this not happen with me, I m also hot. Fawad keeps falling back on the bean bag. Mariam smiles. Fawad scolds her.He asks what are you doing here with my phone, speak up. He thinks Bhakti has sent her. He says tell me, are you spying on me. She says I came here for job. He says job to spy on me. She says I came here for driver job. He says sure, there is no requirement of driver here. He throws her out. She thinks he is psycho, its my bad luck, just he can help me find dad, I will find the truth. Rifat says you couldn’t find a lady driver for us. Mariam comes to right address for interview.

Mariam collides with Rifat and sees her. She thinks I can’t leave this chance if I want my answers. She says I won’t break your trust, you can test honesty and talent also,I don’t fail that easily. Rifat says fine, we shall see. Mariam thinks I didn’t meet my family, I can’t move back now. Mariam drives the car. Rifat says Zain’s phone is not reachable.Mariam thinks of Zain and says I m glad he is happy in US. Mariam says my Biji taught me driving. She thinks why are living in Firdaus mahal. Rifat asks are you a driver or a spy, just drive. She hires Mariam for Aaliya.

She says we will decide your salary tomorrow. Mariam thanks her. She goes to have tea. She sees Madiha and says why are mom and Meher living like this, I need to find out the reason, I m coming to meet you mom. She gets Biji’s call. Biji asks are you fine. Mariam says I found a way to go Firdaus mahal every day, I need to move forward. Aaliya gets sweets for Madiha. She says I got angry on Rifat, we will feed this to Mariam when she comes. Madiha hugs her. Meher feels sad. Madiha says Mariam will surely come. Biji asks Mariam to take care of herself. Biji says if anyone misbehaves, slap them and beat them like a wrestler. Mariam says no, I have to go close to that psycho, take care.

Mariam offers prayers. She comes to Firdaus mahal. She thinks is this psycho related to me, I need to find out. Someone calls her out.

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