Made for each other 9 December 2020

Prerna asks Anurag how did you shut this. Anurag replies with my hands. He tries to open the door. He gets the knob. He falls down. Prerna asks him to get away. Kuki thinks of Kaushik. Anushka comes and says it was tough for me to come, I was preparing for my interview. Kuki asks what will you do if you dislike someone and then like him.

Anushka says its not like that, if I dislike someone, then I can’t like him. She sees Kaushik. She says you are lucky, Kaushik is in your relatives list. Kaushik says I don’t have a great image. Anushka flirts with him. Kuki goes away. Anushka asks did you guys fight again. Kaushik says no, I didn’t do anything, if she is upset, I should apologize. He goes. She says I knew it, Kaushik is interested in Kuki. Ronit looks for his phone. He says my phone was here. Everyone looks for it. He says maybe someone has stolen it. He recalls Kaushik.

Kaushik stops Kuki. Kuki compliments Suman’s mehendi. Suman asks her to get mehendi applied. Kuki avoids Kaushik. She compliments Kajal. He asks can we talk. Kuki says I m busy. He says I understood. He holds her hand and takes her.

Anurag says I didn’t do anything, it just happened. Prerna says you are lying, you broke the knob. They argue. He says you would have planned to get us locked. She says yes, so that we talk this nonsense. He smiles. She asks why are you smiling. He says it reminded me something, a girl Prerna used to argue with me like this. She says don’t talk about it, I met you and regret to trust you.

Kaushik asks Kuki what is it, why are you ignoring me. She says you were seeing somewhere else when I was looking at you. He says did I upset you, tell me. She says no. She goes. Ronit asks for his phone. Kaushik says I don’t have it. Ronit says give it back. Prerna tries to open the door. Anurag says I have also tried to open it. She says just kitchen staff has the access, they won’t come until they need something, I feel cold here. Anurag asks her to sit quiet. She asks are you drunk, you are behaving odd, you would regret tomorrow to behave caring towards me.

He says sometimes person has no right on himself, I don’t know why I m here, I should move on in life or not. She asks what happened to you, why do I feel you care for me, you snatched everything from my life. Ronit catches Kaushik. He says give me my phone. Kaushik says I don’t have it, leave my hand. Ronit says its not good manners to steal someone’s phone. He scolds Kaushik. Kaushik pushes him against the pillar. He scolds Ronit. He asks what’s in your phone that you are acting such. Shivani comes. Ronit says Shivani… Kaushik hugs Ronit. Shivani says I was scared and thought you are fighting. Kaushik says no. Ronit says no, I m a changed man now.

Shivani says he used to fight with me, he had temper issues, I asked him to change if he wants to marry me. Kaushik says I m going, but my eyes are on you. He goes. She asks did you get the phone. Ronit goes. Moloy gives Ronit’s phone to Patra. Patra asks Ronit Chobey? He says you asked me to find about Anurag, I didn’t reach any conclusion, Ronit maybe connected, give me two days, I will tell you when I m sure, we will open this phone and find out. Moloy thinks what did Ronit do with Anurag, did he trouble Prerna also. Prerna says we got locked once again, thank God, Mr. Bajaj is sensible, does this not affect your marriage with Komolika. Anurag says I m not like people think of me. She says I don’t believe you, you broke my trust, you don’t mean anything to me. He holds her close and says you matter to me.

Ronit keeps thinking on why didn’t I delete the message, if Komolika knows about my phone… He worries. Shivani thinks he looks worried. He goes to talk to Komolika. Kuki thinks of Kaushik. She asks how did you know that Ronit loves you. Shivani says when someone worries for you, wants you happy and does what you like, then its love, you shouldn’t lose such person. Kuki says such people don’t exist these days. Shivani says that person stays between us, we have to just identify him. Prerna asks Anurag are you drunk. He clarifies. She says behave, I m Mrs. Prerna Bajaj.

He asks her to not fight, just take his jacket, she is feeling cold. He says I m tired of fighting, please. She says I don’t want your fake concern. She puts the jacket in the freezer. He says you could have given it to me, I don’t like this. He feels cold. She says I don’t care, don’t drink and come in front of me. He says I understood. She thinks why are you showing care, so that I fall weak. Ronit says I made a big mistake, forgive me. Komolika asks what happened.

He says I want to marry Shivani so that you take revenge on her, if everyone knows it… She says don’t think of it. He says sorry, it will happen tonight, you messaged me to talk to Shivani with love so that she doesn’t doubt, I didn’t delete the message. She asks him to come to the point. He says phone got stolen. Veena comes there. He says I think Kaushik took it. Komolika slaps him. Veena says what happened.

Komolika asks how did you do such a big mistake, why are you alive, why didn’t you die, Shivani will know everything. Anurag and Prerna sit away. He asks do you believe in Karma. She says yes. He says we did something wrong in last birth, so we fall into troubles. He asks her to behave normal. He says you like all this to fight. She says yes, I m feeling so good. They argue. She says I can’t tolerate this cold. He says you should have used my jacket. Veena goes to hear them.

Komolika says everything will get ruined because of your mistake, you know that message was imp. Ronit says sorry. She sees Veena’s reflection in the mirror. Ronit asks what can we do. Komolika says shut up, the phone had Shivani’s messages, she loves you a lot, she wanted to enlarge that pic as a wedding gift, you have lost the phone, what will we tell her, not a word now, I m much angry. He says I know you are angry, but I don’t understand what you are saying, I will get cold water for you. She slaps him again.

Veena thinks Komolika always gets angry, the matter isn’t big, shall I go and stop her. Komolika shows Veena and says Veena is standing behind. She says Shivani shouldn’t get upset. Ronit says I promise you. Komolika says recover the data, get Shivani’s messages and pics back, I don’t want her mehendi function to spoil. He agrees. Veena goes. He says we got saved. Komolika slaps him. He says Kaushik has my phone, he was pretending like phone got exchanged by mistake. She shows his phone and says Moloy had it, its useless now. He asks how did you get it.

She recalls Moloy giving Ronit’s phone to Patra. Komolika goes to them. Patra says its unlocked. She drops the juice on the phone. She says so sorry. She takes the phone and drops it in the jug. She says sorry, now this phone won’t work, I will get same model for you. She goes with the phone. FB ends. Ronit says wow, this is the best. She says Moloy is after us, I have to treat him again, he needs a long sleep, else he can create a problem for me. She goes.

He smiles. Kaushik says Ronit isn’t a nice guy. Moloy says I should talk to Veena and Prerna, but we have to alert Shivani, she is so happy. Kaushik says Shivani is simple, I like her, I can’t let her marry Ronit. Monu hears him and misunderstands. Prerna says I won’t forgive you. Anurag says fine, I told you to wear the jacket, you will get some energy to fight, you are stubborn. She faints down. He asks her to say something. He sees her fallen on the ground. He holds her and asks her to get up. He warms her hands. He asks her not to give up.

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