Made for each other update Saturday 14 November 2020

Made for each other 14 November 2020: Nivedita comes to Mohini. Mohini says Bajaj and Prerna’s relation isn’t like we thought, they had a fight and now its resolved. Nivedita says I was flirting with him, I m so stupid. Mohini says you are smart. Nivedita says Bajaj and Prerna are married since many years.

Mohini says its imp to keep a relation, Anurag was madly in love with Prerna and then he married Komolika. Nivedita asks how did he marry Komolika. Mohini says sometimes its better not to know the dangerous secrets. Nivedita asks do you know it. Mohini says no, why did he marry Komolika when he fought the world for Prerna, just Komolika and Anurag know the truth.

Prerna asks Komolika does she believe in aura, stay there, I don’t want negative energy. Komolika says smart are those people who know when to talk. Prerna gives her the brochure of Bajaj city. She says its the big surprise. Komolika says stop it, have you lost it. Prerna argues. She says I will snatch everything from you and Anurag, whatever is special for Anurag, I will do this in front of you. Komolika says I told you to think well before talking, think again, this night is yours but tomorrow’s morning will be mine, you have to pay a big price. Prerna says even the morning will be mine, get used to it. She goes. Komolika thinks she forgot that I never learnt to lose, I will ruin your hardwork. She calls someone and says its time to start the most interesting game, yes… Shivani.

Shivani comes to Prerna. Prerna thinks of Anurag. She thinks I know you cheated me, why am I not able to forget your love and move on. Shivani thinks I want to tell you what’s troubling me, you are already worried. She goes. Prerna thinks Anurag should get the same pain, how it feels when he falls lonely, my life has one purpose, Anurag’s destruction.

Anushka asks Kuki to have food. Kuki says I m on diet. Anushka asks her to talk to Ananya. Kuki forgets her phone there. Kaushik’s friend asks him to get the exam papers, help them. Kaushik doesn’t listen. The guy says Rocky isn’t here, else I would have sent him the papers, you don’t care for him. Kaushik says fine, we are doing this for the last time, we will send the papers from someone’s phone. He gets Kuki’s phone and says its not locked. He clicks the pics. Kuki says I will not go on a picnic. Anushka takes her phone. Kuki says I left my phone in the canteen. Kaushik says I have sent the pics. He keeps the phone and goes. Kuki gets her phone.

The manager asks Prerna to see the city plan, they can’t lessen the quotation. She asks him to show it to Mr Bajaj once. He says fine, he is in a meeting now. She gets a call. Komolika says I thought to give the last advice, increase the prices of the flats. Prerna says we are not business partners. Komolika says you will regret a lot, don’t tell me, that I didn’t warn you. Prerna sees Shivani coming.

Ronit catches Shivani and drags her to his car. Prerna gets shocked. She says Shivani got kidnapped. Manager asks who can do this, and why. Prerna runs to her car and leaves. Ronit says I hope no one has seen me. He sees Prerna following his car. He drives ahead and smiles. She loses the track of his car. She goes to police station. She says my sister got kidnapper. She tries to recall the car number. She says Ronit has kidnapped Shivani. Inspector asks how can you be sure, do you know him. She says I will explain later, he is dangerous, please come. Veena calls her and asks did you eat lunch, Shivani said she will take the lunch, make me talk to her. Prerna says she is my responsibility, don’t worry.

Veena says its good you both love each other, I want you all to be happy, can I talk to you if you have free, when a child gets away from a mother, its really painful, when you came back after 8 years, I can’t see how much peace I got, I passed the 8 years with difficulty, I couldn’t take care of you, now everything will get fine, I trust you as I used to trust your dad, you are the reason for everything. Prerna says I love you a lot, I will talk later. Veena asks her to take care. Prerna thinks you had undergone much sorrow, I will bring Shivani back and not break your trust. She asks inspector to take action. Inspector says you said your sister knew him, maybe they went for lunch and movie. She says they were together before, not now, Ronit is dangerous, he kidnapped my sister. He asks her to calm down. She asks him to arrest Anurag and Komolika as well, Komolika had threatened her, find out. He asks for proof. She says I will get the proof, arrest them. She scolds him. She asks him to save her sister.

Mohini checking the door. She asks Prerna, what is she doing here. Prerna asks where is Komolika. Mohini says she isn’t at home. Prerna gets in and shouts Komolika. Mohini taunts her. She asks how did you enter the house. Prerna says Ronit has kidnapped my sister Shivani on Komolika’s saying, I have seen it myself, my values teaches me to talk to elders with respect, I don’t want to tell you anything in anger, better let me meet Komolika. She doesn’t find Komolika. Anurag is driving.

His wallet falls. He sees Prerna’s pic. Sid asks did you check in hotel. Anurag says yes. Sid says you didn’t say why did you waste so much time. Anurag says I want some time, I don’t understand it. Sid says I want to go to Prerna and tell everything, you are helping Prerna. Anurag says I will call you later. Sid says I have seen people turn selfish in love, they forget all relations to stay happy, but he is sacrificing his happiness for Prerna’s sake. Nivedita says Anurag went out for some work.

Prerna says Anurag got Shivani kidnapped, it was his plan, he is smart, he has run away. Prerna says Anurag cheated me, my life was ruined, it took 8 years for me to come back, you know what he did, he tried to kill me, I m taking revenge, I m targeting his business, not his family, he got Shivani kidnapped, you won’t be able to understand this, better call Anurag and ask him where is my sister, else I will kill Anurag, Ronit and Komolika. Nivedita says I know my brother well. Prerna says everyone will regret, they will have to pay for it. She goes.

Nivedita calls Anurag. He doesn’t answer. She says its switched off now. Prerna asks Komolika where is Shivani. Komolika says you and your family should know about it, how would I know. Prerna says I didn’t expect the dirty game, I have seen Ronit kidnapping her, tell me where is she. They argue. Prerna asks her to tell where is Shivani, she has done all this, Ronit kidnapped Shivani. She goes. Ronit calls Komolika and asks what shall I do of Shivani. Komolika says relax, I m coming there, see you soon.

Manager says Prerna was worried, she said her sister got kidnapped, she had seen the kidnapper, she left. Mr. Bajaj calls Prerna and asks where are you. Prerna says Ronit kidnapped Shivani, I was following him, don’t know where he disappeared. He asks where are you, I will come. She says I will manage, I will go to find them, Ronit can’t do this alone, Komolika is involved, I went to provoke her, she is going to meet Ronit, I m following her. He says if Komolika did this, then she will regret. She asks him to inform police to come near the temple, police didn’t take me seriously. He says they will take action now, you will get a call from them. Komolika is on the way. She says now Prerna can’t stay happy. Prerna says I won’t let this happen again.Komolika says I like to see her in problem. Prerna thinks you can’t hurt me and my family now. Moloy comes home and says I cancelled the meeting.

Nivedita asks for Anurag’s alternate contact number. Moloy asks what happened. They say Prerna came here and shouted on me. Nivedita says she said Anurag is involved in Shivani’s kidnapping. Moloy says my son can never do this, but Komolika can do this, if she did this to trouble Prerna, then she is in lots of trouble. Nivedita says I have to tell Anurag, so that he saves himself. Mr. Bajaj goes to the police station. Shyam sees him and says a big personality has come here, this will be good news headline. The man says the story should be breaking news. Shyam says Mr. Bajaj is the hero of this story. The man says he is angry, just switch on the phone camera and record.

Shyam says fine. He records Mr. Bajaj and inspector’s talks. Mr. Bajaj says you don’t know Mrs. Bajaj, why didn’t you help Prerna. Inspector says any woman can’t come and… Mr. Bajaj says she is Prerna Bajaj. Inspector says she was accusing Anurag and Komolika Basu for kidnapping Shivani, we explained that its wrong to accuse anyone, Shivani had an affair with Ronit. Mr. Bajaj says its eight years old thing. Inspector says maybe they went along together.

Mr. Bajaj says Shivani is Prerna’s sister, Prerna has seen Ronit kidnapping Shivani, if anything happens with Shivani, do you realize what will happen with you. Inspector says fine, we will go. Komolika calls out Ronit. Prerna sees her. Mr. Bajaj asks inspector to ask Prerna. Ronit comes to Komolika and takes her. Prerna talks to inspector and gives location. Shyam says everyone knows the enmity between Basu and Bajaj families, police is going to find Shivani. The man says its a big news. Prerna asks Ronit where is my sister. Komolika gets shocked seeing her.

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