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Made for each other 13 November 2020:  Nivedita says if I get Mr. Bajaj, you will get a rich son-in-law. Komolika thinks to stop Nivedita. She says I have an advice, Mr. Bajaj is different, he loves Prerna a lot, they are happy together, that’s the truth, don’t get into this, don’t waste your time, think about my likes and dislikes. She goes.

Mohini says thank God, she didn’t listen to us. Nivedita says I can’t bear so much humiliation, enough. Mohini says calm down, we will find some way. Kaushik sees Kuki and Anushka. He says I m going to take the first step. Anushka says he is coming. Kuki says I will throw him out. Kaushik says I wanted to say, you are pretty and simple, I think I like you. Anushka thinks finally, he proposed Kuki.

Kuki asks how dare you. He asks why. She says you said the nonsense. He says not you, Anushka, I hope you problem with my special friendship. Anushka says I can’t believe this, I m sorry, I was not ready, I thought you are proposing Kuki. He asks who Kuki, no… you are so pretty and smart, Anushka. He jokes on Kuki. Kaushik says you are not my type, better luck next time. He goes. Prerna sees Shivani in the kitchen. She asks what happened, you look worried. Shivani says nothing. Prerna thinks to find out. Shivani asks her to go. Kaushik says I will make Kuki cry, I will have some fun, come. Anushka gets too happy. Kaushik asks Anushka to return the flower. Kuki argues. Anushka gives the rose back. Kaushik asks Kuki to hold it, Anushka and he are going for dance.

Anushka gets happy. They have a dance. Kar bandh sabhi…..plays… He excuses himself and goes to Kuki. He asks are you feeling bad. Kuki asks him to go. He says I was seeing Anushka, not you, she is much sensitive and good looking. He says look at yourself, your hair are so dry, your faces, your eyes…. Kuki says stay away. He asks why, are you scared to come close to me. She says nonsense and goes. He smiles.

Mohini says I agree with your decision, you want to get Bajaj, I will help you, its about my pride now, its good you got divorced, you should get a rich man like Bajaj, you are beautiful and powerful, Prerna has no comparison with you, go to Bajaj so that he realizes that you are ready to accept someone special in your life. Mr. Bajaj asks Prerna to come. Prerna says I m waiting for Anurag. He says even I m waiting. He goes. Prerna asks Komolika where is Anurag, he should know what he is losing.

Komolika says I had to talk. Prerna shows the Bajaj city plan on the screen. Mohini says Prerna is doing a lot to impress Bajaj. Nivedita says I think, she is doing this to take revenge on Anurag. Everyone claps. Prerna says thanks, I know there are many people here who think I have lessened the price to spoil Basu city plan, its business. Mr. Bajaj says the credit goes to Prerna, congrats. Prerna says no, you always give me the credit, I couldn’t have done anything without your support, you are a true partner. He says this calls for a celebration, I have a surprise for you all. He goes.

Komolika says why do I feel that you called us here to mentally torture us. Nivedita says she will tell Prerna why she came here, she may threaten her and ask her to leave the idea of ruining us. Prerna says I don’t do anything for others now. Komolika says I know why you signed on the hospital form as his wife, why are you angering me. Prerna says I just love it. Komolika asks her not to lessen the property rates, its for everyone’s betterment. She threatens Prerna. Prerna says you called me and I invited you here, I will not forget anything, whatever you and Anurag did, I will snatch everything until you both break down.

She goes. She smiles seeing the cake. She cuts it and feeds to Mr. Bajaj. Nivedita asks are you noticing, Mr. Bajaj looks much impressed with Prerna. Mohini says every marriage has something lacking, its just a show, you don’t focus on this, focus on Bajaj. Nivedita says understood. Komolika thinks I don’t think they are husband and wife.

Mohini and Komolika having a talk. Komolika says Prerna was Rajesh’s daughter, a poor girl, she is defeating Anurag, how is she defeating Nivedita, how did she become a big businesswoman, something is not wrong, its someone else’s mind behind her, that’s Mr. Bajaj, it means she is still weak, see what I do, I will attack her, she can’t tolerate it, I got a big secret that Prerna and Mr. Bajaj are not husband and wife, if this is true, then I will shake up her foundation, her dreams will shatter, she won’t have any rights on Bajaj company, she can’t buy Basu shares.


Anushka says I feel very happy because of Kaushik, I feel bad for his foot injury. Kuki says he isn’t innocent, he is cunning, he had come after me. Anushka says I like him a lot, don’t tell him anything. They argue. Kaushik looks on and smiles. Anushka praises Kaushik. She says I m leaving, this party looks boring without him. Kuki asks her to listen. Kaushik says its the beginning, Kuki is fighting with her friend, very soon she will run after me to impress me, I won’t give her attention, we will go home. He leaves.

Mohini says Prerna is there alone. Komolika says you notice her when she is with Mr. Bajaj, they just have friendship. Nivedita asks where were you. Komolika says we are seeing Prerna and Bajaj. Mohini says its a good news, I don’t think Prerna and Mr. Bajaj are husband and wife, you have good chances. Nivedita smiles. Mr. Bajaj comes to Prerna and says you are my wife, I have rights on you. He holds her. Prerna gets uncomfortable and goes. Nivedita says their marriage has much love. Komolika says I m not wrong. Mr. Bajaj asks Prerna to listen, let me explain, open the door. Prerna cries and says you were always a gentleman for me, what was this, you know what was Anurag for me, I just loved Anurag, he had a right on me, when I was of him, why did you want your right. He says you are mistaken.

She reminds their deal. She says Kuki wanted a mom, I became her mom, what rights of husband and wife, we didn’t get married, it was just a compromise. Nivedita says I think Mr. Bajaj can’t love anyone else than Prerna. Mohini says every marriage has something lacking, look at your marriage, Komolika and Anurag’s marriage, she wanted him and got him, you focus on your lie, I want the best man to come in your life, Rishabh Bajaj has money and power, make him yours. Nivedita says I really feel…

Mohini says Prerna didn’t accept that. didn’t you see how she reacted, a man can’t bear rejection from a woman, when a beautiful and intelligent girl is ready to love him, I m sure they aren’t married. Prerna says yes, I pretended to be your wife so that Kuki gets a normal life. Mr. Bajaj says also to show Anurag, so that you don’t need to answer him. She says I don’t want him to think that I didn’t move on and feel for him, I don’t want to fall weak, I hate him, he deserves my hatred, I didn’t think I will love someone else, I didn’t think anyone would touch me, why did you do this. He says I did that because of Komolika.

He recalls Komolika telling Mohini that Prerna and Bajaj aren’t marriage, she was waiting for Anurag, she has feelings for him, Prerna and Bajaj were so formal, they didn’t had any dance and romance. Mr. Bajaj says now you understand why I did that, I wanted your shock reaction so that they feel we had a fight and I m trying to convince you, they came to our room and got to know that we stay in different rooms. Prerna asks how do we convince them. Nivedita goes. Komolika says we shall leave now, Prerna would be arguing with Bajaj for touching her. Mohini says we shall wait for Nivedita. Komolika says okay, I m sure Prerna cries and Mr. Bajaj lectures her, he did many favors on her, what’s wrong if he has touched her, I m sure that he has slapped her, maybe she is crying.

Mr. Bajaj and Prerna come. Mohini says I don’t think he has slapped her. Prerna asks Komolika to meet her before going. Mr. Bajaj says its tough to convince an upset wife, she shifted to other room because of one mistake, do you also do the same. Prerna asks him to let her go and attend guests. He asks her to go. Mohini says I think we were wrong. Komolika says I will meet Prerna and come. Mohini says I will leave soon. Nivedita sees Mr. Bajaj. She says Nivedita Bajaj looks a powerful name. She goes to congratulate him. He says its Prerna’s project. She says you have given the credit to Prerna, we know you deserves it. He says you are mistaken, you have business sense, you got the family business from your dad, Prerna learnt everything on her own. She says she learnt from the best. He says she deserves the best.

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