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Love will never lie 24 March 2020: Nandini is in her room where she gets a call from Rajdeep. His arm had been bandaged. Nandini was concerned. Rajdeep says Makhija’s goons had beaten him on road, it hurts a lot and he is even unable to move his arm. Nandini notices Mauli was looking for something with Pramilla and goes to balcony. Mauli comes to look in Nandini’s wardrobe and finds the Teej gift from Rajdeep in her wardrobe. Pramilla tells Mauli this is a gift from Rajdeep to Nandini. Mauli thinks may be this is what Nandini wanted to speak to her.

Nandini comes inside. Mauli asks if Nandini wants to tell her something. Nandini says it was all, she has nothing more to share for now. She assures to tell Mauli about everything.

In the room, Kunal asks Mauli why she didn’t ask Nandini about the thaal. Mauli says Nandini didn’t tell her, Pramilla told her about it when she found it. Kunal asks Mauli if she thinks Rajdeep has changed. Mauli replies no, but what Nandini thinks matter here. Kunal calls Nandini insensible who can be fooled by Rajdeep. Mauli was of the view that Nandini isnt a child, they are spouse and Nandini has already seen the true face of Rajdeep. Still if she feels for him they can’t control her life. Kunal asks if Mauli would let her go. Mauli says this is what Kunal wanted. Kunal argues he never wanted to put her life in trouble.
Rajdeep was doing pushups at home thinking about how Nandini sent him to jail. His phone bell rings, it was Nandini calling him. He hurries to disturb all the cushion setting on the couch, wears the fake belt on his arm and gets into the couch between cushions, takes his broken arm into video call and attends the call. He apologizes for attending the call late, he couldn’t sleep whole night and continue waiting for her. Its Haryali Teej today, they will pray together with each other if she comes. Nandini tells him to rest, she will speak to him later. After the call, Rajdeep was irritated of Nandini’s attitude. He thinks he must play some big game to surprise her.

Mauli gets ready in heavy jewellry and makeup. Kunal walks out of the bath and cheers watching Mauli dressed in a saree. He says she looks good, Mauli minds if only good? He remembers he gifted her this saree on their first anniversary. Mauli asks him to complement her jewellry as well then says it’s Nandini’s. Kunal gets serious. Mauli now brings vermillion to fill in her hair line. Kunal takes a pinch and fills Mauli’s hairline. Mauli kiss his cheek and calls him as world’s best husband. Kunal asks if she talked to Nandini about Rajdeep. Mauli was silent.

Nandini was decorating the house with flowers following Dida’s instructions.
Mauli says she decided not to speak about it until Nandini is ready. She comes out and complements the decorations. Nandini says her house is really beautiful, it’s really easy to decorate. Dida recalls Nandini’s first day here, everything was ruined. But Nandini soon managed more than she had destroyed that day. Nandini tells Dida it’s like her life, everything had shattered the day she came here; her life, her marriage and everything. Mauli wonders if Nandini is thinking about lending another chance to Rajdeep. Kunal comes to Mauli and asks her to speak to Nandini, she is surely thinking to give Rajdeep another chance. Mauli was sure Nandini isn’t an idiot, she won’t go to Nandini. Kunal comes to the dining table. Mamma stops him from eating before Pooja. She says Nandini is splendid. Another girl would have laid in the bed crying whole day on Teej but she has arranged so much for her friend. Dida comes to them and says Nandini might be doing it for herself, festivals are here for new beginnings. Kunal thinks if Dida is right, if Nandini really wants to return to Rajdeep? Dida calls Kunal to stand beside Mauli, husband and wife have to do the Pooja together. Nandini’s phone bell rings then. She goes to check if it’s an urgent call? Kunal wonders who could be there on the call.

In the room, Nandini takes Rajdeep’s call. He looked devastated and says its good she didn’t come, who would come to a bastard like him. Nandini asks why he is doing all this.
Outside, Mauli and Kunal prayed together. Kunal’s concentration was there inside Nandini’s room.
Rajdeep tells Nandini he wants to die, he has no right to live. He gulps a shot of wine saying he won’t be able to do suicide if conscious. He frees her from the bond of their marriage, she may live happily wherever she wish to. He gulps a bottle filled with tablets.. . Nandini shouts no, she hurriedly takes the mangal sooter from her wardrobe….
Nandini leaves the house in a hurry.
Rajdeep spits the medicine on the floor and smirks as he was sure Nandini would return to him out of care and apologize.
Mauli and Kunal were upset at home. Mauli thinks how she must stop Nandini. How can she explain to Nandini that Rajdeep isn’t the right person and she wants to give him another chance? She is repeatedly choosing Rajdeep, even seven years later; her decision is equally painful for her even after seven years.
Rajdeep wears his arm support, wets his face as he counts the time and thinks Nandini must be about to reach.

Mamma wonders where Nandini could go in the midst of Pooja. Pramilla turns to go and bring her back. Mauli tells them to let her go, she must have gone to Rajdeep. Kunal and Mamma were of the view that Nandini’s decision is stupidity. Dida says she is doing the right thing. Mamma argues this is a wrong decision of Nandini. Sweety comes there worried that Nandini left the house hurriedly. Dida says Nandini has returned home to her husband, she should have given her husband another chance. They shouldn’t interfere in their personal matter. Kunal argues that they aren’t outsiders, they saved her life and is treating her here as a family member. Mauli was hurt and says Nandini isn’t a child, Nandini chose Rajdeep once again. She took the same decision seven years ago as well, even today as well she went to Rajdeep. Dida is right, there is a difference between helping and interfering in her personal matters. Sweety agrees to Mauli and was of the view that Nandini knows Rajdeep well, afterall she spent years with Rajdeep. Mamma asks Sweety to stop, she is unaware of the true situation. Dida argues if Mamma is jealous because Sweety is on her side? They have an argument. Kunal shouts at them to stop this all. He leaves the house to get some peace. Sweety murmurs why Kunal is furious, Nandini was only an outsider. Mamma shouts at Sweety to stop it now, Nandini isn’t only Mauli’s friend but turned into a part of this family.
Nandini enters Rajdeep’s house. Rajdeep lay on the couch weakly and says he can now die in peace.
Kunal cries in the car thinking about Nandini. He stops his car on a river bank.
Nandini stood in front of Rajdeep. He weakly says he can shut his eyes easily now. Nandini tells him she isn’t returning, he must stop this fake drama. She has recognized his true face today. For the first time today she saw him with a vision of right or wrong. He shouldn’t be shocked. He is a good actor, and for a while she also considered returning to him. But he again proved herself as an idiot. When he first called her, his arm support was on his left arm but in the second call it was on the right arm. She finds the spit out medicine tablets over the table and says he is a true liar. Rajdeep thinks Nandini never had such brain, she learnt it quickly from Mauli and Kunal. He fells into Nandini’s feet and holds her hand saying he had to lie to bring her back. She wasn’t here, didn’t even speak to him. He missed her dearly, and loves her a lot. Nandini jerks his hand away saying love is a sacred word, he shouldn’t even mention it. Love makes us superior and wipes out all our evils. We love, care, protect and respect whom we love. Love is what Mauli and Kunal feel for each other, they worry and respect each other. What Rajdeep did was only disgrace to love.

Rajdeep thinks this means Mauli taught her all this. Nandini says when her mother bid her from her house she gifted her jewellry, she advised her to do her best to make a house; she would be able to wear this jewellry until her house remains. She bear everything, his insult for herself, her parents and even her self-respect but the day he insulted her womb and killed her child, something from inside her also died that day. Rajdeep asks Nandini for a single chance, he would correct everything. Nandini says she would surely give a chance but to herself, she already lend him seven years. Before returning, she places her mangal sooter into Rajdeep’s hand, joins her hand to apologize to him for any mistake and walks out of his house.
PRECAP: Kunal gets a call from Mauli that Nandini is back home. At home, Mauli cries while hugging Nandini…. Kunal hurriedly drives back home and goes upstairs… Kunal runs into the house and finds Mauli and Nandini in a hug. He stops himself from hugging them as well. Nandini notices his impulse….

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