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Love will never lie 16 April 2020: Mauli and Nandini unveil their idols. Both whisper their prayers into the ears of idols. Mauli wish for a child, and solution for any hurdles in the way of Kunal’s clinic. Nandini is thankful to God for all the respect and love Kunal has given her, she wish for his happiness.

The Pandit asks for aarti. Chakor comes in and apologizes for being very late. Mauli goes to greet her. She introduces Chakor as her patient initially but now a very good friend. She introduces the family to Chakor as well. Mauli tells her that Nandini is her oldest and bestest of friends. She holds her second to Kunal after life, she can even trust Nandini with closed eyes. Kunal takes everyone for aarti. He and Mauli does the Pooja together. Afterwards Nandini moves forward for her aarti. The Pandit asks Nandini where her husband is. Mauli says she will do the aarti alone. Tears fill Nandini’s eyes. Kunal cautiously looks behind, everyone prayed with their eyes shut. He holds Nandini’s hand in the Pooja. Chakor notices this.

Afterwards, Kunal finds Nandini alone and brings Prasad to her. Chakor was noticing them again. Kunal smiles towards Nandini and walks ahead. Kunal makes photographs of everyone, Mauli and Nandini and then take a selfie with them. Later, Mauli gets busy with the guests. Kunal photographs Nandini solely. Chakor notices that something is wrong here. Friends never stand in Pooja like this stood, its how couples stand together. She decides to speak to Mauli about it. Mauli was telling Nandini that she and Kunal are about to start their family but Chakor takes her aside. Chakor explains she might be wrong but… Mauli was called by Dida.
Nandini thanks Kunal for all his support. Kunal asks who thanks in love. Tear fell off her eyes. Kunal demands her expression of love today. Nandini asks if he doesn’t trust her. Kunal smiles that he trusts her, but he wants to hear from her. She demands for some time, Kunal insists he wants it right now. Kunal says alright, but he won’t eat anything until she expresses herself. Nandini requests him not to be stubborn. Kunal boasts about more stubborn than Nandini is.

Chakor speaks to Dida about her sweets. Mauli comes to take her aside and asks what Chakor wanted to say. Chakor was a little reluctant and requests Mauli not to take her words false. She says during Pooja she went outside, when she came in again he noticed Kunal held Nandini’s hand during the Pooja… She gets a call, was disturbed and leaves in emergency. She promises to call Mauli and tell her on phone about the matter.

Nandini works in kitchen with Mauli and Pramilla. Kunal comes into the kitchen. Mauli tells him to have food. Kunal says he won’t eat, his stomach is upset. Mauli leaves after instructing him to take medicine. Kunal speaks to himself aloud that he is really hungry, but it seems he will have to fill his stomach with water only. Nandini asks him to have his meal then, he will get acidity. Kunal says even his heart is burning, doesn’t matter if stomach burns as well.

Kunal introduces Ahaan and Pankti to Mauli who had also come. RJ Jai (Internet Wala Love) also comes there. Mauli watch Aadhiya come in and goes to greet her. Jai was shocked to see her there, both make faces to each other. Jai complements Kunal and Nandini being a complementing couple. Adhiya corrects that its Kunal and Mauli’s house. Kunal takes all the guests for Antakshri. He announces he will have to do this to get rid of hunger. Dida corrects its for time pass, not to satiate hunger. Nandini gets the point.

From girl’s side, Sweet sings Muqabla. Jai comes forward singing ‘Larki Beautiful kar gai chul’. Next song is from Mauli who sings “Lagg Jaa gale ke phir yeh haseen raat” She brings Kunal forward where both dance. Next is Ahaan singing “Le jaen tujhe kahan hawain” and dance with Pankti. Afterwards, Kunal challenge the girls. Nandini decides this is the chance, she begins “Teri umeed tera intizar kartay hain; Ae Sanam tou sirf tum se pyaar kartay hain”. Everyone claps for Nandini, Kunal nods in approval and appraisal.

It was night. Mauli bid farewell to the guests when Rajdeep comes there. He offers her some Prasad and asks about Kunal. Mauli asks what his concern is. Rajdeep says he forgot, a man can be with a single woman at a time.
At home, Nandini brings food for Kunal as he heard what he wished for. Kunal smiles.
Rajdeep points that even Nandini can’t be seen. What if they are together? Mauli slaps Rajdeep.
Kunal gives the first bite to Nandini while she gives the next to Kunal.
Mauli curses Rajdeep for being a downtrodden. He is playing this trick against Nandini, he connected her name to Kunal to ruin her character. Rajdeep says he isn’t like Kunal and Nandini. Mauli tells him to get lost, she doesn’t want him ruin this day for her. Rajdeep tells Mauli to save a few breathes, she will need to cry a lot in future. Mauli turns to leave. Rajdeep promises to bring her proof against Nandini.

Mauli had come at the window where Nandini and Kunal were enjoying food. They hear Mauli speak on phone and vanish from their seats. Kunal comes to Mauli who was tensed and hugs Kunal. Nandini watch through the window. Rajdeep’s words haunt Mauli.
The next morning, Zoya comes at Mauli’s place for Ganpati visarjan. Mauli leaves Kunal’s mobile with her to watch photographs from yesterday. Kunal, Nandini and Mauli dance around in the procession. Rajdeep was there as the drum beater and thinks Mauli would soon forget to dance when her friend’s reality unveils. He goes to a side and mix some ‘bhang’ in their drinks.

Mauli gets Chakor’s call in the procession where she could hear less. Chakor says Kunal and Nandini did the Aarti together, Kunal left Nandini’s hand then looked at each other and did the Pooja like a couple. Mauli laughs that any third would be suspicious, Nandini lived at their house for a long time and is much frank with everyone else. What Chakor is thinking can’t be possible. Chakor requests Mauli not to mind whatever she said. Mauli instead thanks Chakor to think about her.
There, Nandini and Kunal get drunk. Kunal swirls Nandini around singing Jai Jai Shiv Shankar. Everyone enjoy their dance.

Mauli returns after the call and watch Kunal draped in Nandini’s dress. There, Zoya notices a lot of pics of Nandini in the phone and wonders why Mauli’s friend’s photos are there. Kunal and Nandini gets intimate, troubling everyone else as well along with Mauli. Dida saves her eyes from Mamma. Mauli cries watching them dance, Rajdeep and Chakor’s warnings echo in her mind.

Rajdeep enjoys as Mauli cries watching Kunal and Nandini together. Zoya stops her in the way and says the bond of marriage is very strong but at times its really weak. She thought her marriage was also very strong and never remember there was anything wrong. Mauli must analyze what was left in her and Kunal’s relation, only they both can correct it. Mauli was left doomed.

At home, Mamma and Dida were both of the view that whatever happened yesterday was wrong. Mamma opens the door, it was Aditya (from Bepannah). He asks about Kunal. Mamma sends him to Kunal’s room to wake him up. Kunal had a hangover and asks Aditya when he came? Aditya asks how is he. Kunal says he doesnt remmeber anything during the Visarjan. Aditya says whatever it was, it wasnt right. Zoya was here, she told him that he danced with Nandini carelessly.

He doesnt know what’s going on in his life, but he came to remind Kunal about losing uniqueness of his and Mauli’s relation. Kunal was annoyed that they have made an issue out of it. Aditya says something we forget about the effects of our actions, he must think about Mauli as well.

Aditya advices Kunal that there is no U-turn from the way he is headed towards. Kunal says someone spiked his drink, he didn’t do anything deliberately. Aditya asks Kunal to take care of Mauli and Mamma, they are really tensed. Kunal returns home where everyone sat annoyed. He explains someone mixed something in his drink, he can’t do this all deliberately.

Pramilla remember watching a man mix something to their drinks. Dida and Mamma say he hurt Mauli a lot and go into their rooms. Kunal comes to Mauli and says he doesn’t know what he did yesterday, he didn’t want to hurt her at all. Mauli says she is sure he wasn’t her sober Kunal yesterday, he must be drunk but it was an eye opener for her. She realizes she can’t share him with anyone else, she is selfish. His shoulders are only for her and hugs him back.

Nandini wakes up from a hangover and watch Mauli in a hug with Kunal. She feels severe head ache. Mauli comes to her concerned. She tells Nandini someone spiked her drink yesterday. Nandini didn’t remember anything. Did she do something wrong? Mauli says she and Kunal danced together so openly, then laughs that it’s good she danced with Kunal. If it was someone else, his wife wouldn’t have spared him. Nandini walks to the other side of the hall, she was confused while tears fell off her eyes.

Mauli notices her trembling hands and shares her fear that what if there was someone else. What if it was true? She was happy that at least she got a shock, she has realized her love for Kunal even more. It was her trust over Kunal and Nandini that didn’t make her react falsely. She then apologizes Nandini for shocking her since she came over. Dida comes out in the hall and appreciates their maturity.

Mauli tells Nandini she got her name written in the dance competition of the society and insists on her to dance.
In the event, Mauli, Nandini and Kunal pray together. Rajdeep watch them together and wonders if his trick didn’t work. He was determined not to lose hope and continue with his attempts. Nandini was reluctant to dance. Mauli convince her to make an attempt at least.

Rajdeep comes to Tara’s makeup room saying no matter how much she attempts, Nandini must win. He is against Nandini and offers her help. Tara says had he known who she is, he must have asked for help. Both vow to help each other.
Nandini was still reluctant in the makeup room. Mauli says a bad memory has to be replaced with a good memory, so it’s important for her to take part in this competition.

On the stage, Tara and Nandini gives turns to each other. Kunal goes to get coffee for family. Rajdeep wore a mask and played as guitarist. He moves towards Nandini recalling his plan that the pin in his guitar would unzip Nandini’s blouse. Mauli and Kunal notice the untying zip from Nandini’s blouse. Kunal runs from the back of hall to the stage. He holds Nandini’s hand dancing with her and tie the zip behind. Both bend, Nandini in Kunal’s arms and share an eye lock. Nandini looks towards Mauli who had her eyes on them.

The crowd cheer for Nandini. Nandini was conscious of her wardrobe malfunctioning. When Kunal returns to Mauli, he apologizes as Nandini’s zip. Mauli thanks him for reaching in time. Tara had left the stage fuming over Nandini. Kunal comes to her and blames her to put competitor’s respect at stage just to win. Tara replies she can never do this, she is a winner through and through. She only commit a single mistake, and allowed a wrong man to dance in the group. She was unaware he might do so. Kunal asks who was he, but Tara doesn’t tell him.

Nandini returns to the makeup room to take her jewellry off. She recalls her closeness with Kunal, and Mauli’s claims over Kunal and trust over herself.
Kunal wonders what that person can be. Rajdeep comes from behind asking who it can be. Kunal grabs Rajdeep’s collar and punch him badly. Mauli watch this in silence for a while. Kunal says he would call police for coming close to Nandini in spite of restraining orders. He punches him again. Dida calls to stop, Rajdeep’s face was bleeding but Kunal spare him. Rajdeep asks Kunal to call the police, he also has a lot of complaints. Kunal challenge Rajdeep to speak whatever he wants to.

Rajdeep deters that Kunal won’t be able to show his respectable face again, everyone including him, his family and the whole society will be affected by the truth. Kunal tells Dida and Mauli that he went to stage to disgrace Nandini, what if her dress had really unzipped. He considers her as his own property. She is innocent, and Rajdeep can’t continue doing anything to her. Mauli now stops Kunal from fighting anymore and calms him down.

She comes to Rajdeep and curses him for being shameless. She warns Rajdeep to keep his false thinking to himself. Rajdeep tells Mauli he got beaten today only for her. He says can’t see notice why her husband is worried about Nandini. Firstly, Kunal beat him but this time it was Nandini’s lover. He will come with proofs for her, but till them it might be very late. Mauli was thoughtful.
Kunal apologizes Dida and explains it was important. He says they must let Nandini think it was only an accident. He forbids Mauli to tell anything to Nandini. Mauli was lost already and nods. Rajdeep’s words echo in her mind, their intimacy from the two day dance flash in front of her eyes. Zoya’s advices also take her mind.

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