Chasing my heart update Friday 15 May 2020

Chasing my heart 15 May 2020; starts with Harjeet crying and saying I m eager to take the baby in my hands. Khurana says baby needs Naina now, he is just crying, he gets silent in Naina’s lap. Harjeet says because he did not come to me, just get him to me once, see how he forgets Naina.

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Khurana says I will give you this gift today as its mothers day. She hugs him and asks will you fulfill my wish. He says yes. She says I don’t believe this, take me to that baby. She smiles.

Naina gets the gift from Raghav and says he loved me a lot. She opens the gift. She gets a small box and opens it. She hears Raghav and looks for him. He says mothers day is coming before baby’s birth, this is mother’s day gift for you, don’t shout on me, this is from baby’s side. She gets a plant. He asks her to take
care of plant thinking of it as baby, I think you will get a son to protect you, he will be cute, fighter and honest like you, he will become my friend first and then my son, before you get annoyed, calm down, I got a gift for you, this is health kit, you will have to run and tone down. Naina cries.
Raghav says I m getting senti for baby. She opens the last gift and sees Bal gopal locket. He says baby will show Leela, we are lucky to get baby, I m lucky that you got him in my wife, happy mother’s day, next time we will together give you gift. She says you promised and broke promise, you left me. Dadi comes. Naina cries and hugs her. Dadi says I won’t cry and won’t let you cry, we cried a lot, now we have to make those people cry, who snatched our Raghav, I will not let his death go waste, the culprits have to answer me, till I get revenge, I will not do Raghav’s last rites, the day my revenge fulfills, I will cry for Raghav. She faints.
Naina calls doctor. Doctor checks Dadi and asks them to take care of Dadi, else she can go back in coma. Naina says no, nothing will happen to Dadi. Ira says Khuranas have come. Naina goes downstairs. Khurana says I have right on baby legally, so I came to take him. He gives her papers. Naina throws the papers. He says you got paid to keep baby in your womb for 9 months. She says inspector, he attacked me and shot at my husband’s car, Raghav met with an accident, why did you not arrest him. Khurana says I did that in defense and stop Raghav, who was kidnapping my baby.

Naina scolds him. Khurana asks what would I do, would I let Raghav go. Inspector says we have CCTV footage, we know Raghav kidnapped Khurana’s baby, we have Dna report, its Khurana’s baby, madam you have no choice and have to give baby to him. She says Raghav trusted you, you killed him, now you are fooling laws to snatch my baby. Khurana says I m explaining you for the last time, you have no right on my baby, your work was to become surrogate and then handover baby to parents, your job is over, now your duty is to give him to his dad, he is my son, if you love him, its your problem.
Naina asks him to stay away. Harjeet says Naina we explained you to accept new life, tell truth to Raghav, you did not agree to me, see what happened. Khurana says she does not listen to anyone. They snatch the baby from Naina. Naina says please leave me, the baby can’t live without me. He gives baby to Harjeet. Naina says Lord will never forgive you. He shouts on her and says even Raghav wanted to separate me from baby. Naina says baby can’t live without me. Khurana asks her not to touch baby. Baby cries. Khurana asks Naina to feed baby, then he will go home with me. Naina feeds baby. Harjeet comes there and asks can there be happiness for a mum than feeding baby, now this happiness will be snatched, this baby does not need you, you have no right on baby. Naina asks do you think luxuries will matter than mum’s love, you are doing wrong. Harjeet says you are just surrogate, nothing more than that. She insults Naina.
She says you faced many problems for this baby, you lost Raghav forever this time, maybe Lord is trying to say this, better stay away from this baby, you have to live your life, live your life.

Naina comes to Khurana and says you think this baby can live without me, you are saying he is your son, he cried coming in your hands, you don’t know calming baby, you shot at the car in which your child was present, you are not ready to become father, did you think how will baby live without me. He says no, there is no problem, he is attached to you, give him to me. Harjeet says enough Naina, you are not the child’s mum, Khurana is the father, why are you claiming rights, answer me, what will people say. Naina says I will come along Khurana if he wants to take baby, if you think what will society think, I have a solution, I will come as Naina Rehaan Khurana, not Naina Mehra. Khurana and everyone get shocked.

starts with Naina asking Khurana will he marry her. They all get shocked. Khurana asks did she lose senses. Naina says no, I came to senses for the first time, will you manage baby alone, won’t you wish someone to manage baby. I was perfect mum according to Ahana. Harjeet scolds her. Naina says I just want to support the baby, for my husband who lost his life to save baby. Khurana says Raghav did not give any sacrifice. She says Raghav lived and died for baby, he would want me to become baby’s mum and raise him, we both lost our partners, don’t you think we should protect this baby for their soul.
Naina asks him will he marry her, she will take his silence as yes. Khurana looks at Harjeet. Naina says pheras will happen today, I will come in your home as your wife.
He says but….. She says I want to talk to my Dadi alone. She gives him baby and runs to Dadi. She cries. Dadi says you won’t cry Naina, I will not let you fall weak. Naina cries and hugs Dadi. She says I told Khurana I want to marry him, don’t we have other option, I hate him. Dadi says hatred is also an emotion, we are doing this for your motive, I know this won’t be easy, but we have to do this to get justice for Raghav, wipe your tears, you have to do this, my life has one motive to get those people punished, who snatched our Raghav.

Sudha says sorry Rehaan, you did not do right to agree with Naina. Harjeet says he will not listen to me. Khurana asks are you annoyed with me. She says yes, you agreed to Naina, who is she to decide for our house. He says I know its wrong, baby is little and needs Naina a lot. She says fine, then I will get you married to anyone you like, please not Naina. He says my son feels comfortable with Naina, this is true that Naina raised him in womb.
She says Naina thinks you killed her husband, does she want to take revenge, is she coming with wrong motive. He says maybe, but its true that she loves the child a lot. She says fine, you are marrying against my will. Dadi comes and asks why are you refusing, I lost my grandson, when I m agreeing for this relation and permit Naina to remarry, you are also a mum, and can understand child’s pain, Naina can’t stay alone all life. Khurana has to take care of new born baby, Naina can take care of baby, shall I take your silence as yes.
Harjeet gets shocked. Dadi asks Harjeet not to worry, just come in your son’s marriage. Dadi meets a man and asks him to get this marriage done, do you know some mantras. The man says yes, I will say such mantras that marriage looks real. She says yes, the marriage should look real. She thinks everything will be false in this marriage.
Harjeet thinks what’s happening, how will I kill baby, Rehaan is not leaving him alone. She says I m not agreeing to this marriage, there is no mahurat and kundli match, I feel its big danger sign. He says I m helpless to marry Naina, none can take Ahana’s place in my life, I don’t like to see Naina’s face, I m ready to go through any Agnipariksha.
Dadi makes Naina ready as bride. Naina says I m getting nervous, I don’t trust myself, I can’t do this. She cries and says Raghav passed some days back, how can I do this. Dadi says way is tough, we did not expect for easy way, don’t think much, motives will fall weak, just see the aim and don’t lose courage, enemy will try to break your courage, just remember, you have to take revenge for Raghav’s death.

Pandit comes. He asks Pam to let him do his work and get bride. Dadi gets Naina and makes her sit in mandap. She does the ghatbandhan and angrily sees Khurana. Naina thinks I m making you wear this chain, see how I get you on your knees. Naina makes him wear garlands. Naina and Khurana take wedding rounds. Naina vows to act like Khurana’s wife like today. Naina and Raghav’s marriage rituals are shown in reverse. Naina thinks just Raghav is there in my life, Khurana is allowing me in his life, which is his biggest mistake, I vow to become reason of any problem coming on Khurana, she won’t take care and respect her inlaws, she will snatch everything from Khurana. Khurana makes her wear mangalsutra. She fills sindoor in her maang herself. Harjeet gets angry. Naina thinks of Raghav and cries. Pandit does rituals. He says wedding got completed

starts with Naina’s bidaai happening. Naina takes Dadi’s blessings. Dadi hugs her. Pam says congrats, Dadi got mad finally. Harjeet says we should not delay now. Naina stops and there is a condition, I will not go there alone, I will take my Dadi along. Pam asks Sudha to see how Naina is taking Dadi. Khurana asks what’s this. Naina says Dadi was of Raghav, how will she live now, she stays unwell, none can take care of her except me, I have no hope from them, I don’t trust them, I won’t leave Dadi alone, husband has duty to support wife, I want your help. Harjeet thinks to stop Khurana. Khurana says I married just for my son, I don’t care if anyone is there or not, come. Naina and Dadi smile. Naina asks Dadi to come. Dadi asks Harjeet to come, bidaai mahurat is passing by.

Harjeet tells Sudha that I m taking them, they are not leaving each other. Sudha says trust me, I did not see them this way, think of your next plan. Harjeet asks shall I just see them, or wait for their next attack. Sudha says I know you are doing a lot for us, we will be happy by Raghav’s money, calm down, let Dadi and Naina mourn for Raghav, the baby will be in front of your eyes. Harjeet says yes, if anything happens to baby, Naina and Dadi will be blamed.
They all come to khurana’s house. Dadi asks Harjeet won’t she do grah pravesh. Harjeet goes and gets aarti plate. She does Naina and Khurana’s tilak and aarti. She asks them to come. Someone sees Naina. Naina is about to hit kalash. She looks somewhere. Harjeet asks are you okay. Naina says I think I have seen something there. He asks where.

Harjeet asks what did you see, why are you scared. Naina says maybe I m tired. Dadi asks her to come and then rest in room. Naina hits kalash. Some spirit enters Naina. Dadi asks Naina are you fine.
She moves Naina. Naina starts shivering. Dadi asks what happened. Naina says I m fine, don’t know Dadi, my body got cold, I felt like someone…. Harjeet asks what happened. Dadi says maybe she is tired. Harjeet asks them to rest, we did not do any preparations.
Dadi says its like contract marriage, so Khurana and Naina should not sleep in same room, what do you think, do you have less rooms. Harjeet says we have numerous rooms, we have guest rooms that side, you can rest there.
Dadi asks Naina to come. Naina stares at them. She says I m a newly wed bride, so why will I go with you. Dadi gets shocked. Naina says I will stay with my husband. Khurana and everyone get shocked. Dadi asks what are you saying. Naina says he is my husband. She goes to Khurana and holds his hand, saying we will go to our room.
Khurana says Naina, leave me, what are you doing. She says I m asking my husband to come to room. He says fine, I don’t want to argue, come. They go. Dadi says we will also take a room and goes with baby.
Harjeet goes to baby at night and says I m not your Dadi, I wanted to kill you before your birth, why are you laughing. She tries to kill baby and says why is anything not happening to you. She sees the toy instead baby and gets angry. She asks who has done this. Lights come. She turns and sees Dadi. Dadi asks did you want anything. Harjeet says no, I just came to see baby. Dadi says this is old way to fool people, baby sleeps seeing toy, its good trick right. Harjeet asks where is baby. Dadi says baby is in my room, he slept by now. Harjeet says its so good, you did right, I m going to sleep.

Dadi asks her is this pillow hers, what were you doing. Harjeet says actually, I got this for baby, I felt he will not sleep off the bed. Dadi says I think you forgot baby sleeps in cradle, not bed. Harjeet says yes, I forgot, I got mad in happiness. Dadi says yes, even new bahu came. Harjeet goes.
Khurana comes from bath and sees Naina sleeping on bed. He asks why is she here, what’s this problem, where will I sleep now, she forcibly married me. Naina gets up and sees him. She asks what are you doing here. He says its my room. She says if this is your room, what am I doing here. He asks do you have forgetting disease, you said you want to stay with your husband. She asks what, did you forget we married for baby. He asks really, this is called post pregnancy symptom, you don’t remember what you said. She asks him to wear clothes. He apologizes. She says I won’t stay here. He wears clothes and asks her to leave. She says fine, but if I go at night, Dadi will get disturbed, I will stay here tonight. He asks her to keep things in cupboard.
She keeps her stuff. Spirit enters Naina again. She talks to him. He asks her to keep her things anywhere she wants, I don’t care. She says its fine, I came and will make everything fine, finally I came back home, its good to be back. She smiles and shows Ahana’s pic.

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