Love or Poison Update Tuesday 29 June 2021


Love or Poison 29 June 2021: Hariyali has made Yamini normal again.Padmini attacks Rani Sa. Rani Sa locks her inside the room as she is possessed. Padmini bangs at the door angrily. Yamini asks Rani Sa why she locked Padmini in her room. Rani Sa starts rambling but Yamini tells her to calm down first. Rani Sa shares that some bad spirit has took over Padmini. Yamini goes to call someone for help. Rani Sa starts chanting Hanuman Chalisa.

Hariyali is trying to cure Sitara. Sitara opens her eyes again. Viraj smiles seeing her fine. Hariyali tells him she isn’t completely fine yet. Last treatment needs to be done. I must finish it before tomorrow morning. Viraj kisses Sitara’s hand. I love you! I don’t have words to tell you that. I am so happy seeing you fine. I was scared at the thought of losing you! I was almost dead! He kisses her on her forehead. Hariyali looks away angrily.

Viraj tells Sitara that he would have died with her that day but Hariyali saved their lives with her powers. Hariyali smiles at Sitara. Viraj thanks Hariyali for returning Sitara her life. You have done a huge favour on me. He kisses Sitara on her forehead again.Yamini tells Rani Sa that Pundit ji is coming. We have to tie this holy thread on Padmini’s hand by the time he comes here. It will calm her down. You should do that. Rani Sa takes the thread from her. Yamini opens the room’s door for her.

Rani Sa steps inside worriedly. Yamini is right behind her. Padmini is still in that avatar. They cover their faces in shock for a moment and Padmini disappears. She climbs onto the wall and jumps down. The spirit leaves her body and she turns normal. She tells Rani Sa she is feeling very strange. Who did this to the room? I have a bad headache too! Rani Sa tells her not to worry. It happens sometimes. Padmini turns into the scary avatar again. Rani Sa has dropped the holy thread in fear.

Padmini pushes it aside and breaks a vase. Rani Sa asks her who she is. Why are you after our daughter? Padmini mumbles something. Vishkanya’s look on from the window. It seems to be Vrinda’s plan. Their daughter has turned into a chudail. Royal family was only enjoying the game till now! Now my next move will kill 2 birds with one stone.Viraj tells Hariyali that she is no less than God for him right now. I don’t know how to thank God. You have returned me my heartbeats. You are magical.

She says I know that already. You will disappear the moment Sitara recovers. He points out that he doesn’t have magical powers like her to disappear. Hariyali asks Viraj what he had done if Sitara had died or if she was not a part of his life ever before. Would have loved someone else this much? Let’s assume. What would you say to me if I say I love you to you? He withdraws his hand. What joke is this? She stops him. I am not joking. I really want to you your answer. He looks at her in confusion. You are beautiful.

Anyone can fall in love with you. Whoever will get you will be really lucky but you are just a good friend to me. I don’t know what would have happened if Sitara was not in my life. She is there though. No one else can take her place. Hariyali breaks the cup in her hand angrily / absentmindedly and gets hurt. He is concerned but she assures him that she is fine.Arjun asks Guru ji if he found out anything. He nods. The spirit has come from Peepal tree. There is only one way to send it away.

Rani Sa and Yamini ask him about the solution. He advises them to cut the tree. That spirit will leave once the tree is cut. Rani Sa agrees to do so. Vishkanya’s smile. Hariyali’s game will be up now! She wont survive and she wont be able to protect Viraj anymore!Hariyali chants Maha Mrityunjaya chant as she walks around the room. Water from the pot is falling on Sitara’s forehead. She moves her eyelids and hand. Viraj smiles in relief. You will be fine very soon, Sitara. Hariyali continues with her prayers.

Everyone has gathered around the peepal tree. Arjun marks the first cut in the tree which appears in Hariyali’s arm. She is startled by the wound and gasps in shock. Her wounds increase as Arjun keeps hitting the tree. She ends up mumbling in pain which catches Viraj’s attention. He gets concerned. What happened? She falls down wincing in pain. Viraj is boggled.Vrinda congratulates her sisters. We are succeeding in our plan.

Viraj keeps asking Hariyali to tell her what is going on. He brings water for her but she throws the glass away.Arjun keeps hitting the tree because of which Hariyali is crying on the floor. He decides to bring doc but she holds his hand. He asks her what’s happening. She manages to tell him that someone is cutting her tree. Viraj runs out towards her tree immediately. Hariyali passes out.Vrinda does the Mantra, then signals Sureeli.

Viraj finds himself entrapped in the fire, he pulls the curtain and jumps over the fire. Vrinda was curt that Viraj had been safe and signals Anbeli who works with a statue throwing it forcefully over Viraj. Viraj uses all his energies to hold the statue back in place.There, people continued to cut the tree. Viraj stops them. Rani Saa and Yamini tells Viraj that Padmini has been possessed by a witch and it will only leave Padmini once the tree has been cut. Viraj says there is no witch in this tree, no evil soul could reside under the tree as it was a pious tree in their belief.

This would deteriorate both nature and their believes. He hopes everyone has understood his view, and requests them not to cut the tree anymore.In the palace, Viraj hurries to Haryali. She weakly opens her eyes. Viraj says he is stopped the cutting of tree, then goes to get doctor for her injury. Haryali says doctors can’t treat her as she isn’t normal human. Her injury would heal itself. She thanks him for protecting her tree.

Viraj hears the knock at the door. He opens the door, it was Samrat. Samrat says he heard someone speaking, and wanted to peek in. Viraj says he and Haryali were having some private discussion. Samrat wished to join but Viraj shuts the door.Sureeli and Albeli discuss they must find out where Sitara is. Viraj already saved the tree. Vrinda says they must finish Haryali before Sitara gets fine. If Haryali isn’t saved, no one would be able to treat Sitara. Sureeli says they must first find out of Haryali could save Sitara or not.

Viraj comes to the room. The possessed soul of Padmini attacks them, but was stopped by the forces of Haryali. She tried to attack Haryali but Haryali slapped her, and questions how dare she accused her tree for this possession. Padmini says she won’t spare Haryali now and charges over her. Haryali instead winds a rope of wood around her neck. Padmini fells unconscious, a cloud of witch’s soul flies in the air. Viraj goes to wake Padmini up. Haryali wasn’t ready to accept thankyou, and asks him to only remember her condition.

Viraj says he remembers her condition and would soon fulfil it. Haryali thinks Viraj was mistaken by the promise and doesn’t realize what she is going to demand him.
Yamini brings Halwa for Samrat. He denies having his favorite dessert. Samrat says Viraj doesn’t miss Sitara even for once. Yamini says Haryali is weird and one can expect anything from her, she doesn’t care for Viraj and Sitara at all. She asks Samrat why he feels jealous then. Samrat thinks he fears he doesn’t have to fight Viraj for Haryali.

Haryali and Viraj were in the forest looking for Sanjeevni plant. Haryali plucks the plant off the soil happily. She says this will treat Sitara. On the way, they find Vrinda and her sisters laugh devilishly. Vrinda makes a bunch of tree feel over Haryali. The plant fell off Haryali’s hand as Viraj tries to protect her. Vrinda stares at Viraj. Haryali attacks Vrinda, Albeli and Sureeli with thorns hitting their bodies. Vrinda opens her hand and produces cloth piece which flies to suffocate Haryali’s neck. Haryali screams in pain.

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