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Love by chance 27 September 2022: The Episode starts with Goli asking what do you mean. Riddhesh says we met recently, but I feel affection with you all, I m sorry if you felt bad, Gungun got many gifts today, if you say yes for the alliance, then it will be a big gift for her. Charu says Gungun is also dear to us, but Gungun and Anu always fight. Sunanda jokes. Sargam says we didn’t see Anu behave like this with anyone. Goli says yes, he behaves rudely with her always. Garima says that’s why he is the best person for her, life partner is one who complete each other, they are opposites, Anu’s strict nature will bring discipline in Gungun’s life, her naughtiness will bring happiness in his life. Riddhesh says right, she is spoilt, her life will come on the right path if Anu teaches her. Goli asks can she stay with our family. Garima says yes, she likes you all. Sargam says yes, but there is a big difference between meeting someone and becoming bahu.

Chandru says every day becomes a test in the joint family. Divya says yes, there won’t be time for her own self. Charu says we have grown up in this environment, but Gungun is raised in a different family. Riddhesh says if you have any problem with this alliance, then you can refuse, I won’t feel bad. Charu says no, I m just explaining our doubts to you, we were saying what problems Gungun can face. Chandru says if Gungun can handle this, then its a yes from our side. Everyone looks on. Charu coughs. Chandru says sorry, I mean we like Gungun, but Charu will decide. Charu says I like this proposal. Goli says we have to ask Anu, its his life’s big decision, he never refuses to Charu. Chandru says yes, no one can go against Charu. Charu says I will talk to him first. Riddhesh says take your time. Sunanda says anyone would want to have a relation with you, you have a big name, we will try to convince Anu. Golu and Yug like the garden. Anu hears everyone talking. They tease Anu about Gungun. Khushi laughs.

She asks Anu to scold Ankit, not her. Ankit says I found Gungun very sweet. Neeti says yes, she is sweet. They say we want someone to come in your life. Khushi says Gungun is coming. Anu asks them to come. Golu sings Abhi na jao… and dances.Anu asks Ankit to come. Ankit says I m liking it here, this extended Sasural feeling. Anu says you all are spoiling Ankit. Ankit joins Golu. Khushi says my brother is so simple, the world’s best, Gungun isn’t calm, she is moody, their jodi won’t be a good match. Golu says you don’t know her. Neeti says its not bad to be moody. Golu says you have sung so well inside. Yug asks why were you ignoring Gungun. Neeti says we have seen it.Anu says you all tease me even now. Chavi says Riddhesh asked you to sing. Gungun gets Maya’s call. Anu says I m going. Golu says stop, no one will trouble you now, we didn’t say anything wrong. Gungun shouts on Maya. She comes there. Everyone hears Gungun’s talks. Anu says she is strange to fight with her dad’s colleague, you hear her nonsense, I m going. Gungun scolds her mum for leaving her 12 years back. She says you should have divorced dad, whenever I needed you the most and cried for you, you didn’t come, now you never come, I will not accept you as my mum, you came to meet me twice like a far relative. She cries.

She says I have sorrow and loneliness with me, its my birthday today, I prayed that I don’t get your call, so please never call me now. She throws the phone. Neeti asks how shall I talk to Gungun. Anu says call Riddhesh and Garima. Neeti says they will get disturbed, Gungun got much sorrow. Golu says she isn’t spoilt, but broken. Neeti goes to Gungun and consoles her. Golu says we will console her. Anu says you go, I will stay here. Golu asks would you stay away if Chavi or Khushi cried. Gungun hugs Neeti and cries. They all console Gungun. Gungun says I had no one to console her, even Bua wasn’t at home. Anu looks on. Neeti says you are so lovely, sensitive and clean hearted, leave this sorrow behind, don’t cry. Gungun cries. Anu gives a kerchief to Golu for Gungun.

Its morning, Golu asks why is everyone so silent. The elders are silent. Anu asks did you take any new policy or investment. Charu says yes, you will be making this investment. Anu says wait, is this about my marriage. They smile. Sargam says he is so sensible. Chandru says anyone can guess it, he will be sensible if he says yes for marriage. Anu says I m not ready. Sunanda says your age has got high now. Goli asks Charu to focus on the matter. Charu says its the right age to marry. Divya says we need a bahu and you need a life partner. Golu asks did any alliance come, do you know. Goli asks do you like any girl, Anu.
everyone asking Anu if he loves some girl. Anu says no. Sargam says then there is no problem. Golu says I m worried for Anu’s marriage since long. Charu says you are going to be 30 now, are you ready for marriage. Anu says I have no problem with marriage, every family has their own thinking and culture, the girl should understand us, individual should change for a family. Neeti says you are a scientist, but relations aren’t science. Sunanda says yes, this is an art. Charu says she is right, we can know the reaction of chemicals, we can’t know what will happen when two people meet. Yug says yes.

Golu says sometimes two different persons are made for each other. Yug asks who can explain this to Anu. Neeti says love is useful in relations, not any data, no adjustment looks bad, like me. Anu says you were made for this house.Charu says you don’t like anyone, so we will decide for your marriage, like my elders decided for me, Sunanda and I love each other, and still fight. Sunanda says yes. Chandru says when the family takes a decision, they decide by heart and mind. Sargam says our marriage was also arranged. They all smile. Charu asks was our decision right. Chandru says it was the best. Goli says Charu got Golu married to Divya. Divya says Charu got Yug and Neeti married also. Sunanda says just Goli didn’t wish to marry. Charu says we had respected her wish also. He asks Anu to tell them, will he respect their decision. Golu asks what’s happening, our plan is flopping. Yug asks Neeti to do something.

Neeti asks what can I do. Goli asks what’s happening there. Golu says we are talking something imp. Anu says I will respect your decision, how did this start suddenly. Chandru says Charu chose a girl for you. Charu says wait, just listen. He says Anu, I liked a girl and her family, her family likes you, we want you to marry that girl. Anu says you didn’t ask me before. Charu asks what do you mean, shall I ask you before your marriage. Anu asks when did this happen.Charu says you know that girl and her family. Anu asks who. Charu says I fixed your marriage with Gungun. Golu, Yug and Neeti laugh happily. Anu is shocked. He asks what are you saying. Golu says he is saying right, when did this happen. Yug says maybe when we went to the lawn. Anu worries. He says I m going to university. Charu asks him to finish the talk and go. Anu says its a wrong decision. Gungun talks to Ronny on call. He asks when are we meeting. She refuses. She asks him not to have misunderstanding. She gets the icecream delivered. Ronny says meet me once, then we will share the icecream. She refuses. She goes and gets the icecream. Guard asks a boy to run away. Gungun asks guard to talk to the boy well. Guard says sorry. She asks the boy does he want an icecream. The boy says no. His sisters come. Gungun says icecream gives the real happiness. The kids ask for the other icecream. Gungun says fine, I will get it. She buys icecreams for them. The boy calculates the amount and tells her. Gungun pays for it. She asks them to become like her dad, not that Anu. Anu says you are asking me to marry Gungun, she isn’t right.

Goli says new relations will have problems, but everyone has to make adjustments, Gungun will adjust well here. Anu says she won’t learn, keep her away from me. Charu says you are refusing to this alliance. Anu says sorry, I can’t marry her. Charu says our decision doesn’t matter to you. Anu says try to understand, your decision is against me, this will be a punishment for me. Sargam says I will explain you the logic, you can’t answer back Charu, we have thought well for you, we are not your enemy. Anu says its an imp decision, sorry, I can’t do this, don’t punish me. Charu says I m not any filmi villain, this decision isn’t my adamancy, its a thinking, an experience, you and Gungun look different, what I can see, you both can’t see, you both are right for each other. Anu asks how can we be right, that girl… Charu says you think I don’t identify people, I decided marriages of everyone here, don’t you like Ankit and his family. Anu says even Gungun’s family is good, but she is the worst, I m going now. Sargam stops him. Sunanda says Charu loves you a lot. Anu asks why does everyone end on love, I also love Charu a lot, he gave me this thinking and values, Charu told me to not accept what my heart doesn’t accept. Charu says you can say that my decision is wrong. Anu says this relation won’t work. Charu gets sad.

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