Love by chance update Friday 16 December 2022

Love by Chance 16 December 2022: The Episode starts with Gungun saying Beena is an inspiration. The girls say Beena has good skills of catching fishes, she has a prince in her life, he came out of the waters, he stays in Beena’s house. Gungun asks does he stay here. The girls tease Beena about Anu. The girls say that Madhav was found in the river, Beena and Radha take care of her, Madhav lost his memory. Gungun says his family would be so worried, did you show him to any doctor. Beena says we took him to the Vaid, he treated him by herbs. Gungun says you should take him to the neurosurgeon. Beena says we don’t have money. Gungun says money will be arranged, don’t worry. Beena thanks her. Gungun asks where is your Madhav. Anu sings Kabhi kabhi ittefaq se… Gungun hears him. Gungun says Anu… Beena says I will go and get Madhav, he usually forgets the way to the house. Gungun asks who is singing. The girls say Madhav sings well. Gungun says he is my Anu. She thinks why did I feel its Anu, but how can he be here. She leaves.

Beena asks why do you go out alone when you don’t remember the way, why did you stop singing. Anu says you are angry. She says you can sing, I like it. Gungun hears Anu singing again. She says Anubhav…. Beena takes Anu with her. Gungun says Anu isn’t in this world now.At office, Armaan also sings the same song. Gungun looks at him. He says he was singing this song, right, do you see Anu in me. She asks him not to joke about Anu. She says when I heard Madhav singing, I really felt so. He says when a person leaves the world, he never comes back, you are missing Anu a lot, right now, I want to have Guptaji ke Golgappa. She says even I love it. He says you too, I really liked it, after meeting you, I realized one should give time to oneself also. She says then we shall go and have the Golgappa. They leave. Golu and Ankit are on the way. Ankit says these bad days won’t stay for long. Golu says everything feels incomplete without Anu. He says its Armaan’s car, Gungun isn’t such a girl, she might be helpless. They see Gungun and Armaan at the chaat shop.

Ankit says she looks happy. Gungun says I thought I can never smile, but when I learnt feeling Anu, then I thought he is around me always. Armaan says I m proud of you. Golu and Ankit come. Golu scolds Gungun for the drama. He says you forgot Anu and the relation got over, you did that to get famous, Charu was right. Armaan defends Gungun. He says she didn’t want to feature in the magazine, I insisted her. Ankit says you will also know it soon that she isn’t like she appears. Gungun cries and asks why are you saying this, what did I do. Golu says you don’t need to clarify, now I don’t trust your fake tears. Ankit says we thought you love Anu a lot, your tears dried up soon, if this was love, then this would have not happened. He asks Golu to come. They leave.Radha gets Beena to Mukhiya ji. She says I can’t keep her in darkness, you tell her what you thought about her, I had to talk to Madhav, he takes Gungun’s name in sleep, that girl who comes in the locality sometimes. He asks her not to worry. She says we don’t know about his background, if he is married or not, getting Beena married to her, it will be right or not. Beena asks what are you saying. He says yes, we decided this. He asks why did you tell Beena, I knew it, she will do a drama. Beena says I like Madhav, but mum is right, we don’t know anything about him, can’t we wait for some days more.

He asks how long, its not confirmed that he is married, locality is making news about you, so I decided to get you married to him. Radha says okay, but if his memory comes back, if we know that he is married, then what will we do. He says then we will void this marriage, I will find a nice guy for Beena and get her married.Gungun presents Beena and Radha’s story. Armaan and staff like her idea. Armaan says then we will make this story final for the next cover. Everyone congratulates Gungun. Armaan says perfect, it didn’t look like you are giving a presentation for the first time, I can’t make you meet my mom, else she will get after me, she gave me a checklist of her would be bahu, you qualify for that well, so I said, I won’t make you meet her. She says I also won’t meet her, I didn’t know she is pressurizing you for marriage. He says she is doing this since many years, I tell her, I will marry by my choice, there is a puja in the fishermen locality. Gungun says its after 2 days, I will go and meet Beena and Madhav. Beena and Radha coming home. Anu is upset. He asks why did you leave me alone and go. Beena asks do you like me. He says no, you left me alone. She asks don’t you want me to go, do you want to stay with me. He asks can this happen. Radha says yes, if you both get married, Mukhiya ji and I decided to get you married to Beena. Anu recalls his marriage. He holds his head and feels an ache.

Golu refuses to have tea. Divya asks are you refusing for tea. Golu says I m going out. Ankit says I will come with you. Chandru asks are you fine. Golu says yes, everything is fine. Sargam says I need to talk something imp, sit here, we want to talk to Gungun and Garima, we are thinking to invite them home. Golu says Gungun has forgotten Anu, she is happy in her new life, no need to invite her in puja. Chandru and Sargam ask what is he saying, when he always took Gungun’s side. Golu says I got senses, I was wrong in knowing Gungun, Charu was right, she did that for herself, so that she gets famous, this is the truth, Akriti and Charu’s doubt has won, my faith lost. He cries.He says don’t tell this to Sunanda and Charu, Gungun is a nice girl, but she failed in love. Chandru says Charu and I believe you, you know people better than us, I will not tell this to Charu, but you don’t feel bad of her words. Golu goes. Sunanda gets tea for Charu. She says we can’t manage the house without Anu’s salary. Charu says Chandru and my pension is less. She says we have to pay Chavi’s fees also, we will break Anu’s FD. Charu says never. They have a talk. Neeti comes and says Akriti has come. Sunanda says Ghar Laxmi has come back. Charu smiles. She asks Charu to ask Divya to prepare the aarti plate. Charu says yes, you are right. They go to Akriti, and welcome her. Sargam gets the aarti plate. She says everyone got happy with your coming. Akriti throws the aarti plate away. They all get shocked.

Neeti says she insulted the aarti plate and us. Sargam says we can sit and talk. Akriti says I didn’t get any respect in this house, why shall I stay here. Golu says we are doing your aarti, how shall we give you more respect. Charu asks why did you come. Akriti says I have come to get my share. He says nobody in the family asked their share, my brothers and sons give me their earnings, you are asking me for your share, you can stay here as our bahu, but can’t ask for your share. Akriti says you can’t refuse me, it’s my legal right on my late husband’s property. He scolds her. He says now I know why Anu was unhappy with you, I broke his heart for your sake, and you… I made a big mistake, I couldn’t identify your reality. She says you know me now, give me my share and get rid of me. She insults them.She says next time, I will come with the police. They all get shocked. She leaves. Gungun meets Beena. Beena tells about Madhav.

Gungun asks how did you fall in love with him. Beena says don’t know, I like it when he is with me, when he sings, I love to hear him, is this called love. Gungun nods and smiles. She says I will not go without meeting Madhav, I have to take his interview also. Beena says mum has locked the door, she doesn’t want Madhav to go anywhere outside. She opens the lock. She says Madhav is still sleeping. She sees Radha. Radha wakes up. Beena asks where is Madhav. Radha says he would be with you. Beena says no. Radha goes to find him. Gungun asks does this happen every day. Beena says yes, we got habitual to this now. Gungun says take him to doctor. Beena says yes, but after marriage, I think his condition is getting better, he is much educated. Gungun says good, take him to doctor, he will get fine. She leaves.

Armaan laughs hearing the story. Gungun says this happens with Madhav every day. He says I understand, they have much struggles in life. She says thanks for sending me there, I got to see life closely. He says welcome, I want a party. She says dinner. He says no, party, music, dance. She says I left partying, Anu didn’t like it, he used to ask me to do something productive than partying. He says he was right, you have achieved this, you should celebrate, you always talk of Anu. She says he was my life, he is my life, he will always be in my heart, no one else can take his life. He says our magazine’s next edition will come out soon, we should go to Lucknow. She says we will go after Beena’s marriage, we shall get a gift for her. Gungun saying no one else can take Anu’s place in my heart. Armaan and Gungun say we will get a gift for Beena. Charu counts the money. Golu comes home. Chandru asks did anything happen. Golu says bank said we will need one week to get the money of Anu’s reward. Akriti comes and says I won’t wait for one week. Chandru says we aren’t able to give you the share, but we will give the money. She asks how will you give it, you will never have the money, give the money right away, else I will get my lawyer and sell my share.

Charu asks her to wait for one week, its his command. She says I m not your bahu to obey you. Sargam says we have our emotions and memories with this house, we can’t sell this house. Chandru says we live in this house and this house lives in us, how can we sell it. Divya says we need time to arrange money. Sargam says we fought Anu for your sake, you should be ashamed that you are behaving like this. Golu says respect us at least seeing the age of elders. She says I respect those who respect me, I know you fought Anu for my sake, but you didn’t oust him, you gave him a second chance, would you give me a second chance if I did this mistake, some people covered up his deeds. Golu shouts shut up, stop saying bad about him.He asks her to think of humanity at least. She gives them the papers and asks them to sign on it. Golu checks the papers. He says she wants Anu’s 10 lakhs reward money. Chandru says you fell in our sight totally. She asks why, I just asked for my husband’s money, I have a right on it. Golu says no, he got that money before marrying you, he gave it to Charu, Charu made FD for Anu and Sargam. She says think its compensation that Anu mentally tortured me. He says you have no right on that money, you won’t get it. She says I knew you will say this, I know to take my rights, I can file a case on Sargam, I have to say that Sargam tortures me, so I want to leave this house, the family will lose respect and you will go to jail. She asks them to sign.

Sargam takes the papers to sign. Golu says no, you can’t scare us. He tears the papers. She threatens him and goes. Anu and Beena are having their haldi function. They sit for their haldi. They do shayari. They dance. Anu looks lost. Gungun and Armaan go to buy rings. He says we can give them ash, it will help them. She says cash is a favor, okay we will give them gift and cash. She sees a ring and recalls Anu. He says this size will be perfect for Beena. She says yes. He says I have got something I lost, guess it. She says thanks for being my good friend. He says if I want to become more than a friend. She says best friend. They leave from the store.Anu sings a song and recalls Gungun. Beena says Gungun said we will take you to hospital and then you will get fine, don’t think much, you like to stay with us, we will make good memories to make our future better. He nods and sings. Armaan and Gungun are on the way. He smiles seeing her.

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