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Love by Chance 3 October 2022: The Episode starts with Garima seeing Akriti and getting upset. She shows her to Riddhesh. She says I didn’t know that she is doing Phd in Anu’s institute. She cries. He asks her to calm down. She says I have no place in her life, I have to meet her, she may get angry or complain. He says we will meet her after this function, trust me, Lord made us meet Anu’s family and then Akriti, what else can I ask for. Charu says it’s a good luck to feel proud of children, people will call me Bade Papa of Anu. Chandru cries happily. Charu asks what happened. Chandru says it was my dream to go on stage. Charu jokes. Chandru says I didn’t go on stage to get a reward. Everyone smiles hearing them. Chandru says today Anu is getting honour and we are sitting in first row. Sunanda cries happily. Sargam also cries. She says we should go to temple and thank. Chavi says now Anu will give a speech. Gungun says I will get bored and die. The team member praises Anu

Gungun comments in between. The lady says I want to tell you a story that my professor told me, a student asked his value, his teacher said that his value will depend on the person who buys him, he asked him to ask a stone’s price in the market, student went to the market and tried to ask the value of the stone, different people gave different values for the stone, lastly the student reached a Johri/jeweller and showed the stone, Johri understood that the stone is a diamond which is precious, Anu is also a diamond, he looks ordinary. Chavi asks Gungun to understand that Anu is a diamond and her dad is a Johri. The lady praises Anu further for his big achievement. She says we are proud of you Anu, work hard and make our country’s name shine. Everyone claps. The lady says Anubhav will be given the award and also a cheque of 10 lakhs. Sunanda asks 10 lakhs. Charu says yes, it’s a reward for talent. Anu goes down the stage and takes blessings of elders. Chandru asks him to take the award first. Anu says there is no blessing than the elders’ blessings.

They smile. Anu says we all have the right on this award, I want to go on stage with my entire family. Charu says stage is less for our big family. Golu says Goli is also here. Goli says you are not a toothpick. Sargam says Anu has a big heart, he will take the family along. Chandru says we will go on stage for his happiness. They all smile. Anu takes Charu and Sunanda with him. Everyone follows. Sunanda gives him the award and cheque.Everyone comes back and sits. Goli cries. Charu asks what happened. Goli says everyone used to ask me why I didn’t get married and have a family, I used to answer that I didn’t feel the need, I have the world’s best family with me, what else do I want. Golu says yes, we are lucky to get such a family. Riddhesh consoles Garima. He says we will surely meet Akriti. Garima says I m crying happily, Gungun is lucky to get Anu as her life partner. Riddhesh says absolutely, so I got her in this function. Anu says my family elders are my Lord and Guru, so I have saved myself from all the evil. He thanks his seniors for guidance and trust. He asks everyone to go ahead with family, there will be someone to support them in need, a person can win alone, but not celebrate alone. Charu blesses him. Anu says sorry to make you all bored, just keep blessing me, that I work hard. Akriti thinks he is so humble. Anu thanks everyone. Everyone claps. Gungun thinks I have to hear his lecture for a year

the man saying our life can be boring, but not us, Anu is a good singer, he is very shy, I will personally request to sing and make this evening more beautiful. Anu says no, I can’t sing today. The man says he is really shy, now you all have to make him sing. Everyone asks Anu to sing. Akriti smiles. The lady asks Anu to sing, else he can’t calm the crowd. Anu says I will not refuse to the dean. Gungun says he will sing an old song. Chavi says he will sing his fav song. Anu sings Yeh hounsle….Gungun makes faces first, and then enjoys the song. Everyone smiles and claps for him. Gungun also claps for him. Chandru says he is my son, I taught him singing. Golu says I taught him to eat. Charu jokes on his brothers. Sunanda stops him. Everyone sits back. Gungun still claps. Everyone looks on surprised.

Chavi pats him. Gungun sits. Riddhesh says wow, Gungun got lost in his singing. Garima says Gungun liked something in Anu. Anu looks at Gungun. Gungun asks will you play the songs game on return, we are going home directly, you come home with us. Chavi says promise me, you won’t ill treat Anu, don’t you like him. Gungun says I hate him. Chavi asks why did you clap so much. Gungun says no, I was killing mosquitoes, I didn’t like his song.Riddhesh asks Gungun to come. He says I will just come. He says I felt glad seeing Anu getting the award, success becomes intoxicated when achieved at a young age, but it becomes a habit when family is along, I feel proud of him, he sings so well. He praises Anu. Golu says I wish he sings in the party also. Riddhesh says sorry, I had scheduled my appointments in the evening for this function, I can’t come in the party. He sees Garima and goes to her. She says we will find Akriti. He says this is not the right place. She asks why are you stopping me.

He says Akriti and her hatred will also meet you. She says maybe she also wants to meet me. He says then she would have tried to meet you, I m worried for you, I promise I will make you meet her, have patience. She says I can’t keep it now. He says Anu knows Akriti, we will take his help.Golu says Riddhesh loves Anu so much, I think we should keep a couple name for them also. Anu comes. They all joke on Riddhesh praising Anu so much. Anu goes to his friends. Gungun says no one can like Anu, he has come. Chavi says wait, talk to him once, he is sweet. Anu passes by. Gungun says see how he ignored me, I also wanted to ignore him. Akriti stops Anu. Garima and Riddhesh see her. Akriti asks shall I keep your medal in the bus. Anu says yes, thanks. Garima says please let me meet her. Riddhesh says fine, I will meet her first.

He goes to Akriti and asks did you identify me, your uncle. Everyone looks on and jokes. Anu goes to Riddhesh and introduces Akriti as his junior. Riddhesh says I know her well. She says but I don’t know her. Garima says Akriti, my daughter. Gungun says hi, I m Gungun, your cousin, we are meeting today after primary school, I m so happy to see you. Akriti gets rude towards Garima. Riddhesh says your mum cries a lot in your memory. She says sorry, this is my personal space, I don’t want to talk to strangers. Anu and his family look on. Akriti asks Garima not to come again and goes. Garima and Riddhesh cry.

He says that’s why I asked you not to talk here. Anu and Chavi go. Garima says I m her mum, she has seen me with hatred, but at least she looked at me. Yug and Neeti ask what’s the matter. Anu says its their family issue, its their personal matter. Golu says family has a share in sorrow, we will go and talk to them. Golu and Yug ask Riddhesh why is Garima crying. Riddhesh says Akriti is Garima’s daughter, she lives with her dad, she doesn’t talk to Garima. Gungun consoles Garima.Neeti says its strange, one daughter made Garima cry and other daughter is consoling her. Gungun cries and gets emotional. She says a mum is like you. She calms down Garima. Anu smiles.

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