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Love by Chance 10 October 2022: The Episode starts with everyone emotionally blackmailing Charu. Charu says we will keep a grand sangeet as Anu wants. Sunanda says I like it, when he spends more for Anu. Charu says Anu never asks for anything, we will fulfill his wish if he wants this. He agrees to pay 2.5 lakhs for Sangeet arrangements. He asks did I take any wrong decision. Golu asks did you say anything. Charu says no. Anu comes. Charu says I m spending 2.5 lakhs on your sangeet just for your happiness, as you wanted. Anu asks what. Charu says yes, so I m getting the DJ and rotating dance floor. Golu and Yug say he will get us caught now. Anu says you know I don’t like such noise. They all lie. Anu says I didn’t say anything such, you think I will do such things. Charu says it means they all lied to me. Anu says that too of my name.

Love by chance 9 October 2022

Ankit and Khushi come. Charu hugs Khushi and asks don’t you feel happy in Sasural. Khushi says Ankit’s parents have sent us to help in marriage arrangements. Ankit asks why is Charu angry. Charu says I taught you to say the truth, you all lied to me, and forget the values. Yug says no. Golu says Anu really told us. Ankit says yes, I was also there when Anu said that, he forgot it, he also forgot to tell us when he went to meet. Chary asks who. Gungun and Garima have a talk.Gungun says I like to meet Anu’s family, I will go now, he isn’t at home at lunch time. Garima says he is your would be husband, call Anu also. Gungun says don’t ask me to thank him, I won’t say.

Garima says but talk to him. Gungun goes. Garima thinks I will try to make things fine between them. Goli gets tea for Charu. Charu says Anu doesn’t forget things. They all try to convince him.He asks Anu did you invite the colleagues. Anu says not yet. They all ask for number of cards to invite their friends. Anu says I will invite them on call. Charu says no, give them card invites. Anu says I m going to institute, I had come to have food, but I have to go back urgently, I will get late. Sunanda says I want 25 cards. Charu jokes. Golu says I will also call my friends. Charu says it’s a marriage, not a Dussehra fair. Anu laughs. Charu asks him to go. Anu leaves. Khushi says Gungun is coming home. Neeti says no use, Anu left. Golu says oh no, he left. She asks what will we do now.Golu says we have to call Anu some way. Chavi says Gungun is on the way. He asks her to get Gungun to the room. She asks why. He says you won’t understand. Neeti says when Gungun comes, then I will message Anu from her phone, I will take her phone by any excuse. She asks him not to worry.

Golu says Anu will come and we will hide, they will be alone. They sing and dance. Gungun comes. She thanks them for coming to meet her. Neeti says we don’t have any selfie together. Gungun unlocks the phone and takes a selfie. She says I will send it to Chavi. Neeti says let me see. Chavi asks shall I take Gungun to my room. Golu says no, get snacks for her. Gungun says I don’t want to. Yug asks her to have chaat. Gungun agrees. Golu asks Gungun to sit. Gungun keeps her phone. Neeti types a message for Anu. Gungun says Bua asked me to message after reaching. Yug and Golu distract her. Gungun laughs hearing Golu’s riddles. Anu gets her message… I m at your home, I m having a headache, I m not feeling well, missing you. Gungun sees Neeti with the phone. She says you didn’t tell me. Neeti says I was saying the phone cover. Gungun says I got this from sale for 5000rs. Golu says she is asking about phone cover, not the phone. Gungun says I m saying the same. Anu asks why is she calling me, I won’t go, but I should go, I will go and ask her not to send such messages again, but why did she write missing you. He asks Shyam to tell Akriti that he went home. Khushi stands at the door. Chavi asks what are you doing here. Khushi says nothing, I m playing hide and seek with myself, it’s a new game, go now. Golu asks how are the marriage arrangements going on.

Gungun says dad said he will take Bua and me on shopping. Neeti asks did you wear saree ever. Gungun says no, I can never wear it.Ankit saying wearing saree isn’t tough. Gungun asks why, did you try. They all imagine Ankit in a saree and laugh. Golu says try, it will suit you. Gungun says guys have options to wear anything, why don’t girls have such options, I can wear comfortable night suit in marriage, when I come here, I will make everyone wear western clothes. Golu asks are there options. She says there are many options. Golu imagines Divya in western wear. Everyone imagines their wives in western wear. Neeti says we will wear, what about elders. Golu says they will get a shock, just imagine. They imagine. Golu says this can’t happen. Gungun says wear it once and see. Yug says Neeti, you don’t get my jeans.

Chavi gets samosas. Golu asks Gungun to have it. Gungun takes one to eat. Neeti coughs. She reminds Golu something and asks him to come. Golu also coughs and goes out. She says Anu would be coming, you all also come by some excuse. Neeti goes and calls Yug. Yug and Ankit also leave. Golu says I will get chutney and goes. Gungun stays in the room. Golu says think its your room, okay. He goes. Khushi sees Anu coming. She runs to tell everyone. She says we have to hide before he comes upstairs. Anu goes to his room. Gungun says I was planning to rest peacefully and you came here. Anu and Gungun start arguing. She tells that everyone went to get chutney. She finds the samosa spicy and shouts water. Anu gives her water. He says you said you are unwell and you are having samosa here, you had messaged me. She says I didn’t message you. He says you said that you are in my house, you have a headache and you miss me. She says no way, since when did you start coming on my message. He says don’t message me again. She says I didn’t send any. He shows her the message. She says yes, its my number, but I didn’t message. He asks how can it happen, these I miss you messages won’t work on me. They argue. Everyone looks on.

Neeti says I have no backup plan. Golu says think how to calm them down, Anu is shouting on her because of me. Anu asks on whom shall I shout now. Everyone comes and asks them to stop fighting. Anu and Gungun blame each other. Anu shows the message to them. Golu says great, Gungun had a headache and you came running, you won’t come for my heart attack. Anu says don’t say that. Gungun asks did you message him from my phone. Neeti cries and asks why would I do this, do you think I m a clever Bhabhi. Gungun says no, I didn’t mean that, I mean I didn’t message. She checks her phone.

She says I came here at 4pm, this message is sent at 4.15pm. Golu says no, you came here at 4.20pm. They confuse her. Khushi says Neeti was just seeing the phone cover. Gungun asks how did the message go. Ankit says maybe you sent it by mistake. She says impossible. Anu says fine, you didn’t want me to come, I m going. She says yes. He says I will go. She says I will also go. They all stop Anu. Anu thinks I think Golu and gang did this.Golu says he has come all the way from the institute. Gungun asks what shall I go. Golu says stop him, he will stop if you say. Anu asks what. She says I didn’t ask him to go back, he shouldn’t go. Anu asks are you stopping me. She says no, why are you going back, we shall play games now, I had no one to play games with me. Neeti asks and your friends. Gungun says they are selfish. They all agree to play games.Gungun tells the games. They say sorry, we don’t know. They tell some games. Neeti says we have to leave Anu and Gungun alone. Golu says we will play blindfold game, we will make jodis and play, Anu and Gungun first, you both have to find us, if you find us then hold tight. Akriti looks for Anu. The man says Anu went home, he had some urgent work. She think what was that urgent work, I hope everything is fine in his house.

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