Lost in Love update Saturday 8 October 2022


Lost in Love 8 October 2022: Sai tells Virat that she doesn’t believe that they are husband and wife, we are friends. She says to Virat if he wants to run away with Pakhi, he takes it as a joke and they enjoyed the moment. Virat ask her to concentrate on her studies, she ask why he wants her to know about the cafe incident. He says that now he don’t have that much pressure as they stay in separate rooms, if she will get angry also it hardly matters. Virat says that he started liking the arrangement as they talk to each other and then goes to each other’s room. Sai says that her father use to say that if you get good friend then they will stay forever. Virat tells her that he have only two best friends one is sunny and the other is Sadanand. Sai said she didn’t have any best friend, Virat gets angry and wants to leave but Sai stops him and says that she was joking. She then ask about his friend Sadanand, he shows her his photo and tells him about him.

Virat tells to Sai that they are no more the same friend they use to be with Sadanand due to his mentality. They promised to each other that they will never break this friendship. Bhavani says that they should not leave the house. Sonali says that she is no more the head of family, so she ask Omkar to take decision not by getting influence from other. Bhavani says that Omkar you are also doing same as Ninad as he is listening to his wife same as you. Virat sees that Sai is getting bored listening to his talks, he ask her to sleep. Omkar ask apology from Bhavani and tells her that he will not leave the house. Sonali says that tomorrow they have to talk to broker for the new house, Bhavani ask her to stop. Omkar request Bhavani that don’t get influence by Sai and scold Sonali, she says never it’s going to happen. Pakhi is happy that Bhavani will teach Sai lesson.

Virat and Sai thinks about each other in their rooms. Virat takes Sai dupatta and hides it, Virat imagine himself and says that he started loving Sai. Virat tells to himself that he loves Sai very much and hopes she also starts loving him one day. He says that whatever is between them will Sai come in his life as his wife. Virat then doubts if she fells the same way as he feels? Pakhi comes to Virat room, she says that she is happy that Sai helped Ninad and Ashwini to come together but in this family there are more people who cares of other people also. Samrat comes and questions her what she has done, she says that she stopped Omkar from leaving the house. Samrat says that he is really happy and says that first time she behaved like the eldest Bahu. Pakhi complains that why always Sai is praised, Samrat says that it’s a family and there is no competition going on. Virat tells to Samrat that today whatever Sai has done it’s really commendable, Samrat praises to Virat and Sai and ask Pakhi to go to their room. Smarat ask Pakhi why she is bothered about Sai clothes in Virat room.
Pakhi says why can’t Virat accept by friendship?

Smarat shout stating becoz you are his Bhabhi. Virat and your relation is only as Bhabhi and devar. Pakhi says its not that..
Smarat hold Pakhi that why can’t our relation move on. Pakhi ask him to leave. Smarat leave her and states you directly indirectly on daily basis increase my pain. And sleep on couch.Next day sai try to find duppatta but don’t find it.In hall all having tea, while Bhavani thanks Pakhi for stopping Omi and Sonali. She ask karishma to call everyone. Specially Sai..Sai goes to Virat room in search of Dupatta. She ask Modak/Virat if he saw her dupatta. Virat come out in towel from washroom, and ask her not to look at me. Virat hide her dupatta in his cupboard.Karishma ask them to come out as bhavani called them.Sai search dupatta and find in it. Sai ask how it came inside. Virat jokes doing 9 to 5 job to manage other clothes. She says I might have forgot.

Pakhi ask why all didn’t came? Karishma says Sai and Virat are in same room. Pakhi says don’t know why they given different room, when they stays in each other room. Pakhi says we shall see choti diwali before Diwali..Bhavani says I think everyone forgot that what rules and regulation of chavan family. Pakhi says you are talking about Sai, as she is the one who are liberal. Smarat says think about before speaking. Mansi says its becoz of sai Ninand-Ashwini are one now. Bhavani says I am tired of all this.Sai ask are you going to scold me?? Bhavani says i am not your friend. Mansi says its becoz of her we are happy. Omi-Sonali says not us by the way. Bhavani says i regret what ever happened. Sai says you regret that I came alive back.Bhavani says she is behind doing drama only.She is behind my position. Ashiwini says she just try to bring happiness to all.Bhavani says sai jungli mulgi is just ruin everything though she did good for Ashiwini and ninand only..Virat take stand for Sai and Ashiwini…

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