Lost in Love update Tuesday 29 November 2022


Lost in love 29 November 2022: Sai enters Chavan family’s holika dahan festival venue wearing a traditional Maharastrian married woman’s attire and greets happy holika dahan to Chavans. Chavans frown seeing her. Sai wishes Virat next and says he ward off negativity and welcomed positivity in life. Virat says if he had ward off negativity, what is she doing here. Sonali asks what is Sai doing here. Sai says she is here as Chavan family bahu. Pakhi yells she is shameless. Omkar offers Virat to perform holika dahan and ward off negative people around him. Sai asks Virat to pray god first to give him conscience and strength to identify true people as its difficult to distinguish people and a few/Pakhi wait for an opportunity. Bhavani asks Virat to stop listening to waste people and perform holika dahan.

Sai holds Virat’s hand and performs holika dahan. Sonali taunts Pakhi that her desire are burning in fire. Bhavani yells at Sai. Sai tries to calm her down. Pakhi says Bhavani should have thrown Sai in fire. Sonali comments Sai is their life’s holika. Sai says if she is holika, they are Prahlad and should sit in fire with her. She pulls Pakhi to accompany her. Samrat asks Sai why she is provoking Pakhi. Sai asks if he didn’t hear what Pakhi told. Samrat asks why did she return here when nobody wants her here. Sai says she is Virat’s wife. Omkar yells at her next and asks Ninad to stop her. Ninad says he doesn’t want to talk to her. Sai reminds that she is his bahu.

Pakhi yells that she is shameless to call herself as Virat’s wife after divorce and says she is ruthless to trouble Virat when he is recovering, she should be called rakshasi and not just Holika. Sai laughs and asks what is she then. Pakhi warns her to mind her tongue as its a house of dignified people. Sai laughs more and says she couldn’t see their dignity yet. Virat warns her to stop troubling him and get out of his house. Sai says she cannot as there’s a problem. Sonal asks what’s her problem. Sai says she came here to stay. Bhavani yells that relationships and money are hard to earn and easy to lose, she lost relationships and shouldn’t dare to return here. Pakhi says she is dead for them all. Karishma taunts Pakhi that she repeated same dialogue many times, but Sai returns always.

Sai pinches them and says she is proving that she is still alive and not yet become a ghost, she will teach them a lesson if the provoke her. Karishma returns to Sonali. Sai pinches Pakhi again. Pakhi tries to slap her. Sai holds her hand and says she can pinch but not slap her. She says she wants to clear their confusion and announce that she is here to stay. Ashwini asks why did she return after divorcing her son. Sai reminds that she herself gave back her mangalsutra and fixed it in her neck, she is wearing it now. Ashwini says even then she doesn’t have any right to be around her son. Sonali says she is right tries to snatch Sai’s mangalsutra. Sai holds her hand and says its a suhagan’s pride and will not break, but Sonali’s hand can be broken. Sonali backs off afraid. Ashwini pleads her not to trouble her son and go away from there. Sai says she was taking care of Virat in hospital and came here to take care of him.

Bhavani reminds Virat’s order to get out of his life and says we are Virat’s family and who is she to come to their house and give her forceful gyaan to them. Sai says she is Virat’s wife.Pakhi asks Omkar to send Sai to mental asylum. Sai says she herself will get admitted in Chavan’s mental asylum and just has to burn one paper. She shows her divorce certificate and throws it in fire. Pakhi fails to stop her. Sai says their dreams of throwing her out of house are burnt in this fire. Shivani says they can get copy of these papers. Sai says that paper was fake and Virat knows about it. Pulkit tells Virat that Sai was worried for his reputation and whatever she did was to save him. Sai says Virat wanted to send her away on the basis of these papers, but she is still his legally wedded wife. Virat says she may burn the papers, but his decision to divorce her is strong and he doesn’t accept her as his wife.


Sai says his acceptance or nonacceptance doesn’t matter to her, he is angry now, and their relationship is still intact. Bhavani tries to push her out of house. Sai stops her and says she is wearing Virat’s named bangles and Bhavani knows the meaning of breaking a suhagan’s bangles.Bhavani holds Sai’s hand and tries to drag her out of house. Sai stops her staing her bangles are breaking and she knows what they mean to a suhagan. Bhavani leaves her hand and stands frowning. Mansi says let us perform holika’s parikrama/revolving around fire. Bhavani says he is right. Chavans perform holika’s parikrama. Pakhi gets jealous seeing Sai walking behind Viratt. Sai taunts Virat that they are dong parikrama and not performing wedding pheras again; she prays god to give her strength to ward off negativity for her in her husband’s heart. After performing pooja, Chavans try to enter home.

Sai stops them and asks them to take her also in. She sees decoration and if its for her welcome. Bhavani says if she knew Sai is coming, she wouldn’t have decorated the house. Omkar says her presence will bring amavasya. Sai taunts she loves them all chanting her name.Ashwini asks them to ignore Sai, performs graha pravesh pooja and asks everyone to enter in now. Virat asks if he can go and rest. She says he can and thanks him for attending the ritual. Sai tries to walk behind Virat, but Bhavani pulls her out and threatens to call police and kick her out of the locality. Karishma silently keeps graha pravesh thali and rice bowl at the entrance. Sai tells Bhavani that she cannot do that. Pulkit backs her. Bhavani yells that he shouldn’t interfere as she hasn’t accept even him yet and warns to stay out of it. Omkar threatens Sai next. Sai says she herself will call police, calls control room and asks to send a few policemen as there is a dispute at ACP Chavan’s house.

Omkar says she is using her old trick of calling fake police and says he himself will real police.Police reaches and asks if there is any problem. Sonali asks if he is a real police officer. Inspector says yes and asks Sai how is she and if there is any problem. She says she is fine, Virat is resting inside. He asks how filed complaint. Sai asks Omkar who filed complaint and asks inspector to tell what is the punishment to forcefully evicting a wife from her house. Inspector says they will be prosecuted and sent to jail for 3 years, asks how can Virat’s family trouble her when she risked her life and saved Virat’s life. Karishma tells Sonali that she doesn’t want to go to jail. Sai asks Sonali to chat loudly. Inspector asks who is troubling her. Sai says her in-laws lover her immensely. Sonali says she really loves Sai. Sai asks if its wrong to demand a dignified life at her sasural. Inspector says its her right. Sai asks Omkar if he has any complaint.

Bhavani apologizes inspector for disturbing him and requests to leave. Sai gifts him festival sweets and drops him out.Sonali comments that Sai shut everyone’s mouth. Pakhi says Sai uses her brain and escapes every time. Sai returns and asks if they have any other complaint. Sai says she cannot forcefully enter their house and hearts. Sai says she will take one step at time, first she will enter their house and then their hearts. She unknowingly steps on kumkum water thali and enters kicking rice bowl in. Devi says Sai performed graha pravesh. Sai says at last aayi/Ashwini performed her graha pravesh. Bhavani says its not. Devi reminds her performing similarly Sai and Virat’s graha pravesh earlier. Bhavani scolds Karishma for keeping the graha pravesh items at door. Sonali blames Sai. Sai says its not her, Karishma, or Devi’s mistake but Bappa’s wish. Mansi tells Bhavani that they are angry on Sai, but whatever happening is god’s wish. Bhavani fumes. Sai says she performed her graha pravesh at last. Family walks in frowning.

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