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Lost in Love 28 November 2022: Shruti meets Virat and asks how is he now, she was afraid seeing him falling from a tree on landmines and thought he wouldn’t survive. He asks how is Saransh She says he is find and where he should be. He says he warned her not visit jungle at any cost. She asks how could she let a person and his wife die who saved her and her son. He says Sai is not his wife now. She says god sends a few relationships on earth which won’t end due to some papers, she knows how much he and Sai love each other. He says he doesn’t want to talk about it. She says she will have love for him only in her heart and just wants him to get back his happiness. He says he wants her and Sahas to be happy, he spoke t DIG sir who promised to shift them to an NGO. She says he is only giving her till now. He says it was also someone else’s wish whose name he doesn’t want to take. She asks if its Sai. He asks her not to take Sai’s name and think of Sahas’ future. She holds his hand emotionally and kisses it. He pulls it back. She says she is starting her life afresh, even he should move on with Sai. He says he doesn’t want to talk about it. She asks him to get well soon. He hopes her and Sahas’ lives are filled with happiness and asks her to inform him if she neds anything.

Shruti is about to get into police car when Sai stops her and says she wanted to apologize her. Shruti says even she wanted to thank her for speaking to DIG and getting a new life for her and her son. Sai says its her right and apologizes her again saying she apologized even Virat, but he didn’t and at least she should. Shruti says it was not her fault as any woman wouldn’t like to see her husband’s name looked with another woman and her baby. Sai cries that she and Virat were best friends, remembering their happier days. Shruti says even Virat used to say same, and whenever she used to ask if his wife doesn’t have any problem if he visits her at night, he used to say that his wife trusts him and is too good. Sai hopes she would have trusted Virat and listened to Shruti earlier, now Virat hates her and doesn’t want to see her face. Shruti asks if she will give up so easily without trying. Sai says her Aaba would have said same, she sparked a ray of hope in her heart now.

Shruti says she should go to Virat with his spark of hope. Sai says she will now see how Virat will send her away from him.Dr. Patil checks Vriat’s report and says he is progressing well and soon will be discharged soon. Virat asks if someone is waiting for him outside. Dr. Patil says seeing his anger, his whole family left except his parents who are waiting to see him; he is really lucky to have such a loving family. Virat says he has lost hope on relationships and he doesn’t like crowd now. Ninad and Ashwini feel sad hearing that. Sunny meets Virat next and says uncle and aunty are waiting outside since morning and others don’t have courage to come here. Virat asks about Sai. Sunny says she is not seen around hospital and asks if he wants to meet her, he will call her. Virat says Sai is stubborn and will not give up easily. Sunny says Sai doesn’t have courage to meet him again.

Ward boy brings modak prasad for Virat. Virat tastes it and remembers Sai’s prepared modak. Ward boy clicks his pic and sends it to Sai. Sai thinks her modak had a modak, now he had her prepared modak and soon will have food with her soon. Ward boy asks if he didn’t like it. Virat says it reminded him of someone. After a few days, nurse informs Virat that Dr. Patil informed her to keep him under observation today and discharge him tomorrow. Sunny tells him that Chavan family will be very happy seeing him as he will go back home. He asks whose house. At Chavan nivas, Bhavani asks Ninad when is Virat getting discharged. Ninad says tomorrow. Ashwini brings tiffin for Virat. Ninad asks why she takes tiffin for Virat when he doesn’t even want to see their face. Ashwini asks how can she convince a mother. Sonali asks her not to worry as Virat will return home tomorrow. Whole family rejoices and eagerly wait to meet Virat. Pakhi says Sai was the only problem in Virat’s life and now she is gone. Karishma asks if Virat will return home tomorrow after discharge.


Virat tells Ashwini that he will return home. Ashwini gets happy and hugs him. Sai also gets emotional seeing that and tells Pulkit that she had come to convince Virat and seeing them like this, she feels very happy and doesn’t want to spoil this moment. Pulkit says she is right. Virat tellls Ashwini that she gave him birth and a mother-son’s relationship never changes, but if will come to her house to as her son and will live alone in his own house. Mohit gets Shivani’s call and informs family that Virat is found nowhere. Ninad also returns disappointed. Mansi and Bhavani feel sad and hopes Virat returns home soon. Karishma says they don’t know if Virat will return home or not. Devi scoldss her and says Veeru will return home for sure. Virat tells Ashwini that he wants to forget what they all did, but he cannot forget it; asks how could Ashwini question her own upbringing.

Samrat tells Virat that family will shower their love on him and he will forget all his complaints. Virat says if family that is called family, he doesn’t need it and says he doesn’t have any place in his heart for them and or anything related to them and only if they agree to his condition, he will return home. Pulkit tells Sai that he thought Virat will forgive family. Sai says the way he is being treated by family and her, he will not forgive them easily. Ashwini tells Virat that she will be seeing at least in front of him. Virat asks Sunny to pack his belongings. Pulkit says looking at Virat, it looks like if he will forgive his family or not. Sai says however tough the destiny is, they can take only 1 step at a time. She decides to stay at Chavan Nivas to take care of Virat. Pulkit shocked says the way family was behaving with her, it doesn’t look like Chavans will let her even step into their house. Sai says Chavans will have to welcome here.

Devi tells Bhavani that they will celebrate holi once Veeru returns home. Family continues expressing their concern for Virat. Virat returns home. Devi jumps in happiness seeing him back home. Each family member feel elated seeing him. Pakhi hopes her wish is fulfilled this holi as Sai is not present as a hurdle. Bhavani sees Ashwini’s sad face and says she should dance in happiness as her son returned home. Ashwini says she brought not Virat but his shadow home. Sonali asks what is the problem. Samrat says there is a problem which they gave Virat. Family gets confused, and Ninad asks Virat what do they both mean. Virat says he will stay here like a stranger and neither them nor him will interfere in their lives.

Bhavani asks what is he saying. Virat says a few cracks cannot be filled at all, his body wounds have healed but mind wounds haven’t and he cannot act. Pakhi asks why can’t he stay at home like before. Virat says he gave up seeing his mother’s tears.Family continues showing their concern and requests Virat to attend pooja at least for his mother’s side. Ashwini asks Virat if he is tired, he should go and rest. Virat heads towards his room. Pakhi asks Virat to inform her if he needs anything as she is there with him always. He slips while climbing stairs. She holds him and asks to be careful. Samrat watches them silently. After some time, Samrat makes holika dahan arrangements. Pakhi walks to her ready. He confronts her that whole family is tensed and she got ready as if nothing happened.

Pakhi says she is celebrating Virat’s return. He says if not him, she got ready for someone else. She says she got ready for holika dahan. Karishma taunts that she is ready as Virat has returned home and Sai is not present to stop her. Mansi says they used to get ready so well in a traditional Marthi sari and jewelry. Sai is seen getting ready similarly. Pulkit walks in and says he is happy to see Virat celebrating festival and says let us forget what happened. Bhavani says let us start afresh. Devi says she wants to burn holi with Virat, but his hand is in a sling. Pulkit suggests Virat to forgive Sai. Bhavani says with Sai’s departure from home, all the inauspiciousness is gone. Sonali says she is right, they will burn all her belongings and memories from their lives. Sai enters.

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