Lost in love update Tuesday 13 September 2022

Lost in love 13 September 2022: Karishma returns from Sai’s room and informs Chavan family that Sai is not in her room. Sonali asks where is she then. Karishma says its her holiday today, then where did she go. Samrat asks Virat if he knows where is Sai. Bhavani asks Karishma to ask Ashwini where is her dearest DIL. Sai is shown lying unconscious and injured in a pit. Ashwini cuts her finger while cooking and finds Sai’s note in which she writes that she is leaving Chavan Nivas and going to Gadchiroli where she feels close to Aaba, thanks Ashwini for her immense love, apologizes for her mistakes and going without informing her, etc. Ashwini cries vigorously and rushes to inform Virat.

A boy whose life Sai saves looks at Sai. His parents pamper him and pick him up. He gets down and looks at Sai again until they notice her. Ashwini gives Sai’s letter to Virat and informs Chavans that Sai left home forever. Virat angrily crimples letter. Chavans are shocked and Samrat asks when did she go. Ashwini says she told she is going to college. Omkar asks if Sai is pranking them again. Bhavani yells Sai always creates troubles. Sonali backs her. Pakhi realizes that Sai was repeatedly talking about tomorrow for the same reason. Ashwini cries that Sai was repeatedly telling that she found some way out, she didn’t know Sai meant this.

Samrat asks Virat how didn’t he not realize Sai’s plan. Virat says since Sai came to this house, she was repeatedly saying she will leave this house, so he is not surprised even a bit and why Samrat thinks he should be bothered.Boy’s parents plead for help. Sai’s friends reach there and notice her. They get her out of pit and rush in a cab towards hospital. Shivani checks Sai’s room and informs family that Sai’s bags and books are missing. Samrat asks Virat how can he be so careless and not understand Sai’s intentions. Virat says how will he know when she doesn’t open up wit him, she opened up with Devi instead and said its their secret. Devi says Sai told her not to reveal their secret, though she revealed it to Virat and requested him not to let Sai go, but he adamantly denied to stop her.

Virat asks why should she when Sai herself wanted to go. Pakhi supports Virat and asks Samrat why he is questioning Virat when Sai is at mistake, she herself tried to convince Sai to attend pooja many times and Sai adamantly denied, she is following her elder bahu’s duty faithfully, etc. Samrat says maybe she didn’t try properly and Sai must not have liked her way, he never forced her to follow her elder bahu duties and wants her to do whatever she wants to willingly by heart. Pakhi says she is willing following her duties. Samrat says he observed that she favors a few elders and disrespects other, he wants to her to respect everyone equally. Ninad asks Samrat why is he blaming Pakhi for Sai’s decision, he is sure she must have gone to Pulkit’s house.

Samrat says she must have not gone there. Ashwini says Sai wrote in a letter that she is going to Gadchiroli. Samrat says she must have gone to bus stop and asks Virat to get car out. Virat says he doesn’t want to go anywhere, its good she left, let her realize how difficult it is to live alone with dear one’s love, let her realize the value of family.Pulkit reaches hospital and asks Sai’s friends about her. They say her condition is critical and she is being treated by Dr. Karmarkar. Pulkit says Sai is a brave girl and she will be fine. They say Sai’s cab driver told he was dropping her to bus stop with her bags, did Sai inform him about it. Pulkiit thinks Sai didn’t inform her, it means she didn’t inform even Chavan family. Back at Chavan house, Ashwini asks Virat why he is speaking bitter for Sai.

Virat says he is tired of Sai’s stubbornness since a few days and took back her Aaba’s documents saying she will handle it from hereon, he let her do whatever she wanted to and didn’t get anything in return. Omkar yells that she was planning it since long and should have informed them at least. Bhavani yells next and asks who helped Sai pack her bags. Devi sasy she did. Virat tells Ashwini that this is Sai’s truth and she misused Devi. Devi says she helped Sai willingly as she was in pain. Samrat asks why didn’t she informed them. Devi says Sai took her promise and locked it with tara ram pam key and explains it. Pakhi tells Virat that she told him that there is something cooking between Sai and Devi. Devi says Sai had helped her once and today she helped Sai.

Bhavani tells Samrat that he is supporting Sai since he returned home, Sai is not a kind person and helps others, truth is she is jealous of other’s happiness. Doctor’s operate Sai.Bhavani tells Samrat that Sai is jealous of other’s happiness and whenever she praises Pakhi, Sai cannot tolerate it. She says he always send Pakhi to Sai and Sai always insults Pakhi always. Ashwini asks what is the use of these talks when Sai has left home permanently and will not return, everyone must be happy now. Samrat consoles Ashwini Virat unbothered watches his mother crying. Shivani says Bhavani is right that Sai act as good, she made sins in this house and they should count her sins; first sin is Sai thought of whole family’s happiness, second sin is Sai bought harmonium with her scholarship money to relive his dream, third sin is Sai stopped Virat’s transfer and stopped him from going away from his family and reunited 2 brothers; her last sin is she found Samrat and brought him home when whole family had lost hope, she shouldn’t be forgiven for reuniting a mother with her son and a wife with her husband; there are many more sins which she cannot reveal.

Samrat asks Bhavani what she wants to say now. Bhavani yells Shivani is blindfolded by Sai’s magic. Shivani says everyone cannot understand Sai’s kindness, they just see her small mistakes. Virat taunts she is right, there was no drama at all with Sai’s small mistakes. Shivani asks him to tell one mistake just because of Sai; in recent mistake, if he had not locked Sai in a room, she wouldn’t have gone out via balcony; he is justifying his act instead. Ashwini asks to stop it now and try to bring Sai back home. don’t where Sai is.

Pulkit meets Dr Karmarkar and asks about Sai’s condition. Karmarkar says her condition is very critical and she is terribly injured. Pulkit asks what are they chances of survival. Karmarkar says he can’t say anything now. Pulkit gets worried for Sai. Back at home, Ashwini confronts family to celebrate Sai’s departure. Samrat consoles her and says he will find Sai and bring her back home. Ninad yells that Ashwini is trying provoke everyone. Samrat asks if they don’t want to celebrate Sai’s departure and asks Virat to accompany him to bring Sai back. Virat says its good Sai left, a third person cannot understand what is in 2 people’s mind; Sai was repeatedly saying she wants to leave this house; he tried his best to convince her, but she was adamant; its good she left and let her stay wherever she wants to.

Samrat says he is right that a 3rd person views it as normal, but only 2 people know about truth; he is sad that Virat couldn’t understand Sai who left a family which gives her immense love; he knew Sai and Virat are not in good terms, but he didn’t know things would go to this extent; anyways Sai is the reason for him to return to his house after Sai made him realize his mistake and he wouldn’t have returned home without Sai’s confrontation; if Sai doesn’t return, he will feel as if he is doing a big sin by staying here.Doctors operate Sai while Pulkit and Sai’s friend nervously wait outside OT. Back at home, Pakhi asks Samrat if he forgot his wife as she feels she doesn’t exist to him or he is insulting her. He asks when did he insult her.

She asks if he wants to say that their relationship depends on Sai’s presence in this house. Samrat asks if she can deny the truth that they spent time together because Sai brought him back home. Ninad says Pakhi is not the reason for Sai’s departure, so he shouldn’t blame her. Ninad and Sonali spill venom against Sai as usual. Samrat asks if Sai never did good for this family and asks Virat why couldn’t he clear his differences with Sai and why wasn’t he happy with Sai. Virat says Sai is gone and he doesn’t want to talk about Sai now. Samrat asks if Pakhi is the reason behind his happiness; its better to open up about this issue in Sai’s absence; if Virat also didn’t want him and Pakhi unite as he couldn’t forget Pakhi yet.

Virat shouts enough…and (playing a victim card) says at least he shouldn’t misunderstand him, he clearly informed whole family that he is Pakhi’s just friend, nobody understands his feelings for Sai.Shivani says its good Sai left, even Samrat should return to Mahabaleshwar, Virat is not the same she knew. Virat asks what did he do. She says that is the problem, he is just watching instead of doing something. Bhava warns Shivani not to blame Virat. Omkar blames Sai that she didn’t understand Virat’s feelings. Samrat says sometimes silence speaks a lot, Virat is blaming Sai, but he never tried to express his feelings for Sai. Virat says he cannot tolerate all this and wants to get transfer and go far away from here. Samrat says he cannot do that as people will think he ran away from problem.

Virat says he doesn’t care and asks if he wants him to commit suicide. Pakhi walks closer to Virat and asks him not to say that.

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