Unspoken bond update Tuesday 13 September 2022

Unspoken bond 13 September 2022: The Episode starts with Rajvi asking Toral to go, she has to leave from the house. Nandini looks on. Toral catches Rajvi. Nandini stops her and shouts to Darsh. Darsh takes Rajvi away and asks are you fine. Nandini asks why were you hurting Rajvi. She asks Rajvi is there anything, why did you talk to Toral in anger. Rajvi says let me breathe, then I will say, I saw her alone and came to drop her to room, she did this. She goes.

Darsh says we also want her to go to her family, but they aren’t answering. Nandini says Toral has a child for sure. Rajvi asks what does that band prove, maybe she has stolen it from someone. Nandini says no, I had called and asked the hospital, they confirmed that Toral’s delivery happened there 28 years back, he told me that you had gone there today. Rajvi asks are you spying on me today, I went there to book a bed for Charmy, her delivery is close. Darsh says she isn’t spying, she means to say that…. Vipul says keep quiet, your mum is so stressed out. Darsh says we thought Toral is from a poor family, if her delivery happened in a big hospital, then it means she is from a well to do family.

Rajvi says find her family later, Shobit’s marriage is there, prepare for it, its an imp day for us. Rajvi thinks sorry Nandini, I have to keep you away from this. Darsh asks Shobit to try the sherwani. Shobit says its not needed. Darsh says its needed. Shobit says its a big change for Charmy and me, I couldn’t keep Gunjan happy, I wish Charmy stays happy with me. Darsh says yes, she will be happy, you have to put efforts.Shobit asks why did Lord do this with you, why can’t you become a dad. Darsh says that’s fine, Nandini and I are happy, you focus on Charmy, stay happy. Shobit says I have the best brother in the whole world. They hug.

Charmy asks Mrs. Patel why is the family lying, didn’t Toral work here as Nanny. Mrs. Patel says I have checked at the agency, no Nanny was there named Toral. Charmy says they are hiding a secret, I have to stop my marriage by taking a big step, I want your help. Mrs. Patel says you can act to fall sick. Charmy says yes, they won’t force me for marriage. Parul shows the hand impressions on the wall. Toral comes to put the hand impressions. Parul stops her. Nandini asks her to go. She sees the hand impressions of someone else on the wall. She asks whose hand impressions are these. Rajvi calls Charmy and says don’t call me aunty or MIL, just Nandini calls me MIL, you call me mom, I m inviting Guru ji in your marriage, I want Guru ji to chant the mantras. Charmy worries.

Rajvi says this is our ancestral jewellery, I want you to wear this. Charmy says give this letter to me, I will give this to Guru ji. She thinks if Guru ji doesn’t come, then marriage won’t happen. Charmy tries the jewellery. She takes some medicine. Nandini comes to her room. She smiles seeing the decorations. Darsh hugs her. She asks what’s all this. He says I will show you something, I was thinking to perform in Shobit and Charmy’s marriage, we will enact their love story. She says your idea is good, I started wearing heels now, how will I dance. He says don’t worry. He makes her wear heels. They dance on Wo rang bhi…. They smile.

Shobit says come fast, something happened to Charmy. They go to see. Shobit asks why isn’t she removing the jewellery. Nandini says maybe she tried the jewellery and got this metal allergy reaction. Charmy thinks now they will postpone the marriage. Darsh calls the doctor for Charmy. Charmy says I was excited for the marriage, we have to postpone it now. Shobit says just rest, okay. Darsh says don’t worry, we are here, you will be fine.Shobit says I read that antidote can’t be given to a pregnant girl, we have to let the fever subside in a day. Darsh says its fine, we will postpone the marriage.

Nandini says but it was a good mahurat. Charmy says I can’t marry in this state. Nandini thinks to call Naveen and ask. She thinks of Charmy. Darsh says doctor is coming. Charmy says I have a breathing problem also. Toral comes to the room and calls out Nandini. She sees the jewellery. She recalls herself. She says its mine, right. Nandini looks on.Darsh saying Charmy you will be fine. Nandini says Naveen told me about this medicinal paste, you will be fine. Shobit asks did he talk to you. She says he is a Vaid, time heals all the wounds, I will apply this lep. Charmy says no. Shobit asks what’s the harm, Naveen is a good Vaid. Darsh says yes, get the lep applied.

Charmy thinks I will get it applied if Darsh is saying, this lep won’t make me fine. Nandini applies the lep to her. Shobit says the rashes marks are getting less. Nandini smiles. Shobit checks Charmy and says fever also got less, lep has worked. Darsh says your marriage won’t get postponed, now everything okay. They smile. Charmy thinks they will plan the marriage again, what shall I do now.Rajvi cries and prays for her family. She says send Toral away, make everything fine. Toral comes. She says I remember my name, Toral Rawal. Rajvi and Vipul get shocked. Rajvi says my family will break, leave me. She runs out. He asks her to stop. He stops Toral and asks her to come with him.

She throws juice at him. It falls over her. He says come, you have to clean your clothes. Nandini comes and asks how did you get this necklace. Toral says I remember my name, Toral. Vipul says we all know it, how did she come out of the room. Nandini asks what’s the surname. Toral thinks. Vipul gets angry. Nandini says I will take her to the room. He follows and looks on. He says this had to happen today, I have to call Rajvi and ask her where did she go in anger, is she fine. Darsh stops him. Vipul says Toral did something in front of Rajvi. Darsh says you and mum are upset since she came, Nandini and I could have kept her with a nurse at a guesthouse, we chose to keep her here, did we do wrong. Vipul cries.

He says you don’t misunderstand me and your mum, we know Toral is in pain, she needs treatment, we want her to get fine, since she came here, everything is going wrong. Darsh says yes, I understand, but dad, is there anything you are hiding from me. Vipul says if I tell you the truth, then will you misunderstand us, will you trust me.Darsh says I can blindly trust you and mum, tell me, what’s bothering you. Vipul says actually…. He thinks its not the right time. He says I can’t see tears in Rajvi’s eyes, she gave everything to her family, since Toral came here, Rajvi didn’t eat or sleep well, I m very hurt seeing her, agree to send Toral away for Rajvi’s sake.

Darsh says okay, I will talk at some mental facility, is this the matter, why do I feel that you are hiding something from me. Vipul says nothing like that. He goes. Darsh thinks.Parul talks to her friend. Vini comes. Parul says I got a dress for you, ask Nandini to make you wear it for Shobit’s marriage. Vini says you are also my mumma, you make me wear it. Parul asks what did you say. Vini says Nandini said KJ has two mummas, Yashoda and Devki, I will call you big mumma from today. Parul cries and hugs her. Vini says Nandini taught this to me, but I decided it. Chetan comes and sees Parul crying. He asks why are you crying, are you okay.

Vini says big Papa has come. He asks what. She says I can’t explain, do the needful. Parul says Nandini taught her that she has two mummas now, Nandini and me, I felt that relations aren’t kept by signing papers, relations are earned, if I forced Nandini and adopted Vini, then could Vini accept me, never, we are not childless now, we got a cute daughter now. She hugs Vini. They smile. Parul says come, I will make you ready. Toral says I won’t give this necklace.Nandini says its Charmy’s, give it to her, I will get jewellery. She gets other jewellery.

She takes the necklace from Toral. Toral says its mine. Nandini asks Jinal to feed something to Toral. She thinks am I making a mistake by keeping Toral here, I will talk to doctor once. Charmy asks the goon to kidnap Shobit, he shouldn’t come back home. Goon says sure. She gives Shobit’s pic. She gets Mrs. Patel’s call. She says I just had this way to stop the marriage, Shobit will get away from my way, I will make Nandini out and get Darsh, I don’t love Shobit, you will publish news of Shobit’s disappearance, you can insult them as much as you want. Rajvi gets down the car. She gets shocked. Charmy thinks did she hear everything. Rajvi looks at Charmy. She sees the goon in driver’s disguise. She goes inside the house. Charmy says I have to do something of her.

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