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Lost in love 23 June 2022: Ashwini while cooking in kitchen asks Sai if Virat liked her gift. Sai asks which one, she gave him 2 gifts, one good one and another to frighten him, and laughs saying she should have seen his face when he got afraid. Ashwini asks if she likes pulling Virat’s legs. Sai says yes. Pakhi gets jealous hearing their conversation. She takes tea and serves them to Bhavani and her team. Door bell rings. She opens door, finds a letter lying on floor and picks it. Bhavani asks who was it. Pakhi says don’t know, she saw a letter on floor sent to Bhavani by some Sangeeta Deshpande. Bhavani says she is hearing this name for the first time. Pakhi reads letter Sangeeta’s letter that she is writing this letter to Chavan family members to reprise them of a truth, her name is Sangeeta Desphpande and she is a wife of Dr. Pulkit Deshphande. Everyone are shocked hearing that. Even Sai is shocked and says she is mistaken as Pulkit is not like that. Pakhi says she is reading what is written. Omkar says Pulkit lied to them. Ashwini says why would Pulkit do that as he is very excited to marry Devi and sent her gifts. Bhavani says masta masta, he is trying to fool them with gifts.

Saloni backs her and says his wife’s letter proves that Pulkit is a liar. Virat walks down and asks why they look tensed. Ninad says Pulkit’s wife has sent a letter. Virat asks why they are tensed reading Devi tai’s letter. Omkar says some Sangeeta Deshphande sent this letter who wrote that she is Pulkit’s wife. Ashwini asks Pakhi who gave her this letter. Pakhi says she found it on floor. Sai says someone tricked them and wrote a false letter. Bhavani says Pulkit is a liar who came to take revenge from them, asks Pakhi to continue reading. Pakhi reads that Pulkit must have come to them and lied that he is Devi’s husband, but she is Pulkit’s wife; they met in college and married, just after a few days she saw his angry form and heard him telling repeatedly that Bhavani and her family kicked him out of house as he was their servant and loved their daughter Devi, they insulted him a lot and he would take revenge from them for sure, and now when he has become a big doctor, he wants to take revenge from them by calling himself as their daughter’s husband. She says Bhavani that her doubt is right.

Bhavani says she should explain others as she has seen the world, that servant wants to take revenge from them. Ninad says Pulkit’s supporter in this house itself and asks Virat to think of Devi’s happiness before taking any decision. Sai says Virat is thinking of Devi’s happiness. Ninad in a rudest manner one can shouts to shut up as he is speaking to his son. Sai says his son is her husband and when its a question of Devi’s happiness, she will not compromise; she suggests Virat to speak to Pulkit regarding this. Ninad yells Pulkit has left his advocate to support him and asks Pakhi to complete the letter. Pakhi continues reading that she tolerated Pulkit’s anger and misbehavior thinking he is not a bad man and loves him a lot, but her trust broke when a woman named Madhuri came in Pulkit’s life and he kicked her out of house once Madhuri entered his life; he stays with Madhuri lying to the world that she is his sister, but is having an illicit affair with her. Sai says this is utter rubbish and someone wrote this letter to defame Pulkit sir. Bhavani asks if Pulkit stays with Madhuri. She says yes. Bhavani tells Virat that each word written in this letter is true. Sai says its wrong as Pulkit supported Madhuri as she was in a problem. Virat tells Bhavani that Sa is right, even he met Madhuri and felt she is a dignified woman. Sai says someone is trying to defame Pulkit. Ashwini says when Sai and Virat met Madhuri, they should trust them. Bhavani yells at her to stop her nonsense and tells Virat that she heard this news long ago and now its confirmed.

Pakhi says there is more written in it and reads that she wrote this letter to alert them and protect Devi from losing her mental balance more, they shouldn’t discuss about this letter to anyone. Bhavani thanks god for saving them from this big problems and says she feels each word of this letter is true. Sai says there is a difference between truth and trying to prove right, asks Virat why don’t he comment. Ninad yells that she is forcing Virat now and wants him to get Devi married to Pulkit. Saloni yells how will they handle Devi now as she is having a high hope now. Mohit asks why are they coming to a conclusion without finding if this letter is true or not, Sai knows Pulkit and even visited his house, so this letter may be wrong. Omkar yells to shut his mouth as he clearly sees this letter is true and asks Virat to shut his wife’s mouth. Sai says just like brass will not become gold with gold polish, lie won’t become truth if its decorated with words. Pakhi says its time to use brain than tongue, she wanted Devi’s happiness, then why can’t see Pulkit living with another woman and his wrong intention to marry Devi. Sai says even its possible that someone is trying to defame Pulkit, nobody wants to Pulkit and Devi’s marriage and are blindly trusting this anonymous letter; she wants Sangeeta’s address to confirm it. Pakhi says there is no address and Sangeeta mentioned not to contact her, so she didn’t write her address. Sai says without phone number or address, its proved that this letter is written to stop Devi and Pulkit’s marriage and each word in this letter is wrong.

Virat says she is right, but they cannot ignore this letter as its a question of Devi’s life.Ashwini suggests Sai to go to college and discuss with Pulkit about this letter. Sais says she will call Pulkit right now and confirm. Pakhi snatches her mobile and says Pulkit will plainly deny that he knows Sangeeta as he is not a fool.Virat says Pakhi is right and if this letter is right, Pulkit will get alert; he wants to enquire and find out if Pulkit really married Sangeeta Deshpande or not, only then he will decide about this letter. Sai says but.. Ashwini asks her to let Virat do his job as she is sure that this letter is wrong. Virat says he will bring truth of this letter out, till then Sai shouldn’t speak to Pulkit regarding it. Sai says this letter is a conspiracy to stop Devi and Pulkit’s marriage. Ninad yells at her to throw Pulkit’s gifts on his face. Pahi asks Sai that she brought Pulkit home for Devi’s happiness, Devi’s happiness will turn into mourning if she finds out truth. Virat says let him enquire about this letter and then decide about wedding, till then nobody will speak to Devi about it; he is getting late and will lave. Bhavani yells at Sai that this all is happening because of her and warns her to dare not come near Devi. Ninad says she will be responsible if something happens to Devi. Saloni backs him. Sai hopes this letter is wrong as she doesn’t want Devi’s happiness to be lost again.


Bhavani warns Devi to stop thinking about marriage and throws her gifts down. Devi pleads not to touch her gifts. Sai enters and asks what is she doing. Bhavani says her daughter’s betterment. Sai asks by making Devi cry. Bhavani says true tears are better than fake hopes. Ashwini enters and reminds Bhavani that Virat told them not to discuss about it with Devi, even then. Bhavani yells her son orders many things to Sai, but she opposes them and she never questioned Sai. Devi complains Sai that her bad aayi threw all gifts, she should scold aayi. Sai says she will bring her more gifts. Devi says she needs these as her husband sent them. Bhavani yells her husband is a bad man. Aayi says her husband is not bad. Sai reminisces Virat’s words to let them enquire about letter first and then they will decide about Devi and Pulkit’s wedding. She angrily walks away from there. Ashwini consoles Devi saying Sai will speak to Pulkit and get better gifts from him. Bhavani yells not to take Pulkit’s name and walks away.Virat reaches bank and remembers meeting Madhuri there. He meets manager and says he needs some information about Dr. Pulkit’s account. Manager says he cannot give anyone’s account details like this. He says he knows about it, but its for a serious case. Manager agrees and shows him account details. Rudra sees account nominee as Harini and guardian Madhuri Pathak. He asks manager to call his clerk. Manager calls clerk Ashok. He asks Ashok if he knows Madhuri. Clerk asks if he is talking about a lady comes on behalf of Dr. Pulkit. He says yes. Clerk says she comes regularly sometimes alone and sometimes with daughter. He asks if she is talking about Harini. Clerk says yes, they both are very nice.

He asks if Harini is Madhuri’s daughter. Clerk says of course, else why will Harini call Madhuri as maa. He thanks clerk and sends him away, thinks if letter is right and Pulkit is having an illegal affair with Madhuri, why Pulkit told Sai that Harini is his and Devi’s daughter and what if she is Pulkit and Madhuri’s daughter and Pulkit returned to take revenge from them, but Madhuri told she is Pulki’t sister.Sai returns to college with Pulkit’s gift thinking if letter is right and Pulkit is acting as good, she needs to talk to him; she then reminisces Virat’s warning not to inform Pulkit about the letter till he enquires about it and thinks she needs to talk to Pulkit though. Pulkit sees and calls her, but she walks lost in thoughts. She stops him and asks where is she lost, if she is fine. She says she is fine, what about him. He says he is super excited to marry Devi after meeting her after 10 years, sees gifts in her hands and asks why is she returning them. Sai asks if he ever lied to her.Virat gets Pakhi’s call who says family is tensed after letter issue, so she called to know if he found out anything about the letter. He thinks he shouldn’t tell her about Harini and Madhuri and says he will enquire about it first. She says he should soon as they cannot trust Sai as she trusts Pulkit more than Virat. He asks her not to worry as even Sai will not let Pulkit and Devi’s marriage happen if letter is true, so let him enquire about letter first. She says he should remember that if truth is hidden in the dust of time, it will be difficult to get it out. Bhavani hears Pakhi’s conversation.

Sai asks Pulkit to take Harini’s oath and tell if he married someone else than Devi. He takes Harini and Mahadev’s oath and says he married only Devi, asks why is she questioning this. She asks if he knows any Sangeeta Deshpande. He asks what does she mean. She says they got a letter which says Sangeeta Deshpande is his wife and he is having an illicit relationship with Madhuri. He says they met in this college by chance, but she cannot wrongly allege him. She says its all written in that letter. He asks who is Sangeeta Desphande and why did she write all this.She says she doesn’t know who sent that letter, Virat has taken oath to find out truth about it. He asks if she thinks he will marry someone and betray her. She says she trusts him, but family is angry on him after reading the letter, Bhavani sent these gifts back, etc. He asks Sangeeta’s phone number and address. He says this proves that someone is conspiring against him. She says she wants to trust him, but until truth is out, she can’t tell anything. He cannot take back gifts and to prove his truth takes her to admin office and shows his employee details file with his wife’s name mentioned as Devyani.She apologizes him. He asks not to as he knows there is a lot of pressure from family on her. She says that letter ruined his imagine. He says he can understand. Virat reaches college, but gets a call from police station and returns back. Pulkit asks Sai to take back gifts. Sai asks him to give them to Devi. He says he will not delay in marrying Devi now.She says let Virat enquire about letter first, she is sure that truth will in a battle of truth and lies.

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