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Bridal Material 25 June 2022: Meera fumes that Vivan lied and betrayed her, how can he, why did he do that. She reminisces Vivan trying to divert her attention and saying she is just imagining things and shouts it is truth of Vivan’s past. She searches some box in cupboad and does not find it, thinks she kept it here, then where did it go. She realizes she found burnt photo in corridor, that means Vivan burnt it. She walks to corridor to search clue and finds box hidden in ground. She finds Vivan and Paromita’s different photos and cries more realizing Vivan betrayed her.

Biji searches Meera in home and asks Dolly to inform Meera to apply maata’s sindhoor on her forehead via Vivan Vivan enters. Biji givs him sindoor and asks to apply it on Meera’s forehead. He walks to Meeera’s room and seeing her serious thinks she must have found out truth, he has to divert her attention. He walks to her and tries to divert her attention, then sees box and asks if she is angry, switches off light and walks closer to her. She walks away. He shows maata’s sindhoor. She stops him and shouts he is a murderer and betrayer. Vivan says Paromita is his friend’s girlfriend and not his. Meera asks what about his named tatoo on Paromita’s neck. He says his friend’s name is also Vivan and they befriended because of same name, Paromita is his friend’s girlfriend.

Meera thinks if he is lying again and says she wants to believe whatever he is saying, but truth is different. Vivan tries to explain, but she says she cannot trust him and why should she when she sees him with Paromita, she will find out truth.

Meera confronts Vivan and says she will find out truth and hopes she is proved wrong as she does not want to lose Vivan. She then returns to her room and falls asleep. She then dreams about a masked man hiding a file in locker and fixing painting on wall.

She wakes up and thinks she has to go and find out clue. She reaches Paromita’s bungalow and searches for clue. Sh finds same painting in a room and removes it, finds a wall behind, breaks it and finds locker. She tries different combinations to open locker, Vivan’s birth date, her birth date, Amaya’s birth date, etc.., and finally tries her and Vivan’s wedding date and locker opens. She finds Paromita’s diary in it. Masked man enters holding gun.

Meera hides. Man slips and falls on ground and finds wall debris, then opens locker and does not find diary. He searches whole room. Meera hides under tables and escapes with diary. Masked man runs behind. Meera runs out of building and at a far secluded place reads Paromita’s diary that how much she loved Vivan and mad behind him. She determines to expose Vivan’s love story in front of everyone.

Next morning, Meera takes Soni Kudi Academy/SKA’s responsibility. Dolly enters and says she forgot to have sweet curd and feeds Meera. A lady enters with her daughter. Daughter says she wants to play kabbadi. Meera reminisces her days. Lady says she wants her step-daughter Tulika to learn to become a perfect bahu at SKA. Daughter insists to attend kabbaddi match. Meera says they will do whatever Tulika likes and asks mother to fill admission form.

In the evening, SKA’s reopening party starts. Meera walks in wearing a beautiful gown. Guests clap for her. Vivan stands mesmerized with her beauty. Meera says she is here to fulfill her MIL’s dream and with a drama artist starts enacting Paromita and Vivan’s love story on Ek Haseena Thi…song… Finally actor shoots Meera and she falls down. Vivan shouts he did not shoot..


During Meera’s drama performance when actor shoots Meera with fake gun, Vivan shouts he did not shoot. Everyone stand confused. Meera silently slips off and calls Vivan as Paromita and asks him to meet her where they met last time. He nervously says she is dead. She warns to come to their usual place, else proof will be out. Vivan reaches Paromita’s house and asks who is she, why called her. Paromita walks down stairs saying she has returned. Vivan stands shocked and asks how can she be alive, he himself..Meera says he killed Paromita, she wanted to hear that. Vivan realizes it is Meera and not Paromita.

Meera asks why did he kill her. Vivan says he did not kill her. Meera asks then why did he run behind her and shot her, Paromita loved him truly, but he shot her. She runs out saying she cannot love a man who murdered someone. Vivan runs behind her and asks what is she saying. She says he shot her and runs towards speeding truck. Vivan shouts Paromita stop, I will do whatever you say. Meera stops and returns to him and says he told truth now and asks if he remembers he ran behind his would be wife and shot her.

Vivan says he ran behind Paromita with gun, but did not shoot her, someone else might have. Meera says he always lied, how to trust him, she will never trust a man who broke a girl’s trust and will not apply sindhoor from his hand, she hates him. Vivan pleads not to do that, he loves her a lot and can do anything to regain her trust. She asks to get proof of his innocence first, then she will think.

Vivan and Meera return home and sleep on their beds. Rabba…song..plays in the background. Meera dreams of Vivan shooting her, but a masked person with tatto on her hand and nail polish on her fingers shooting Paromita, murderer drops gun and escapes. Vivan runs to Paromita and asks what happened to her. Paromita says she wanted to get mangalsutra from her hand, but got shot from same hand, she will return and history will repeat. Vivan sees gun on floor. Paromita dies. Meera gets out of sleep and thinks who that lady was who shot Paromita, if Vivan is innocent or if she is getting influenced by Vivan, tomorrow she will find out truth at police station.

Meera reaches police station where inspector takes out Vivan’s file and says Vivan was present at venue but did not shoot Paromita. Vivan enters RTO office on whose CCTV camera murder incident was captured and pleads officer to give him CCTV footage, but officer kicks him out. Vivan returns disguised as police officer and gets CCTV footage. Inspector tells Meera that Vivan was proven innocent via lie detector and CCTV footage, still they did not catch real murderer. Meera returns home and thinks if Vivan is really innocent. Vivan returns and shows CCTV footage to her and says he brought proof for her so that she should doubt him again, he told her that she will feel guilty when she finds out truth. He rejected Paromita as he loved Meera then, now it is better he leaves this place as she did not trust him. He leaves. Meera feels guilty for doubting Vivan. She runs to Vivan and pleads him to forgive him.

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