lost in Love update Thursday 23 February 2023

Lost in love 23 February 2023: MLA Gulab Rao’s goons kidnap Savi and flee in a bike. Virat assures Sai to bring back Savi safely. Sai says she will Vinayak also will accompany him. They follow goon’s bike. A few other bikes join and goon’s bike disappears. Sai gets more concerned. Virat assures her to find out Savi at any cost. Pakhi looks at Vinayak’s adoption papers and recalls the event when she and Virat adopted Vinayak. Orphanage manger tells them that she is happy that they are adopting a physically challenged boy. Virat says he will take good care of Vinayak and will get him treated. Manager says Vinayak will get good parents.

Virat reveals that his wife died some time ago and Pakhi is not his wife. Manager says as per orphanage rules, only a married couple can adopt a baby.
Virat informs the issue to his family. Sonali suggests him to marry then. Ashwini says they should find a girl who can consider Vinayak as her own child and support Virat. Ninad suggests Pakhi’s name and tells Pakhi that both she and Virat have gone through the cruelty of life and should marry and support each other. Out of flashback, Pakhi looks at her and Vriat’s wedding pic and tries to applies sindhoor in her hairline. Sindhoor falls down. She walks out to the living in tension and bumps on Harini.

Harini’s tab falls down and breaks. Harini yells at her. Ashwini warns Harini to behave with her aunt. Harini continues to hell. Pakhi says she needs sindhoor as her sindhoor bottle fell down. Bhavani says she need not worry as its not abshagun. Sai tells Virat that she is sure Gulab Raokidnapped Savi. Goons transfer Savi into Gulab Rao’s car and drive her away. Harini arrogantly asks why they are worried for an inexpensive make up item and creating ruckus. Shivani says indoor is not just a makeup item, its a symbol of marriage, etc. Pakhi recalls having an emotional conversation with Virat and convincing him for marriage.

Family gets them married. Ashwini reveals how Virat married Pakhi. Harini asks when Virat loves Sai so much, why did he marry Pakhi. Ashwini warns her not to take Sai’s name again. Harini asks if Virat forgot Sai’s name. Gulab Rao says he will teach Sai a nice lesson now. Pakhi calls Virat and gets tensed when he doesn’t pick call. Ashwini asks her to relax as he must be busy in Vinayak’s treatment. Sai says she is sure Gulab Rao kidnapped Savi and calls him. Gulab Rao denies to have kidnapped Savi and accuses of being careless towards her daughter trying to help others.

He disconnects call and asks driver to head towards their usual ground. Savi is sure about Gulab Roa kidnapping Savi. Virat says if he can find Gulab Rao’s location somehow. Savi sends live location via Gulab Rao’s mobile. Sai informs Virat and asks if he is having a same mobile number to forward the link. Virat says he hasan’t changed at all, but she has changed and even changed her number. Gulab Roa reaches the ground and hands Savi in air via a crane. Savi calls Sai and Virat for help. Sai reaches location and is shocked to see Savi hanging in air.

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