Lost in Love update Friday 24 February 2023


Lost in love 24 February 2023: MLA Gulab Rao hangs Savi in air on a crane and video messages Sai threaning her to leave Gadchiroli if she wants her daughter back. Virat with Sai and Vinayak reaches there. Savi pleads Sai and Virat to save her. Gulab Rao taunts Virat that police reached the spot for the first time at the right time. Sai shouts at Gulab Rao to free her daughter. Gulab Rao asks if she didn’t watch his video where his daughter is pleading to agree to Gulab uncle’s demand. Sai rushes towards Savi. Virat stops her and assures that he will save Savi. Gulab Rao continues his dialogues and drama.

Virat warns he will kill them all if something happens to Savi. Sai also says same. Gulab Rao asks if she will jump and save her daughter. Gulab Rao asks Virat why he is risking his life for Sai who has many lovers, if he is the father of Savi. Sai warns him to stop his nonsense and free her daughter. Virat beats goons and runs towards Savi. Gulab Rao threatens to throw Savi down if he touches his men again. He orders his goons to thrash Virat and Savi is safe until he bears torture. Virat punches them, but stops hearing Sai pleading to save their daughter.

Goons trash Virat brutally till he falls unconscious. Sai rushes to him and tries to wake him up. Gulab Rao says its reality and not movie that hero will wake up and beats goons again. Savi pleads Virat to save her. Virat wakes up and starts trashing goons. Sai tries to get the crane operator out, but he pushes her out. Virat trashes all the goons out, then rushes to Sai and asks her to trust him. He tries to get the crane operator out. Pakhi calls Virat. Vinayak picks call and informs about Savi’s kidnap and Virat fighting with goons to save her. Pakhi panics and informs family about it.


Virat throws crane operator out and tries to get Savi down, but finds the lever not working. He asks Sai to hold a rope and asks to be brave if she wants to become a police officer until he reaches her. He climbs rope and jumps down with Savi, saving her safely. Sai rushes to them and pampers Savi emotionally. Virat heads towards goons. Goon shoots at him. He throws a stick at the gun and make it fall down and then trashes Gulab Rao. Pakhi hearing gunshot sound asks Mohit to get the car out soon as she wants to go there.

Goon points a gun at Vinayak and warns Virat to spare Gulab Rao or else he will shoot Vinayak. Sai points another gun at Gulab Rao and warns goon to spare Vinayak or else she will shoot Gulab Rao. Savi throws stone at the goon’s hand and makes him drop the gun. Gulab Rao throws stone at Sai’s hand. Gun falls down. Goon picks gun and shoot at Savi. Virat jumps and protects her.

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