Unspoken Bond update Wednesday 17 August 2022

Unspoken Bond 17 August 2022: The Episode starts with Rajvi saying I will keep my promise. She recalls Charmy telling about Shobit’s child. Rajvi gets shocked. Charmy says I don’t understand, Shobit refused to accept me, I m not putting pressure on you, I don’t want to abort my baby, but how will I get courage to become a single mother, I m so confused, I expected that Shobit will leave his wife for my sake, maybe I got selfish for this child, how shall I get this baby in the world, I can’t tolerate people calling my child illegitimate.Rajvi says don’t say that, I won’t let this happen. Charmy says don’t tell Shobit please. Rajvi says if this baby gets Darsh’s name, if you become Nandini for some days, Darsh thinks you are Nandini. Charmy asks how. Rajvi says please become Darsh’s Nandini, we both are mothers, we have to lie for the sake of our children, I will take your and your baby’s responsibility, its my promise. FB ends. Rajvi asks Charmy to sit. She says you did a big thing for us, Darsh may hate me all life when he knows the truth, don’t worry, we will tell him the truth, you don’t need to do this drama, everything will get fine.

Nandini comes to Rawal house. She recalls the past. Rajvi asks Charmy to stop taking stress. Darsh comes and asks what happened. Rajvi says don’t know what has she eaten, her stomach is paining. Charmy says yes, its because of pizza. He says we will visit a doctor. Rajvi says go to Dr. Mehta. He goes to call. Charmy says doctor will know I m pregnant. Rajvi says relax, Dr Mehta knows everything.Vini likes the big family and plays. Rajvi comes. Vini says I want a big family like yours, my mum cries a lot at night, she doesn’t say but she is alone. Rajvi says this entire family is yours now. Vini says but its incomplete now, it will complete when my mum comes. Rajvi says I hope Vini forgets everything and settles with us. Nandini thinks I have to do this for Vini. She says I will never step inside this house. Rajvi and Vipul come there and talk. Nandini hears them. He says you can’t replace Nandini in Darsh’s life. Rajvi says you have seen Darsh caring for her so much, he took her to the temple and then visit the doctor, Lord gave him a second chance, I can see that he stopped recalling Nandini after this girl came. Nandini gets shocked and says I don’t miss anyone, I have Vini in my life, I don’t need anyone, its good I came here, I got to know that Darsh is at the temple. The flower pots fall.

Rajvi opens the door to see. Nandini runs away. Rajvi and Vipul look out. Rajvi says I felt like I have seen Nandini. He says really sorry to talk about her. She says its okay, go to the temple, tell pandit that we will raise the flag by Nandini’s name, I will stay at home with Vini. Chetan and Parul talk about Vini. He says Vini doesn’t know that Jhunjhunwala is dead, she thinks he went to London. Vini gets shocked. She says mum lied to me, Nanu has died, he will never come back. She faints down. Nandini goes to the temple. She sees Charmy feeling unwell. She tries to help. Charmy feels nausea. Nandini goes to get water. Darsh comes and asks Charmy to have water. Nandini sees him with Charmy. She gets shocked. Darsh asks are you okay. He goes with Charmy. Nandini says it means Darsh has moved on with Charmy, but she was with Shobit. Rajvi taking care of Vini. Nandini cries thinking of Darsh. Rajvi gets Nandini’s mum from the school diary. She calls Nandini. She asks her to come home fast, Vini is unwell, she fainted down, she is taking her name. She asks her to come soon. Nandini worries and says yes. She says I have to go to Rawal house, if anything happens to Vini, then Darsh has to face me. Darsh asks Charmy why is she scared. Charmy says no, I m feeling fine, the doctor will take 2000rs for consultation, I know the value of 2000rs.

He says but Nandini, you are my biggest asset, what will I do if anything happens to you. She smiles and moves her bangles. He smiles. She gets Rajvi’s call. Rajvi says get Darsh home, Vini fainted.Gunjan asks Shobit to do the work, why did he refuse for 5 lakhs. He says I had to do, I will check new entries for sweets competition. He sees Bansuri there. Darsh asks how did Vini faint, why did you call that woman here, she isn’t Ishani, she is a crook. Rajvi says Vini needs her. Charmy checks Vini’s pulse. Darsh turns to see. He says Vini doesn’t know this, that woman is not Ishani, she is a fraud. He asks the new guard to stop Ishani from coming inside the house. Nandini comes. Guard stops her and says you can’t go in, Darsh asked you to stop. Nandini asks did he tell my name, how can he do this, I m Vini’s mum, I have to go inside. He stops her. Rajvi asks Charmy to take care. She says you are a doctor, and I m teaching you. She smiles. Charmy says how would I manage this alone. Rajvi says I will always be with you, I m your MIL, no one can take Nandini’s place, but a mum can have two daughters, I will keep you with me forever. Charmy smiles.

Shobit stops Bansuri from throwing the sweets. He picks the paper. He checks Ishani Jhunjhunwala’s name. He asks why were you throwing this. Bansuri cries. Nandini pushes the guard and runs to the door. Guard stops her. She shouts to Darsh. Rajvi hears her and asks why is someone shouting. Darsh says I won’t let that fraud woman meet Vini. Rajvi says maybe Vini gets fine. Darsh asks if anyone comes in my life as Nandini, if I have an emotional connection with her, will you let this happen, its a crime to take someone’s identity, it can’t be forgiven. Shobit asks why are you worried. He gets Nandini’s pic from the bag. He gets shocked. He asks why is Nandini’s pic with Ishani’s profile. He tastes the sweets. He cries and says Nandini is alive, what’s all this, Vini’s mum is Ishani, if Nandini is Ishani, what’s happening, did you know. Bansuri cries.

Darsh asks Rajvi to take the heater to Vini. Rajvi goes. Nandini shouts. Darsh opens the door. He comes out and shuts the door. She gets angry. He scolds her. He says stop this drama, you have no relation with Vini. She says I m her mum, you are the stone-hearted person, you are responsible for her state, I m taking her from here. He stops her. She falls in his arms. He says until you prove you are Ishani, I can’t let you meet Vini. She says your habit to ask for proof in relations didn’t end. She throws the proof documents on his face. She recalls the lawyer making the documents. He says Jhunjhunwala had called me, he was worried for Vini and you, he asked me to prepare all documents to make you Ishani, you are Vini’s legal guardian. FB ends. Nandini says you will get the proof right, have some shame, when I was going to get this proof, when Vini was falling sick, you were roaming around with your girlfriend. He says she isn’t my girlfriend, she is my wife. She cries.

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