Lost in love update Sunday 4 June 2023

Lost in love 4 June 2023: Virat thanks Sai holding her hand for saving Pakhi’s life. Pakhi opens eyes and feels disheartened seeing that. Viraj leaves to get medicines. Pakhi recalls Virat telling her that he will how her importance at the right time. Sai gets happy seeing Pakhi awake and says she will inform everyone.

Lost in love 3 June 2023

Pakhi holds her hand. Sai says she will inform Virat first. Pakhi continues to hold her hand. Sai performs her checkup and describes how Vinu and others were worried for her and would be very happy seeing her awake. Pakhi asks if she is happy. Sai says she really is. Pakhi asks why did she save her when she got a chance to get rid off the hurdle out of her way. Sai says she left that way long ago,

taking care of her patient is her responsibility and she is just following her duty and promise made to Chavan family. Pakhi says she is also talking like her ex-husband.Sai says Pakhi is thinking much, she will call Pakhi’s family. Pakhi holds her hand again and says maybe she is right, but she has an imaginative question which Sai can answer. Sai asks her to go ahead.

Pakhi asks if they both were stuck in that hanging bus, whom would Virat save among them. Sai says she should question this to her husband and asks her to have her medicine. Pakhi insists. Sai says she can’t answer it as its a question for Virat and serves her medicine. Vinu enters, gets happy seeing Pakhi awake, and calls whole family.

Ashwini thanks god for saving Pakhi. Vinu says he cried a lot seeing her in a critical condition. Bhavani says she got emotional seeing mother-son’s love and asks Vinu to stop crying as his mother is back. Vinu says she was worried for mama’s life. Bhavani says his mamma is a tigress and would fight for life, she would have fought with god to return her DIL.

Ashwini cries next that they all broke down seeing her condition, Vinu and Savi were praying for her life, Sai and Virat and them all were eagerly waiting for her return. Sonali comments that life is unpredictable, who had predicted that a sautan will save her sautan’s life. Bhavani warns her to stop opening her mouth. Ashwini says Sonali is speaking truth, truth is Sai risked her life and saved Pakhi’s life twice.

Bhavani blames Sai for Pakhi’s condition as Virat’s attention was towards Sai instead of Pakhi. Karishma comments that Chavan family is atrangi where husband saves sautan and sautan saves her sautan. Virat returns and hears that and tongue lashes them to stop opening their filthy mouth if they can’t speak good and asks them to go out and let Pakhi rest. Chavan family walks away. Virat smiles at Pakhi.

Sai with Savi returns home. Usha shows her concern for them. Savi interacts with her. Usha says she has gone her both parents and asks her to go in and have some food. Savi walks in saying she will download her trip photos. Usha apologizes Sai for forcing her to reveal Savi’s truth to Virat while Sai knew about the consequences beforehand, says Sai was right that she shouldnt’ have gone to the picnic at all. Sai says situation wouldn’t have been so worse if she hadn’t gone there.

Virat shows his concern for Pakhi and promises to never leave her hand his whole life. He asks Vinu and says they both will not leave her hand at any cost. Pakhi recalls Virat giving CPR to Sai and frees her hand. Doctor walks in and informs him that Pakhi’s discharge papers are signed and he can take her home.Virat takes Pakhi home. Ashwini performs their nazar. Vinu holds Pakhi’s hand. Mohit asks Vinu to have food at least now. Ashwini says Vinu is hungry since morning.

Pakhi notices Vinu barefooted and asks reason. Vinu says as Pakhi does, he is also fasting and promised god not to wear footwear until Pakhi gets well. Pakhi hugs her and says he doesn’t have to fast and his intention is enough for her. Virat holds Pakhi’s hand and tries to get inside home. Pakhi pulls her hand back.

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