Destined by fate update Saturday 3 June 2023

Destined by fate 3 June 2023: Saroj walks to temple and prays god that she isstill not out of sorrow of losing Chiru and prays god to protect Kanha. Kusum consoles her and says Kanha is aved now. Saroj says Sayuri’s bad luck may get Kanha into trouble. Doctor treats Kanha, applies bandage to his hand and asks him not to move his right leg and hand and take rest ofor a weak.

Destined by fate 2 June 2023

Kanha says he needs to attend his job. Nakul and Devraj asks him to follow doctor’s advice. Saroj performs Kanha’s nazar and prays god to protect her son from evil eyes/Sayuri. She hugs and pampers him emotionally. Dhanraj and Tej discuss that Saroj loves Kanha, but don’t know what happens suddenly.

Nakul joins Kanha and Saroj. Kanha looks at Sayuri smiling.Saroj calls Anjali and discusses with her about Kanha’s accident. Anjali asks when it happened and why she wasn’t informed about it. Saroj asks how would she know when she didn’t attend the pooja. Anjali says she had come but left disheartend after seeing Sayuri with Kanha.

Saroj says she should think that Sayuri is a dark phase of Kanha’s life and he needs Anjali back in his life.Kanha asks Nakul to call Sayuri. Sayuri walks to him. He taunts her and tries to move his hand when Sayuri stops him and asks him to be careful. He asks if she is enacting as doctor now. Sayuri says no, but she can understand Saroj’s concern and asks him give her a missed call if he needs anything.

Kanha thanks her and apologizes. She says its okay. Anjali tells Saroj that she wants to mee Kanha but Kanha may not meet her as he rejected her love during their last meet. Saroj says she has to meet Kanha if she needs him back in her life.

Kanha gives missed call to Sayuri and she comes there. She takes care of Kanha and feeds him food and drink. Saroj brings food for Kanha but leaves seeing him having food from Sayuri and leaves immediately. Anjali is in car and is worried about whether to go in or not. She thinks that she can’t handle another heartbreak and looks on. Nakul shares with Sayuri’s family about the accident.

They get worried for Kanha. Indu asks about Saroj. Nakul says the accident made Saroj forgot her anger against Kanha and she is woried for Kanha now. Indu and Bhanu feel happy and says they don’t want to spoil Saroj’s mood by visiting Kanha. Nakul tells Rashmi that he found a job for her, it is a work from home job and Pihu also can help her.

Rashmi asks if he’s interested in her. Nakul asks her to stop joking.Kanha visits Sayuri’s room and tries scaring her but bumps with her and they both fall on bed. Sayuri worries for Kanha and asks what he was doing . He says that he came to check whether she had food and she says she did.He asks about medicine and she says she forgot.

Kanha scolds her for not taking care of herself and they both quarrel. Kanha ties friendship band to Sayuri while Sayuri ties holy thread for his protection, Anjali gets jealous seeing their bonding. Kanha notices her. Saroj and Kusum watch from a distance. Anjali asks how is he now and scolds him for not informing her about his accident. She then tells Sayuri that she heard even Sayuri was unwell and asks her to rest while she takes care of Kanha.

Sayuri agrees and is about to leave wen Kanha stops her and says he may need her help. Anjali feels more jealous. Saroj tells Kusum it would be better if Anjali gets out of Kanha’s room soon. Kusum asks what does she mean.

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