Lost in love update Sunday 28 May 2023


Lost in love 28 May 2023: Ninad tries to calm down Bhavani and seek permission to celebrate Savi’s birthday at Chavan nivas. Bhavani asks if he is supporting Ashwini. Ninad says Ashwini is right, but her way of expression was wrong; he will speak to her and will teach her how to behave with head of the family.

Lost in love 27 May 2023

Bhavani says Pakhi will not like Savi and Sai visiting Chavan nivas and they should take her permission first. Ashwini says she will convince Pakhi and calls her. At the school trip, Virat draws a line on his waistcoat and tells Savi he missed her birthday and from hereon with her each birthday,

he will draw a line on his waistcoat Vinu says even him. Virat draws 2 lines and says they will do it every year. Savi watches them from a distance and then gets busy with some chore. Virat asks Savi if this is her first birthday gift from her baba. Savi says her baba used to send her cake and gifts every year.

Virat thinks though Sai brought up Savi alone, she always let Savi feel the presence of her baba. He emotionally wipes his tears. Savi says she, baba, and Vinu dada will always stay together and enjoy a lot.

Pakhi joins them and asks what about her. Savi says she will click their pics. Pakhi feels disheartened seeing Virat and Savi’s bonding. Ashwini calls Pakhi and requests her to let them celebrate Savi’s birthday at Chavan nivas. Pakhi asks her not to request her and says its also Virat and Sai’s wedding anniversary,

so they should have double celebration. She starts crying. Ashwini asks why is she crying. Sonali says anyone would cry when they are sad. Ninad asks if its Sai and Virat’s wedding anniversary today. Bhavani says Sai played a good game and hit a sixer. Virat thanks Sai for making Savi always feel his presence.


Virat says she did it for Savi and wanted Savi to maintain a respect for his father. Virat apologizes her for forcing her to come here citing their wedding anniversary. Sai says she doesn’t want to remember dead relationships and didn’t want any drama for Savi,

this is an inauspicious day when she unwillingly had to marry him and her life was ruined after that, hopes she wouldn’t have met him at all, says anyways a disaster can’t be changed, she doesn’t need his sorry or thank you.Teacher announces a compatibility test for parents and explains its rules that one of the parents should pick a chit and whoever wins will get king father and queen mother crowns.

Savi feels happy. Teacher picks a first chit and calls Jahnvi’s parents. Father answers 1 out of 3 questions right. Teacher calls Mr and Mrs Chavan next. Vinu and Savi encourage Pakhi and Virat to go on stage. They both go on stage and take their seat. Teacher says if they answer all questions right, they will win the game.

Pakhi answers all the questions right. Guest says Mrs Chavan knows her husband really well. Teacher says let us see how much Mr Chavan knows his wife. Pakhi gets tensed and says there is no need for that as her husband may make her lose a won game.

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