Lost in Love update Sunday 17 April 2022

Lost in Love 17 April 2022: Virat with his friend Sunny attends yoga camp and meets Pakhi again there. Organizer mistakes them as couple. Sunny taunts Virat. Paki and Virat get rooms next to each other. Sunny taunts Virat again, and he kicks Sameer out of room. In Gadchiroli, Sayi panics reminiscing Jagtap’s warning her that if she doesn’t marry him, he will harm Aaba. She worriedly tells Usha that she is worried for Aaba’s life after Jagtap’s threat. Aaba handcuffs Jagtap and parades him in town. Jagtap pleads to leave him. Aaba stops jeep in front of home. Jagtap asks Sayi to tell her father to leave him. Aaba slaps him.

Jagtap warns Sayi that she saw his sasur slapping him, now she will see her sasur creating havoc and punishing his sasur. Aaba drags him away to police station. Sayi gets more afraid worried for Aba’s life.In camp, Pakhi video chats with her parents. Father says her mother wants her to get married soon as she is already 26 year old, but he is not worried at all. Mother from behind insists Pakhi to find a boy soon and get married. She sees Virat standing in his balcony and asks if he is her boyfriend. Pakhi says no. Virat greets her and chats. Pakhi walks away nervously. Mother tells Pakhi that she has asked her sister to find a suitable boy for Paki.

At Virat’s house, Mansi and Sonali match Pakhi and Virat’s pic and discuss that this girl would be best match for Virat. Badimaa enters and starts her usual taunts. Her drama starts. Ashwini brings her snacks, and Badimaa comments its oily. Ashwini gives back saying even then she likes her snacks. Badimaa continues taunting and says she will bring pure Maharastrian girl like her for Virat and Samrat and not a low caste girls like Ashwini and Saloni. Devyani walks in and says even she wants to get married. Badimaa scolds her to go back to her room as she will never marry. Devyani pushes her angrily. Ashwini calms down Devyani and takes her away.Back in camp, Virat with Sunny enjoys bonfire. Sunny taunts him regarding Pakhi. Pakhi comes and sits in front of them. Host announces about a game and explaining its rules asks participants to close their eyes and walk around. Pakhi and Virat come in front of each other. Host asks everyone to open their eyes and whoever is front is their partner, they can go and sit with their partner.

Virat sits with Pakhi and starts chatting. She says they are meeting again. He says 4th time. Their discussion continues when Virat says he is an avid drummer. Pakhi announces that Virat will play drum. Virat goes on stage and playing drum sings serial’s title track Ghum hai kisike pyar me.. Pakhi with others start dancing and mesmerized in music is about to fall on bonfire when Virat rushes and holds her.Sayi gets more worried reminiscing Jagtap’s warning. Aaba says its Friday and Jatap will be in his custody on Saturday and Sunday, he will torture Jagtap and teach him a lesson. Sayi says why don’t he stop all this and shift to Nagpur with her soon. He says he needs 1 week to settle all this and let ACP Virat take charge.

Virat resting in his room reminisces his meetings with Pakhi, her dance, etc. Pakhi also reminisces her meetings with Virat and calls her friend Neha. Neha wakes up picks call. Pakhi asks if she was sleeping. Neha says what will she do at 1 a.m. Pakhi says she roamed half Nasik today and visited ghats. Neha asks to stop blabbering and inform if she met a boy. Pakhi says yes and he is a nice boy. Neha says she fell in his love. Pakhi says don’t know about love, but developed connection with him. Neha asks her to go and check if her connection is awake. Sunny also tells Virat that Pakhi must also be thinking about her and must be awake like him.Jagtap snatches Aaba’s gun and shoots him. Sayi wakes up and realizes it was her bad dream. She searches Aaba and sits outside. Usha walks to her and says when she is awake, how can she sleep. Sayi asks if early morning dream comes true.

Usha says its a myth and asks if she will forget her after shifting to Nagpur. Sayi asks why will she and suggests her to shift to Nagpur with her and Aaba, but she doesn’t know when will ACP Virat Chavan come and take charge and free Aaba. She sees Jagtap’s father Vital’s cars passing by towards Aab’s police station and runs behind bare footed. Usha asks where is she going barefooted. Vital with goons reaches police station and warns Aaba to free his son. Aaba denies and warns him to get out. Vital calls his goons who over gunpoint take over police station. He asks Aaba to free his would be damad, Sayi’s would be husband Jagtap now. Pakhi runs barefooted towards police station and falls down repeatedly injuring herself. Usha rushes behind her in auto.Virat wakes up hearing Sunny’s phone call and asks if its 7:30. Sunny says it is and informs that class is about to start and his coincidence/Pakhi must be waiting for him. He gets ready hurriedly, rushes out of room, and clashes with Pakhi.

She apologizes and says they are meeting repeatedly coincidentally. Virat says he likes this coincidence. They both attend yoga class and look at each other. Teacher notices that and warns to concentrate on what they came for. They both smile at each other.At Virat’s house, Badimaa as usual taunts family ladies and shows her power on them. Mansi informs Ninad that she liked the girl Patralekha/Pakhi selected for her son Samrat and asks him to speak to girl’s parents. Ninad calls Pakhi’s father and introducing himself as Lt Colonel Ninad Chavan says they saw Patralekha’s photo and wants her hands for his nephew Samrat. Father gets happy and asks if he knows Nagpur’s DCP Nagesh Chavan. Ninad says he was his elder brother. Father says he is happy to hear that his daughter got alliance from brave officer Nagesh’s family. He asks about Samrat’s job. Ninad says Samrat is army major and is his sister Mansi’s son, he is coming on a holiday tomorrow and if they all can meet Pakhhi in a day or two. Father is about to speak when mother takes call and says they can visit anytime and once phone is disconnects scolds father not to inform that Pakhi has gone to yoga class.

Vital with his goons points gun at Aaba and orders him to free Jagtap. Aaba also points gun at Vital. Vital says if he fires one bullet, his men will shoot multiple bullets, he walks to free Jagtap warning to dare stop him. Sayi enters running and pleads Aaba to let Jagtap go. Aaba warns her to return home and not interfere in his job. She says she is worried for his life. Aaba helplessly lets Jagtap go. Vital taunts Aaba that he is sparing him as he is his son’s FIL and warns to dare not touch his son again. Outside, Jagtap taunts Sayi that his father is a tiger and her father a coward, says nobody can stop him from marrying her now.

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