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Lost in Love 16 August 2022: Sai’s college friends Ajinkya and other friends visit her to celebrate her birthday. Sai thanks them for their surprise visit and thanks Virat for inviting them. Ajinkya says they came by themselves. Senior Chavans yell that goon looking uncultured boys entered their house uninvited shamelessly. Viraj gets jealous seeing Sai chatting with Ajinjya and others. Ajinkya asks Sai about her injury. She says she slipped and injured herself. Ajinkya hopes her family didn’t mind them coming at night uninvited. Sai says her family will not and invites them in, says all this decoration is for her and she feels she is the world’s happiest girl. She introduces her whole family to them. Students wish Pulkit good evening and apologize for not noticing him. Pulkit says its okay and he felt good seeing their concern for their friend. Virat looks at watch. Ashwini says she will bring them sweets. Virat stops them. Bhavani yells so many boys came uninvited at night. Shivani asks her to stop overreacting just because she doesn’t have any friends.

Friends make Sai cut their brought cake and feed each other, irking Virat more. Sai offers cake to Virat and he is full after having so much already. Ajinkya smears Sai’s face with cake. Virat warns them to be careful as Sai is injured. Sai says its okay. Sonali yells that even she attended college but never did such a shameless act. Sai hugs all her friends and thanks them for coming. Ajinkya clicks their selfies. Bhavani asks Virat if Ajinkya is the same boy who danced with Sai and competed with him. Virat says Sai says he is her friend. Bhavani asks what does he feel. He says he doesn’t know. Friends leave. Ashwini asks Virat to have ice cream. Viragt says he is full and goes to his room. Karishma taunts Pakhi that Sai is lucky to have such a loving husband who organized such a lavish party for her. Pakhi warns her to stop it and go to her room.

In room, Virat angrily reminisces Sai and Ajinkya’s equation. Sai says she is full with both cake and modak, in fact cake was used also as facial. Virat silently looks at her. She asks what happened to him, she noticed he didn’t even have ice cream downstairs. He says even he noticed her, Ajinkya and other friends’ jokes, she was hugging them and touched his feet acting as sanskari. She respects him and her Aaba told if they respect someone, they should touch their feet to get their good qualities in them. She says she had hugged him in front of everyone, but he didn’t react. He says elders’ feet are touched. She says he looks older. He asks really. She makes him sit in front of mirror and says his hair is greying and it proves he is becoming old. He asks if she wants him to look old. She says it doesn’t matter as he will be not his wife in the future to bother. He asks if not him, will she become Phajinkya’s wife. She gets angry and asks what does he mean. She says she is so close to Phajinkya that he came at night to surprise her, she thinks he is old and doesn’t like him, but he likes her and feels she is special and different than others.

She says she doesn’t like this joke. He says he is serious and thinks she has problem with his everything. She says she is not as he does so much for him, threw party for her and gifted her a diamond ring. Pakhi passes by and stops to hear their conversation. Virat says at least she remembered the ring. She says he would have given the ring now instead of giving it in front of family. He says he will give it now and asks if he should fix it in her finger. She extends her finger and he fixes it in her finger. Pakhi gets jealous seeing that peeping. Serial’s title song plays in the background.

Sai asks Virat if its her birthday gift or something else as he wanted to say something. He says its not a birthday gift. She says she cannot accept it if its not a birthday gift and if its a gift by husband to his wife as their relationship is just a deal and there is no place for a costly gift in it, hence she is asking him clearly if this ring is her birthday gift or something. He controlling his emotions says its a birthday gift and hopes he could tell her that its not just a birthday gift. Sai thinks why is she saying this as if it was something else, it would have been in Pakhi’s finger. He asks if she liked it, she should wear it always. She asks if he will take it back, she will wear it always as he gifted it with so much love. He asks not to remove it if they fight or if he is not in this world. She shuts his mouth. He says whenever she returns this ring, everything will end between them.

She asks not to worry as their relationship will not end easily and she will visit him repeatedly even if she leaves this house. He asks why she talks about leaving the house, he will not meet her again if she does that and he is not a person who looks behind his past. Pakhi thinks he really doesn’t look at his back as he doesn’t accept his mistakes.Sai asks Virat why is he speaking with attitude. He says even he doesn’t want to speak to her like this, but she forces him; says anyways lets forget it and go to bed. She says she needs to study, so he can rest. He locks door and walks on bed. Pakhi continues crying in jealousy hearing their conversation. Virat asks Sai why she makes a pillow wall between them, he will not come on her side in sleep. She says he will not, but she likes her own space. Their discussion continues when Sai notices someone near door, shuts Virat’s mouth, opens door, and surprised seeing Pakhi asks what is she doing here. Pakhi says she was walking around for a fresh air. Virat says why don’t she go to garden instead of peeping around his and Sai’s room, she should please go Pakhi yells humans change faster than chameleon. Virat says seeing her behavior, he realized a person speaks something and does something else. She says it fits good on him.


He asks what did he do. Sai asks him to go and speak in Pakhi’s room instead in corridor. Pakhi (perfect example of how a mentally disturbed person behaves) yells if she thinks she is so bad, she understands Sai’s intentions, they share the same corridor, and Sai should think 10 times before alleging her. Sai says she is not alleging her. Virat asks Pakhi what she wants. Pakhi yells he ruined her dreams and life and has completely become Sai’s. Sai stands shocked hearing that. Pakhi yells that Virat has fallen in her eyes completely. Virat asks why is she taking revenge from Sai instead. Pakhi (who badly needs a psychologist’s visit) yells if he realized what he is saying, if he thinks she purposefully pushed Sai.Sai says they both forgot that others family members are sleeping and asks Virat to vent out his anger in any room instead of here. Pakhi yells if she wants to prove that Virat is under her control. Sai says she can control Virat instead and she will not stop her.

Pakhi yells that Virat ruined her life and is making her cry till now, one who knows to change will always change and hence Sai should remember it and it hurts a lot when dreams shatter. Sai says doesn’t have any expectations from anymore and has given her control to herself and anyone else. She walks in followed by Virat who shuts door on Pakhi’s face, leaving her continue to cry.Next morning, Virat wakes up hearing Sai breaking her piggy bank and asks what is she doing. Sai says she needs money for something, so she is counting her money. He asks how much money she needs. She says he is questioning her as if she is a smuggler. He thinks what happens to her often and asks her to continue her treasure hunt. She picks money from different places and counts 5000 rs. He asks why she needs so much money. she says she has some personal work. He asks what personal. She says she managed only 40000 rs.

He asked if she has 40000 rs cash. She says yes and still needs 10000 rs more, requests if he can lend her 10000 rs as she will return it with interest. He says he has more interest in what she is going to do with money. She says its no of his business. He asks till when she will rudely behave with him. She asks if he will give money or not. He asks if she is planning a grand party for her friends and asks if she is taking them to a 7 star hotel. She says he can make wild guesses, she will not waste her hard earned money from scholarship on parties.Their nok jhok continues. He says he will bring her whatever she needs as he cannot let her go alone with so much money. She says her friends are accompanying her. Their nok jhok continues. He says she can do whatever she wants to. Sai says she needs 10000 rs. He says kaku is right that he married a kid. She says she is an adult and threatens to sell his gifted diamond ring if he doesn’t give her money.

He gives her 10000 rs, holds her hand, and says its important for him to know where she will spend this money. She asks if its because he is helping her. He says because he is her legal guardian. She says she is 18+ adult and can take her own decisions. He asks if Ajinkya is coming. She asks why is he jealous of Ajinkya. He says Phajinkya brought friends here and he thought its his weird plan. She asks if she asks him if he goes out with his female colleagues. He says he keeps a professional relationship. She says friendship made for benefit will change, but true friends don’t. He says he just wants her not to be in trouble and wants her go to college and return home like good girls. She says she will go to college, make friends, laugh, fight, and enjoy life; being a high ranked officer if he thinks he can frighten her, she will not. He says mind blowing performance, he is getting late for duty and will need account of her expenses in the evening. She says she will not. He hopes she doesn’t fall into trouble.

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