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Lost in love 13 June 2022: Sai while studying sitting on terrace remembers Virat telling that the wall she created because of her ego will take her dear ones far away from her. She thinks if she really has ego when she supports truth, she asks Aaba if she did wrong by supporting truth, nobody understands her in this house like him. She reminisces Aaba’s excitement when she passed 12th and Virat supporting her and thinks at least Virat would have understood her. Mohit passes by and greeting her thanks for supporting and understanding her while his family always insults him. She says there is no need to thank her as anyone in her place would have done same seeing the way he was insulted. He asks why other family members didn’t feel bad for him then. She says this family likes targeting weak, insulting and taunting them, whole family insults and misbehaves with her, but she gives them a befitting reply; even he should do same and prove that he is not a coward and weak.

He says he cannot do that as he is coward and weak and doesn’t have courage at all. She says everyone has courage in them and they just should realize; her Aaba used to do everything for him and then he suddenly left her, she fought with situation and face problems alone. He says she is not alone as Virat always supports her. She says he does, but it doesn’t matter to her as he is nothing to her. He asks if she doesn’t love Virat dada. She says she doesn’t want to talk about it. He says she applied alta during basant panchami festival for Virat’s better life, that means she loves him. She says she applied alta for Aayi and doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. He thanks her again and says she will always remember whatever she did for him and is always ready to help her when she needs him. She asks if he really is going to search a job. He says he is trying, but his attention is always towards his acting and he cannot focus on work.

She asks when is his next play as she will come to watch it. He excitedly asks if she really will come to watch it. She says yes. He says nobody from home attended his play till now, he met Karishma during play and they both fell in love, but now even Karishma asks him to leave his acting. She says when acting is his passion, how can he leave it easily, they get success when the follow their passion, people who are taunting him will praise him if he attains success, so he should listen to his heart and continue his passion. He walks away happily thanking her.

Virat gets tea for her and tries to feed her, but she turns her face. He tries repeatedly, but she pushes his hand away and tea falls on his clothes and writhes due to burning. She apologizes her and pours water on him. He asks what was that. She says his burning will go away with it and walks away. After sometime, Virat attends duty and sits sadly in his cabin. Sunny enters and after a bit of his jokergiri says Pakhi canceled trip and insulted Sai because of him, so he should apologize and console Sai. Virat asks how. He suggests that tomorrow is Sunday and he should take Sai bhabhi out for a lunch. In college, Pulkit after finishing his class tells students that they will meet next on Monday. Students walk away greeting him. Sai tells him that she will come to his home for lunch tomorrow. He agrees ands walks away saying he will message his address to her. She thinks tomorrow she will find out truth about Pulkit and Devi tai’s relationship.

Back in police station, Virat tells Sunny that his idea is good, but he will take Sai out as a surprise without informing her. Sunny suggests not to inform or take Pakhi along. Virat says he will not repeat the same mistake now.Family ladies prepare breakfast in kitchen. Bhavani says everyone is present at home, so they will have traditional Marathi food. Ashwini nods yes. Bhavani taunts that Sai should also work with them, but is relaxing. Pakhi yells that Sai is special and doesn’t need to work like them. Ashwini says Sai is special, that is why she does all household chores in the morning before going to college and when will Pakhi stop taunting Sai unnecessarily. Bhavani yells when will she stop supporting her bahu. Ashwini says when Bhavani stops taunting her unnecessarily, she doesn’t see Sai’s work and just taunt her blindly. After some time, Pakhi serves buttermilk to Ninad, Omkar, and Bhavani. Ninad praises that she is very understanding.

Bhavani asks if she sent Samrat’s official letter. Pakhi says it each reached its destiny. Sai walks gets ready and walks towards door. Bhavani yells that today is Sunday and she has to help others prepare lunch. Sai calls Ashwini and informs her that she is going out on an important work to her professor’s house. Bhavani complains Virat that today is Sunday and holiday, even then Sai is going out. Virat thinks he wanted to take her out for lunch, where is she going then. Omkar asks who teaches on Sunday. Ninad yells maybe they are taking extra classes for dumb students. Sai asks who told him that she is going for studies. Pakhi yells that they all know what Sai reaches wherever he wants without informing and even gets ready for trip without informing, then why they are questioning her. Sai says Pakhi told her hobbies, but she will reveal Pakhi’s hobbies. Pakhi yells she doesn’t want to argue with her. Sai asks if she is arguing. Bhavani rudely stops Sai and asks if she thinks she can go without informing them, are they of same age and equal. Sai says not of same age, but equal as they are all humans. Virat asks her not to argue with Bhavani and reply to her answer.

Sai says she did same. Saloni yells that there are 2 more bahus in this house and they don’t misbehave at all. Sai says when she doesn’t asks her why she doesn’t behave with her like Ashwini and Bhavani, then why is she questioning her, everyone has their own nature.Saloni asks Bhavani to question Sai why she is going to her professor’s house on Sunday. Bhavani says she will not as Sai will not answer. Ashwini asks Sai not to stretch the issue and tell his professor’s name. Sai reminisces Devi pleading not to harm her husband and says her professor’s name is PD sir. Virat asks if he invited other students. Sai says only her and even she invited him to her house for lunch. Saloni yells as if he is her relative. Omkar yells that professor has wrong intentions. Virat says he will not let her go. Ashwini asks why she is going to professor’s house. Sai says she cannot tell, she is just going for lunch. Virat says if professor has invited her home in such a short span, then he must be up to something. Ninad and Omkar yell that wife is disobeying husband and walking out easily. Sai says she doesn’t have time for all this and walks towards door. Virat stops her and says he will not let her go. She asks him to move aside. He holds her hand.



Virat stops Sai from going out of house. Sai asks him to move out of her way. He says he will not. She insists and tries to leave. He holds her hand. Karishma smirks and thinks she didn’t see this happening in Chavan nivas before. Sai asks Virat to leave her hand. He asks her to return to her room. Pakhi tells Virat that she can’t believe he would do this to Sai, he should leave her hand as neighbors will watch them and they all know that family doesn’t like Sai; he should find some other way, its not appropriate to hold any woman’s hand like this. Virat says its his and his wife’s personal issue. Pakhi says when their issue comes out in open, its not personal; everyone are shocked and ashamed seeing their fight, so they both should go to their room and fight. Sakshi enters greeting family and says such a beautiful Sunday morning and there is Mahabharat at home, what is happening. Bhavani yells only she was missing here. Sakshi calls Ashwini and asks what is happening. Ashwini says Sai is going to her professor’s house on Sunday, its wrong. Sakshi asks how can she be so outdated and asks everyone to stop their outdated thinking and let Sai go.

She asks Sai to return home soon. Virat says he will not let her go and continues holding her hand tightly. Saloni says let her go as he cannot handle Sai. Virat says he broke big goons’ arrogance, he will break Sai’s adamancy today and Sai will do whatever he orders. He asks Karishma to lock the main door. Pakhi asks what is he doing. Karishma locks door. Sai says till when he will lock door, he has to open it after some time. Virat says he will, but will lock her in a room first. She says he is making a big mistake, she saved him from Vithal Mane’s wrong allegation, but now thinks of filing a real complaint and snatch his job. Virat asks if she is threatening him. She says she can do it. Ashwini asks him to leave Sai’s hand as she is feeling pain. Virat leaves Sai’s hand. Ninad yells that let Virat show his power to his wife. Bhavani yells that she warned him to leave the house with his wife, but he didn’t listen to her and now whole family is watching the drama.

Virat yells at Sai that she is happy seeing him being insulted by family, he never saw such a thankless person in life who forgot her favors. She asks what favors, she didn’t ask him to marry her and take care of her. He says he married her as it was her Aaba’s last wish. She says she doesn’t remember anything of that sort and asks not to drag her Aaba in his lies. He asks why would he lie as if he was dying to marry her and she is a beauty queen. Sai says she doesn’t know what happened between him and Aaba, but he cannot force her like this. Ashwini asks her to calm down as Virat is worried for her, so she should tell where and why she is going. Virat says he asked 50 times. Sai says she answered him 50 times. Ashwini says Virat will drop her to professor’s house. Sai says she doesn’t need his favor again. Virat says she will for her misbehavior. She says even he will pay for his misbehavior as she will never forget this day. Omkar and Ninad yell that he is expecting behavior from an arrogant girl. Ninad asks if he is explain her who was married forcefully. Bhavani says Virat’s marriage will break soon and Sai will realize her mistake. Ashwini asks how can she wish like that. Sai says she can expect only insult from family as they don’t like her and consider Pakhi as best bahu of Chavan Nivas. She asks Bhavani if she planned Virat and Pakhi’s trip. Bhavani asks what does she mean. Sai says Bhavani believes Samrat will not return and she doesn’t Pakhi to leave this house as Chavan family’s dignity is at stake, so she is stopping Pakhi at home by giving her a toy named Virat to play; she is misusing Virat as she knew about Virat and Pakhi’s past.

Pakhi shouts shut up, if she realized she spoke ill about her and her husband; she met Virat in a Nasik’s yoga resort and they are just good friends, what is wrong if Bhavani asked 2 friends to accompany together; she insulted pure friendship today. Bhavani shouts and warns Sai to take back her words. Sai says she didn’t mind Virat and Pakhi going for a trip and didn’t want to accompany them. She tells Virat that she had a deal with him that she will stay in his house till she becomes a doctor, but never made a deal that his family will stop her at every step and never agreed that her family will stop her if she wants to visit her professor and he will stop and use his power on her; when he can break the deal, even she can; if he knows to change the rules, even she knows to break them; hence, he should think 10 times before doing any heinous act. She walks towards door and angrily stares at Karishma. Karishma moves aside afraid. Sai opens door and walks away while family stands looking. Pakhi rushes to her room crying. Virat knocks door. Pakhi yells there is a difference between insult and misbehavior which his wife cleared today; how dare she is to call him her toy. He says Sai thinks they both love each other; she says Pakhi doesn’t hide her love and Virat hides his love in his heart.

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