Barrister Bahu update Monday 13 June 2022

Barriater Bahu 13 June 2022: Episode starts with Anirudh scolding Mama for leaving Bondita to cry. Mama says I could have saved her, but for whom will she live. Anirudh says she will live for herself. Mama says she will need someone to live with respect. Anirudh asks does a man need a woman to live with respect, why does a woman need a man then, tell me. Mama asks why are you asking me, ask her mum, will she want a widow life for Bondita also, such life filled with darkness.

Anirudh asks is there any Lord between us, no, right, then how can you say her life will have darkness, who knows she becomes light and ends darkness in other’s life. Mama says you can stop this ritual, you think she will get status in society, she will have a troubled life. Anirudh says if none cares for her, then I will take care of her, I will take her with me and make her qualified, she will come to you and ask for her rights.Mama asks where will you take her, society will be everywhere, can you stay with her as shadow. Anirudh says shadow just stays in light, I will support her even in darkness. The man says shadow is just of oneself, what relation will you have, you are not her father or brother, by what relation will you take her, we know what you rich people do with such little poor girls, you will make her a maid and torture her. The men say bring the girl for Sati rituals. The people throw water on the fire. Anirudh asks Maa not to worry, he will protect Bondita. Maa says she doesn’t have her father, brother and husband, she has no one, these people have gone mad, who will save her now. She hugs Bondita. The men go to take Bondita from Maa. Anirudh worries.

Anirudh says I will marry her. He says I will become her husband to give a name to this relation. He takes sindoor and fills her maang. The people stop. Anirudh asks who will come now, she is my wife. Saudamini waits for Anirudh. Dadi comes. Mini says Anirudh will come to confess love to me, then he will propose me for marriage. Dadi asks what will be your reply. Mini says no, I will tease him and then say yes. Dadi says don’t do this mistake, he will turn away if you tease him, you may lose his love. Mini asks how can you say this, I will marry Anirudh and take him to London. She waits for him. She says where are you, don’t make me wait.Anirudh is on the way. He recalls his marriage with Bondita. Fb shows the marriage happening. Bondita asks are you my would be groom, I m feeling sleepy. Pandit asks Anirudh to make bride wear garlands.

Mama asks did he change his mind. Anirudh makes her wear garlands. She jumps to make Anirudh wear garlands. She pinches him. He bends down. She makes him wear garlands and claps happily. He looks at her. Mami does the kanyadaan and ties gathbandhan. He fills sindoor in Bondita’s maang. Pandit says you are husband and wife now. Maa smiles. They take the rounds and complete other rituals. Bondita says ask Maa to come soon. Her bidaai is done. She leaves with Anirudh. FB ends. He sees Bondita in the car. She thinks to take Maa in the car, it will be good fun.

Anirudh thinks of the marriage. Rishta tera mera….plays…. He gets sad. Bondita falls asleep in the car. They reach home. Driver says we reached home. Servant runs to him and says you got too late, everyone is waiting for you. He gets shocked seeing the girl. He asks driver about the bride. Driver tells everything. Servant says this news will bring a storm in the house. He runs.Anirudh going inside the house and facing his family. Bondita wakes up and thinks where did he go. She checks the car door and jumps over. Binoy goes to slap Anirudh. Trilochan stops him. Bondita smiles seeing the big house and recalls Mama’s words. Trilochan scolds Anirudh for insulting them and ruining their respect. He says you have decided to ruin our name, how can you marry any random girl like that, how…. Bondita plays outside. Trilochan asks do you know about her caste, her status, her background, what will people say, I won’t let that girl step inside the house.

Bondita comes in. Trilochan asks Anirudh to say something. Bondita says he is mute. Anirudh and his family see her at the door. She says he is mute, he can’t talk, so he didn’t give me any answer. They get shocked seeing her. She says I asked him, is he my husband, I forgot that I got married. She goes out and says Maa told me not to step inside without grahpravesh, but I m silly to come in.Sampoorna and Saurabh’s grahpravesh happens. Sampoorna thinks of Bondita. Saurabh’s mum welcomes them. Bondita talks innocently. Trilochan gets angry. She asks them to do the grahpravesh rasam now, the saree is very heavy, I know Anirudh is mute, are you all deaf. Somnath says no one is mute and deaf now. She says I got saved, else how would I talk, I will not talk now, but please hurry up, I left my bag there, it has my doll, it also became a bride like me.

Batuk laughs hearing her. Anirudh asks Bihari to take her to study room. Bondita smiles and says he also talks. She asks won’t my grahpravesh happen, Maa told me about it, if rituals can’t happen, then how will Maa come. Bihari says come with me, we will call your Maa later, come. She enters the house. Trilochan stares at Anirudh. Sampoorna cries and says I m afraid for Bondita. Someone else does the aarti. Sampoorna thinks who is she, where is Saurabh’s mum.She thinks of Bondita and makes the kumkum water fall. The lady scolds her. Saurabh’s mum asks her to show her happiness in other rituals. Bondita likes the study room. She likes everything. Anirudh thinks of Saudamini.

Trilochan says you can’t make anyone our Bahu, did you hear me. Anirudh goes. Trilochan shouts. Somnath says maybe he went to meet Saudamini. Trilochan says yes, he will realize how Roy’s bahu should be, he will throw this girl out, he will know about his future, good valued and pretty Saudamini or that poor girl.I m sure he will accept Saudamini and make everything fine. Anirudh goes upstairs. He recalls Saudamini.

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