Lost in love update Friday 9 December 2022

Lost in love 9 December 2022: Sai finishes Virat’s physiotherapy and asks how is he feeling now. He says fine. She says her physiotherapy session has finished and asks if he really had pain or was acting to seek her attention. He angrily looks at her.

She asks him to rest now. He tries sleep on the left side. He asks her to sleep on the right side for better breathing. He falls asleep instantly. Sai thinks she knows he hasn’t slept for days due to discomfort, now he can sleep peacefully pain-free. Samrat messages her, and she replies him back that she finished Virat’s physiotherapy session and he is sleeping peacefully.

Shivani seeing Rajiv’s message thinks why he is messaging after many years. She gets Sai’s message and goes to Virat’s room to check. Sai walks to her and says Virat is feeling comfortable and slept peacefully. Shivani thanks her. Sai asks who is Rajiv. Shivani shocked asks how does she know about Rajiv. Sai says she saw her receiving a parcel and read the sender’s name on it. Shivani shouts at her to shut up and walks out. Sai follows her and says she saw her in distress and is worried for her. Shivani shouts who gave her right to intrigue her personal life and warns her to stay out of it. Sai feels sorry for Shivani.

Next morning, Sai takes breakfast for Virat. Virat ignores her and offers her physiotherapy fees. Sai smiles and says its good to get her first fees from her IPS Virat Chavan. Virat says her idea worked and he felt relief. She asks when will he have a next physiotherapy session. He says there is no need for that as he will hire a professional, she will become a doctor soon and will leave him anyways after their deal is over.

She gets teary eyed and keeps money n her purse. Serial’s title track plays in the background. He notices her and thinks she used to take care of him even before, but what happened to her when she alleged his character; he didn’t bother when the whole world pointed at him, but shattered completely when she pointed her finger at him. Sai gets ready for college and leaves.

Sai walks to Ashwini. Ashwini ignores her and shows her anger towards her. Sai says she must have read her message last night, but came to inform her herself that Virat felt relief after the physiotherapy sesson, but needs 2 more sessions; she need not worry as she will not perform those sessions as Virat wants to hide a professional physiotherapist. She says she is going to college now and is not worried as aayi will take care of Virat. Once she leaves, Ashwini thinks she used to feed her breakfast when she used to go to college, now she cannot even ask her, things change over time.

Sai notices Virat exercising in balcony and jokes that looks like his physiotherapist did a good job, he should give her good ratings. Virat walks in angrily.

Mohit returns and praises Sai for her holi day magic. She asks if he liked it. He says he needs to talk to her. She says she is going to college now. He offers to drop her to college and on the way apologizes her for his rude behavior. She says she never felt bad as she knows they were all worried for Virat. She then asks about Rajiv. Mohit says Shivani wanted to marry Rajiv long ago, but then something happened and their marriage was canceled; he was very small then and doesn’t even remember Rajiv’s face. He drops her to college and leaves.

Pulkit meets her and asks her to concentrate on her studies and score good marks. Sai says she will to fulfill Virat’s wish. Pulkit says its also her dream to help people. Sai says she will treat the underprivileged and feels motivated when she does it for Virat. Pulkit asks how is Virat. She says she is fine and talks about Virat’s words that once she becomes a doctor, they will separate and be on their owns ways. Pulkit asks her not to think much. At Chavan house, Bhavani and Sonali badmouth about Sai. Samrat says Virat felt better because of Sai. Pakhi gets jealous and says he is blindly supporting Sai again. Samrat takes her aside and warns her to stop spilling venom against Sai and asks if she got intimate with her the other day thinking him as Virat. He warns her to stop conspiring against Sai or else he will bear his wrath.

Sai returns home from college and noticing Virat getting ready asks where is he going. He says its none of her business, She jokes calling him Patidev, Swaminath, Swami… and asks if she can drop him in her car. He warns to dare not touch the steering or else he will complain traffic police against her. She continues her jokes. He smiles. She says at least he is smiling now after a physiotherapy session and asks him to turn at her and smile. He walks away.

Sunny walks in and informs that he is taking Virat to physiotherapy session as DIG asked him to submit physical fitness certificate to rejoin the duty. Sai gets tensed hearing that and thinks she needs to do something to stop his transfer.

Virat returns and warns her to dare not think of trying to stop her transfer by visiting DIG’s office. He leaves with Sunny. Sai continues joking that her Swami guessed her thoughts in mind and thinks she needs to do something to stop khadoos modak’s transfer.

Doctor checks Virat’s reports and says he will be fit and fine soon. Sai peeps in and prays Bappa to do some magic and make Virat forgive her, then she will show Virat how much she loves him. Virat asks when can he rejoin the duty. Doctor says soon after passing a few tests. Virat requests to give his fitness report soon as he wants to rejoin his duty as soon as possible. Doctor says a daring officer like him must be bored at home.

Virat says he has one more reason and wants to go away from someone. Nurse notices Sai and asks if she has an appointment. Sai says she came with her husband. Nurse takes her in. Doctor greets her as Mrs Chavan and praises her that she took good care of Virat. Sai says Virat wants to go far away from her. Doctor says Virat is lucky to have such a caring wife.

Sai jokes with Sunny, irking Virat. Doctor says they both are very jovial, his wife is very irritating and will divorce him if he cracks a joke. Virat says Sai had divorced him once. Sunny says they are joking. Virat asks doctor to prescribe the tests so that he can pass them and rejoin his duty. Sai thinks she will not let him join his duty.

Shivani feels depressed in her room thinking about Rajiv. Sai walks in with her favorite chocolate sauce cake to cheer her up. Shivani doesn’t react and asks her to go as she doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Sai insists her to break her silence and at least have some cake. She agrees and picks a spoon, but starts crying remembering enjoying similar cake with Rajiv.

Sai reminds her that she used to share her heart out with her first and how she shared about Amey with her first. Shivani says Rajiv is not like Amey. Sai asks to tell then how he is. Shivani says she doesn’t want to. Sai apologizes and asks her to give her phone to PDF Virat’s reports. Shivani asks her to bring reports here. Sai agrees.

Sai plays damroo in front of family and says she brought it for Sai so that she can inform them with damroo before doing any drama. He team joins her and they all badmouth about Sai. Karishma notices Sai entering Shivani’s room and says looks like Shivani forgave Sai, so Sai is in Shivani’s room. Pakhi says Sai does magic on everyone and gets them on her side. Bhavani laughs saying Shivani finds a new girlfriend every day and Sai’s husband doesn’t value her at all. Pakhi says Sai will easily convince Sai. Karishma comments. Mohit scolds her. Omkar scolds him back and supports Karishma. Sai clicks Virat’s report pics and tells Shivani she needs time. Shivani asks how much and goes to check cupboard. Sai messages Rajiv silently.

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