Lost in love update Saturday 10 December 2022


Lost in love 10 December 2022: Sai acts as messaging lieu of making PDF of Virat’s medical reports from Shivani’s mobile sends message to Rajiv to meet her. Rajiv busy preparing cakes in his bakery gets happy seeing Shivani’s message and shares his happiness with his aunt.

Aunt blesses their jodi. Sai messages him again not to reply to her message and meet her directly. Shen deletes messages and returns phone to Shivani. Shivani gets a message. Sai gets tensed but relaxes seeing her getting other message. She then walks down to living room where Karishma says she told that Sai had gone to Shivani’s room. Bhavani questions Sai. Pakhi comments she must be gathering supporters for her.

Shivani walks down and informs that Sai was scanning Virat’s reports from her mobile as her phone camera is better. Virat passes by and asks what reports as he hasn’t got any tests done yet.

Sai says she was scanning his old reports and sending them to Pulkit. Virat says he didn’t ask her to do that. Bhavani says he will go from this house after getting transferred and will leave Sai here to torture them. Virat says he is taking transfer for peace of mind, they should look after their problem themselves. Drama continues. Bhavani and Pakhi comment on Shivani next. They all walk back to their rooms.

Devi notices Shivani in distress and walks to her room. Shivani asks if she needs something. Devi asks if she is fine as she saw Bhavani and dirty Pakhi talking bad about her. Shivani says nobody saw her distress except her and Sai. Devi says that is because Sai cares for them all and reminds how Sai worked fought with whole family to get her and Pulkit married; she says she is Sai’s best friend now and will help her propose Viru as Sai loves Viru. Shivani gets excited hearing Sai loves Viru. Devi asks her not to talk about it loudly as its a secret. Shivani promises and thinks like Devi knows Sai’s secret, Sai knows her secret.


Karishma tells Bhavani that Sai and Shivani are conspiring something. Sonali backs her. Bhavani asks them to stop their conspiracy as Sai and Shivani cleared their stance. Pakhi says whether she believes or not, Sai and Shivani are conspiring something and Sai’s drama will continue in Chavan nivas. Sonali asks what if Shivani got a new boyfriend and Sai is giving her advice. Karishma says she is right.

Pakhi says Sai’s advice will fail. Bhavani yells Pakhi is right, their relationship with Virat is tarnished because of Sai. Sonali asks what if they have to bear humiliation again because of Sonali. Pakhi says they will have to find out Sai’s plan in detail. Karishma says she can spy on Sai and needs permission. Pakhi says its her favorite pastime, so she can go ahead. Bhavani asks them to go out and let her rest. Pakhi says they will go out, but with Sai’s presence, there cannot be any peace in this house.

Virat returns to his room and finds a college notice about final exams in Sai’s bag. He thinks once her final exams are over, she will leave from here. Sai walks out of washroom and says he started spying on her once he got well. He keeps letter back. She asks him to wish her good luck for her exam. Virat says she used to remind him about their marriage deal and thraten to leave him after she becomes a doctor. Sai says she will fail in her exam and will see how will he kick her out of this house. He asks why is she going to college if she wants to fail. She says does he inform her what he does. He says he told her just standing here. She says he didn’t inform his decision of his job transfer. He tries to justify and walks away.

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