Lost in love Thursday 30 March 2023

Lost in love 30 March 2023: Bhavani scolds Omkar for failing in his task. Intoxicated Omkar asks what shall he do when Pakhi consumed that spiked drink instead of Sai. Ashwini tells Bhavani she did wrong.

Bhavani says it was for Sai and asks her not to inform Virat about it or else he would question her. Virat walks to her and asks why she wanted to get Sai intoxicated. Bhavani says she did it for him and Pakhi, she wanted to intoxicate Sai and make her do some drama during party, then humiliate her and force her to never look at Chavan nivas again.

Virat says Pakhi became a joke because of her heinous act, she didn’t even realize that her nephew and her own family have to face humiliation in front of home secretary. Bhavani continues to spilling venom against Sai and justifying her heinous act.

Ashwini says she doesn’t want Sai and Savi at Chavan Nivas again, so what Bhavani did was absolutely right. Virat fails to instill some sense in Bhavani’s mind and walks away.

Sai returns home with Savi. Savi describes Usha how much she enjoyed the party. Usha asks Sai if something happened at the party. Sai describes how Virat was enjoying party with Pakhi. At night, Sai recalls her past with Virat and feels sad while Virat also feels sad recalling Sai’s presence and Pakhi expressing his love for her. Pakhi wakes up in the morning and feels guilty watching yesterday’s party videos. Virat walks in.

Pakhi feels apologetic for her act. Virat says its not her mistake as she was intoxicated, though she shouldn’t have said whatever she said last night. Pakhi thinks how can he say that as she really mean it.

Vinayak plays football at school. He classmates bully him and says if he wins a running race, they will dance for him in front of everyone and if he doesn’t, he will dance for them. Virat enters in his car. Classmates run away seeing him. Virat asks Vinayak if the boys were bullying him. Vinayak says yes. Virat says let us visit Savi’s house. Sai feeds breakfast to Savi.

Savi asks if she can ask a question and she saw Vinayak and his parents’ photo album and didn’t see Vinayak’s childhood photos with his parents. Sai thinks how can there be any such pics as Virat and Pakhi adopted Vinayak. Savi asks why she doesn’t have her baba’s pic in their photo album. Sai gets nervous and stuffs Savi’s mouth with food.

Savi says Vinayak’s parents’ wedding anniversary was very good, even she wants to celebrate her parent’s wedding anniversary. Sai to divert her attention says they will visit a mela today. Savi says let us visit kumbh mela where she may find her baba. Sai reminds her promise not to talk about her baba again. Savi walks angrily saying she is a dirty aayi. Sayi asks Usha if she must be thinking why she is being harsh towards Sai, she knows Savi is growing up and is getting restless with questions in her mind, so she feels its time to reveal Savi her baba’s truth. She hears door bell and opens the door.

Vinayak greets him. Sai sends him in. Virat says he wants to talk to her about yesterday and apologizes for Pakhi’s drama. Sai says she doesn’t want to talk about yesterday and he doesn’t have to apologize her, she is instead happy for him and Pakhi and thankful to them for inviting her for their anniversary party and wants to gift them something. Virat says there is no need for gift. Sai says she wants to.

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