Lost in love starlife update Wednesday 29 May 2024

Savi picks a fallen callender and keeps it back on a stable. She is about to see Reeva and Ishan’s photo when Reeva calls her and asks why did she ask so many questions related to counseling, if some dear one is in trauma. Savi thinks she can’t tell Reeva that it’s regarding Isha and Ishan and says she is just curious about psychology.

Reeva says she seems to be curious student and no wonder she is a topper. Savi asks why that corner is covered. Reeva says she hasn’t unpacked her stuff yet. Savi asks if she has problem with Bhosale family as she saw Ishan angry on her often and even Durva troubling her. Reeva says her appointment happened at last minute and Ishan is strict, she will clear everyone’s confusion soon. Savi leaves.

Next morning, Ishan starts assembly on mic and says good morning students. Savi asks her friends why Ishan is making announcement over mic. Navya says before she came, Ishan used to do assembly over mic. Ishan announces that all their efforts paid off and Pune University has mentioned in it’s magazine that Bhosale institute of excellence is central zone’s best college. All students rejoice. Ishan says their chairman Mr Yashwant Rao Bhosale will be awarded a trophy and he is throwing a party after the final year tests to all the student and they wouldn’t have seen such a party in their lives. All students rejoice more. Ishan gets congratulatory calls.

Savi walks in and congratulates Ishan. She says she has scripted a new play for college festival and wants him to read it once before rehearsals start. Ishan takes script. Savi prays god that Ishan shouldn’t know that it’s his and his aayi’s story and tear this script. Ishan asks who wrote this script. Savi says she wrote it. He asks her to write her name on it and always take credit for her work. Savi writes her name on script. Ishan is about to read it when Nishi walks in and says reporters want to interview him. Ishan walks away telling Savi that he will read the script later. Savi says she has made copies of it.

Savi gives script to her team and asks if the all read it. They all say yes director madam. Savi introduces a boy who will play a character name Shiva in the play and asks who will play 2 old characters, mother/maa and aunt/badimaa. Navya says she is uncomfortable with the characters and asks why don’t she play one of the character. Reeva calls Savi and asks if she wrote this script after their conversation yesterday. Savi says yes. Reeva praises Savi’s talent and asks if she can be part of her play. Savi agrees and informs her team that Reeva will be part of their play. Navya says she can’t play a mother role as it’s complicated and asks why don’t she play that role. Everyone insist her and she accepts. Kajal says she can’t play badimaa’s role as its negative. Savi requests Reeva to do that role followed by whole team. Reeva accepts.

Yashwant returns home after getting award. Surekha performs his aarti and nazar and prays god that their institute and family should get anyone’s nazar. Yashwant says one who works hard will not get nazar. Ishan says he is right and informs that he has thrown party after exams and invited all students, their parents, education board, etc. Surekha asks if Isha is also invited. Nishi says they had to as she is in an important position in education board, but she need not worry as Isha will not come. Savi invites Isha to watch the play. Isha refuses to come as she can’t see Surekha’s face and bear Ishan’s hatred. Savi says time and people change over time and even Ishan will. Isha says she heard it many times, but can’t come. Savi says this play is very important to her and she is dedicating it to her, she gives her promise. Isha sits silent.

Surekha enters auditorium to watch the play stepping in left foot first and gets tensed. Yash assures her that nothing wrong will happen. Harini meets Savi and cheer her up for the play. Savi says this play is a guru dakshina for her Isha madam, but Isha madam hasn’t come at all. Isha enters and asks is it possible that she misses her Savi’s play and wishes her all the best.

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